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Found 14 results

  1. No right or wrong anwser, just curious to see how long you guys play for. I average about 3-4 hours a day. Longer at weekends and seeing as its summer now, I literally live off Xbox.
  2. Can gears 3 beta be played on the non-epic edition of bulletstorm? Even if you have already put in the code?
  3. I'm sorry if this has already been post but I just want to ask what is the difference between these two versions of the games besides costing more MS points? Why should I pay 400 MS points for a game when I can buy the same game for 160 points less? I haven't felt like wastng my points to find out.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a laptop so I can do college work on the go. My current desktop PC is rubbish so I can't play any "games for windows" games. I thought I'd use this opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone so I'm looking to get a laptop which will allow me to play all the "games for windows" games that have achievements. I'm not after any marvelous graphics or anything, I really just wanna whore the PC games for achievements then move on, something that just passes the minimum system requirements for all "games for windows" games (that have achievements) would be fine. However I study multimedia and do a lot of Photoshop work so I would probably need something with at least 2GB of RAM to run Photoshop smoothly. So to summarize this lot up I'm looking a laptop which can: run Photoshop smoothly play all the "games for windows" games (that have achievements) to an average level £200-£500 price range Hope you guys can help me with some suggestions. Thanks in advance, Splash.
  5. lucasfaca


    Can I play this game with a standart controller or just with the pickup?
  6. I'm looking for people to play this game with. go ahead hit me up at my gamertag jabo thunder if you're interested in playing today. I'm looking to further explore this game.
  7. On Nam Cobanda you can go to the stage and talk to a guy who got you into a play, and after it was over said something about doing another. Is there any other way to take part in another play?
  8. Hi all, Desparate to get this Play Date achievement done and having trouble finding anyone. If there are other people who are in need/wiling to help, please send me a friend request and sign up. EDIT: Never mind, all done.
  9. d3let3syst3m32


    Does anyone have any experience with this site? Because I am reading alot of bad reviews on http://www.ciao.co.uk/Reviews/Play_com__5345484/Start/0 and to be honest all the 5 star reviews seem to be a little odd. I was just wondering if anyone here would have a past of ordering from there.
  10. A lot of people play online. A lot of different games have online. Out of curiosity, which game do you play online the most? Me, I play MW3 online a lot. At least until Halo 4, Borderlands 2 and Black Ops 2 come out
  11. Hey everyone,this is my 1st thread, so try to be nice about it(although I think everyone on tisforum is kind) just puting it out there. Anyway, this thread is basicallya social reference. How it works is, you post your gamertag, and what you like to play, then, the next person can say there's, and try to start an online sesion with other people. I'll start, My gamertag is PurpleRacer21 and I will be playing Midnight Club Los Angeles. I usually dont take friend requests from people I have not met in person, though I may make an acception. That is how it should look as a comment. I hope you guys fnd this thread useful.
  12. Hey everyone, playing the demo at the moment and wanted to know if anyone else wants to join up and play? Loving the demo, but boring playing alone haha. Gamertag is same as my UN here, send me a message on LIVE or post here. Thanks +++Please only people with positive attitudes, just ooking to have fun playing, not have an aneurysm.Thanks!+++
  13. Hit me up on xbox live @deavamp...getting the game at release and looking to play with others Positive people only please, just looking to have fun!
  14. Once u have one of these do u need to start a new campaign to get the other or can u simply replay each level in turn making the opposite choice?? THANKS
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