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  1. Has anybody else had the problem of slow down as some levels start? Usually requires a quick press of the back button to rectify but is still a bit annoying. More annoying is when the game freezes on a white screen completely, requiring a reboot of the console. Hopefully a patch will come out.
  2. Hi there, as you may know, there are some problems with the matchmaking in mw3, you can only play with ppl close to you (your country) I'm from VEnezuela, and it's cool to play with ppl from my own country, but they only play TDM and i can't seem to find anyone else playing in any oder gametype... So I have 2 questions: Can this be solved? and if it can't, can someone add me (FR) so i can join you and that way play any other gametype? Thanks a lot!
  3. HI guys this is my first ever thread so Im not sure how these things work~ OK so recently maybe on the 30th or 31st of December I got Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 on xbox ( best game ever! ) ahem, so I finish the game in like 2 days and now after the credits and stuff ( best ending ever~ so emotional ) like that the game continues to a new start(I haven't really unlocked all the characters like killer bee and stuff-) BUT as soon as I want to go somewhere, my disc completely stops turning ( I can tell since its not making a noise ) and the game is stuck on loading at 94% ! so before this all happened I wanted to head over to Suna ( the village hidden in the sand ) and then thats when it started so now Naruto is kinda stuck at the leaf village gates ;A; , he can move, talk to people, save, and investigate that thing that gives you luck and stuff but thats just it really... so if I wanna go back it will load but then stop at 94% DDDD: I feel really upset that I wont get to go unlock more charaters Im not sure if anyone has a kind of same problem, but I would die if the only oppsion was to start over again D: TRUST ME Orochimaru is NOT a boss I want to accouter again :c ( that took me aaaaages since I was low on chakra and health ) nor is Itachi or Kakuzu ~ ( gaah the Itachi one made me almost cry AND I HATED the fact I had to kill my favorite character... Sasori-danna DD: and Deidara died! ) pervy sage was the most saddest one off them all- and I'm going off topic .-. so please someone come up with something~ I would be grateful~~~ ~Leila oh oh, P.S, I don't know why but some people assume I'm a boy :I heh heh no not really I'm a girl~
  4. Hey everyone. Has anyone else been having trouble playing against people on xbox live? Every time i try to join a match it either says it lost connection to the host or cant connect. Any ideas? Has anyone heard of a patch coming anytime soon?
  5. Over the past couple of weeks, my Xbox has sadly been disintegrating , failing to read discs, taking ages to start-up etc. But now my Dashboard has been messing up as well. For some reason, all the Marketplaces are empty. When I press on any videos on Spotlight, Nothing Happens. There is no Friends channel. And in the top right corner where you can see how many friends and messages you have, It's constantly at 0, even when there are friends on. So after all that, I was just wondering if there was anyway to reboot the dashboard, and whether that'll fix it.
  6. I cant unlock the Sebastion friendship achievement. I have got all of the other Sebastian achievements, so I know they unlock, but I cant unlock this achievement with his friendship. I know he's my friend because I have his friend perk thing. Is this another glitch or does his friend metre have to be maxed out?
  7. I don't have problems with dying or catching missles or anything like that. My problem is the button mashing. OH, THE BUTTON MASHING!!! I can't even get past "First Flight" because I can't mash the button fast enough when he's breaking open the drone, and my controller broke TWICE in my attempts to mash the button quickly enough. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions please?
  8. Ok, I am relatively new to the armored core series, I've always been a mech fan. But this game confuses me a tad. What is the Workshops for. Like is there something specific they do? Should i invest in getting all of them or what? any help would be much appriciated Thanks again for any help you can give
  9. Hi! My fresh wireless controllers typically start to malfunction after 6 - 12 months, and i wonder is there something i can do with that pile of them? I don't rage-break them or anything, they just wear out for whatever reason. Sometimes certain D-pad direction doesn't function (or is hard to press), with others it's the same with RB or LB, sometimes it's on the main buttons, you get the idea... On my current one the left stick's messed up and often it just keeps on pushing forward. Very convenient when trying to bet precisely in ex. Red Dead, skating in NHL, it's just lovely. Luckily i can buy a new one next week. I seem to be on the minority in this case, but i'm sure there's someone else who's wondering likewise. So if you got any tips on what to do with these old controllers, or how to perhaps fix them on-your-own-risk basis, then all the better! Thanks.
  10. Hi! I thought I start a thread concerning bugs and problems during gameplay since I've had a few. Ever since I started playing the game I have been logged out in the middle of a session many times. I wrote to EA's help and they asked me to unplug my router and modem for 1 minute and do a so called Power Cycle. It did help, for 2 days I did't experience any problems, last night happened again. I guess it just has to do with the fact that I am connected wireless but every other game I've played so far could run without any connection problems. Then this morning I would like to begin playing and I am thrown back to the beginnings, had to do the tutorials and all my points and progression are gone. I had all the Speed Cameras, Speed Zones, Jumps, played a number of events, my world was 69% done. Bought the timesavers pack too and now everything is gone. I have contacted EA again and waiting for an answer. If anyone has some idea what I might be able to do to load my stuff back I am all ears. Thx!
  11. Hey board. I've seen people with this issue before but never heard a final solution. I've only had a couple games where achivements just plain don't unlock no matter what I do. I was wondering if anyone could help. I have also posted this on the main 360 board here. I'm pumped for Dead Rising 2, so I wanted to get 1000 on the first game. I'd been putting off Saint and other such difficult ones for a while now, simply because some of the normal achievements just won't open up for me. My GT is lastfirstborn if you want to see what I'm talking about. I have the Genocider (50k plus kills) unlocked, yet I never got the one for beating a measly 1K zombies. A few of them don't want to unlock like this, that I know I've earned more than once. I know sometimes patches get released for stuff like this, but as far as I know, DR doesn't have a patch. Any ideas? I've tried cashe clearing before and it didn't work. And I'd hate to erase my max level character for no reason. But if anyone has heard anything on this or other games (and could link me to it) I will try it out. It's not a huge deal, just a problem that has irked me since the game first released. Thanks for reading all that.
  12. Hey, I was trying to get the 100% achievement and I seem to be stuck at 98.33%. I've gotten all the achievements that go with the 100%, finished the story, and went out and did all the activities with all the friends that counted. But I could not seem to get the last 1.67%. I made sure I had beaten my friends at all the games so I don't know what else I could have missed. If you can, please help. EDIT- Do you have to do anything in the Strip Club or can you just go in and immediately leave? EDIT #2 - ..Appearently I missed taking Little Jacob to a Strip Club... oh well got my 100% achievement so I'm happy. Cheers.
  13. Ok so I'm at the LAST FREAKIN LEVEL on impossible. I'm at the very last bridge room when you are moving the marker. Here's my problem (I think my game glitched or something)...I can't get the marker into that room. It is stuck inside the little room with the two shutter doors just before the last bridge (not after the last bridge and right before you go back outside). There is a tiny gap in the track that you are supposed to move the marker on but those gaps have not effected the movement of the marker until now. I've tried re-loading the saved game, restarting my xbox...and NOTHING HELPS. Has anyone had this problem and if so how do I fix it???
  14. I bought a copy of the Fallout 3 Collector's Edition Friday, and when I looked at the manual, it said that the left stick moves my character, and the right stick makes my character look around. But, when I played the game, it's the opposite! The right stick moves my character, and the left stick makes my character look around. I thought that maybe it was my controller, so I turned off my 360, and started it back up with a different wireless controller. The same thing happened. I've looked all throughout the settings and controls at the pause and main menus, but I still can't fix it. I called Microsoft about it, and they said that they couldn't help me and that I need to call Bethesda, which I have yet to do. I'm hopefully going to get ahold of them tonight, but I was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if there's any way to fix it.
  15. Has anyone had the problem of updating their CoD: WaW achievements on here. Like, I have unlocked the 'Dead Air' achievement on CoD: WaW and tried to update my achievements on here, but it wouldn't let me, only with this particular achievement. Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, how to fix it?
  16. Hey i checked the leaderboards, and I'M NOT THERE! HELP!
  17. On Live I cannot connect to a few of my friends party and vice versa. All of our NATs are open but we still have conflicting network issues. It is not game related because it happens on the xbox live party system. Basically, when I try to join my friends party, or he tries to join mine, we get a message that says "Unable to connect to Xbox Live Party, there may be network issues. Your NAT is OPEN which is the most flexible." That is the gist of the message we all get. Any ideas?
  18. Someone more than me that have played the bass career and don't get any achievements? I've completed the whole career on expert but i havn't got either "One man band or Hall of famer" What i think i will not get Jack of all trades either couse it seems it just don't register the bass career. Someone else than me who have get this problem?
  19. ok so last night i played the game about 9 hours straight and after about 7 hours my guy started to hit less angle than he usually does. i came up to volley and had it pointed all the way left and he hits it in the middle and the same way if i aim all the way right. i tried injuring my guy and that didnt work. im in the pro tour season 11. i reset my xbox and he was back to normal for about 2 tournaments then it starts happening again. is this a bug or does anyone know how to fix this?
  20. can you transfer your profile from xbox to achievments.org? if so how can i do this? also if i have already set up an account can i start another one?
  21. hazza26

    Gamertag problems

    Can You upload your real xbox live account onto here? If so how do you do that if you already set up an account? can you make 2 or does it join on?
  22. Ive been reading alot about this but none of it has been working and i need alot of help for this.... i can perfectly connect to xbox live and connect to peoples partys and stuff like that.....but when i try to play multiplayer xbl on like MW2 or COD:BO just disconnects me from xbl and i try to login from the game and im unable to, but when i go to the dashboard it connects me automatically to xbl and to the party i was in. i dont need updates nor do i need to restart my modem or router i already did that three times and i still wont work somebody please give me real useful help i need it alot. Thanks, JerkySplash...... Out
  23. everytime i log in it automatically brings me to the forums... how do i change it so that i stay on the actual site...
  24. Playing last night i beat a bunch of super meat boy levels but it didnt show up on the leaderboards after i beat them. Now today the game is registering that i havent beaten some levels i cleared last night? Just wondering if anybody else has experienced these issues with saving/leaderboard updating too.
  25. Is anybody else finding smoke bomb in multiplayer games buggy? I mostly use it fine but other times I clearly press the button before I get attacked but it doesn't activate before I get killed - getting killed with my smoke all around me!! Also, sometimes my attacker gets stunned - and I know its him/her but there is no option to stun him, even if I lock and press B/press B on its own. I then end up getting killed once he recovers after an unsuccessful stun!! Anybody else experienced these annoying bugs?
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