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  1. When I am giving my updated count for the leaderboards when signing up for a maximum club, do DLC count as a separate count (ex. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with the Shivering Isles DLC being 2 separate entries), or are they lumped in with the game as one?
  2. Hey, I'm a little puzzled. Which button is tied to the mean spirited dialogue?
  3. I'm conflicted as to which one of these Cooler's I created looks better and would make the most sense [ATTACH]9226[/ATTACH]
  4. The achievement is to come in 3rd place or higher in the Sprint GP stuff. Is it come in 3rd place or higher in 10 races (out of the mini 5) or 10 matches?
  5. In an attempt to help cut down the number of threads being started in the Gears of War 3 forum, I'm going to tie all of the important threads together for members to post in by clicking on the links below instead of starting a new thread. This thread doesn't have everything! Use the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" before starting a new thread! If you feel a thread needs to be added to this, please post the link. This will be updated regularly and moderated closely, so please keep that in mind. Please report any broken links. The title key for this thread is: Important Guides Useful Threads Other _________________________________ Trading weapon skins, character skins, etc. In a word: DON'T! I want someone to play campaign with... Campaign Partners - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play with that's not campaign... Partners for Versus/Beast/Horde - by:The Pants Party I want someone to help boost medals and ribbons... Partners for Medals and Ribbons - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Horde Command Pack with... Partners for Horde Command Pack - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play RAAM's Shadow with... Partners for RAAM's Shadow - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Fenix Rising with... Partners for Fenix Rising - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Forces of Nature with... Partners for Forces of Nature - by:Grifter Reborn How do I get that one achievement? X360A Achievement Guide and Road Map - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Horde Command Pack DLC achievements? Horde Command Pack Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those RAAM's Shadow DLC achievements? RAAM's Shadow Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Fenix Rising DLC achievements? Fenix Rising Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Forces of Nature DLC achievements? Forces of Nature Achievement Guide - by:lifeexpectancy Where do I find that collectible item? X360A Complete Collectibles Guide - by:Nozza x360a Info on DLC Forces of Nature Sub-Forum Fenix Rising Sub-Forum RAAM's Shadow Sub-Forum Horde Command Pack Sub-Forum Complete Info on March DLC - by:Lee Bradley 4th DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Enjie 4th DLC Discussion - by:AdHominem Complete Info on January DLC - by:Lee Bradley 3rd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:The_Iceman2288 3rd DLC Discussion - by:kire350 Complete Info on December DLC - by:Richard Walker 2nd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Bigmouth84 2nd DLC Discussion - by:XxStuartxX 1990 Complete Info on November DLC - by:Richard Walker 1st DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Mcnichoj 1st DLC Discussion - by:SirMuskrat I'm so angry about this... Official "Bitching" Thread - by:Gamer Relaps3 What does it take to get medals? Onyx Medals Guide - by:Nikke84 How do I unlock mutations? Unlock Mutations Guide - by:Iceman9482 How do I earn ribbons? Ribbon List and Guide - by:Grifter Reborn Question or comment about weapon skins... Complete Weapon Skins Thread - by:Collin232 Let's talk achievements! Achievement Discussion - by:Infernal TONS of Gears info!! Gears of War 3 Information - by:Mass Domination I keep hearing about save data being lost... How to Backup Your Save Files - by:I JiMb0 I General Reset & Backup Info - by:Sabretache The most important one. If none of the threads have helped, post your question to the link below (or in one of the links in post#2). Try reading posts in the link(s), as there are several questions answered in those posts. If you don't have a question, but you have 2 minutes to spare, please read any unanswered questions so that perhaps you may have an answer for them. Thank you. Frequently Asked Questions Gears of War 3 FAQ - by:13ip0lar
  6. This thread will be your "one-stop shop" for questions you may have, help you need especially if your stuck as to "what do I do next?", or if you just want to share that great Easter Egg! Hopefully, this will help cut down the amount of clutter currently in the Batman AC forum. Help stop the clutter by using the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" before starting a new thread! The OP will include links and Frequently Asked Questions. The next post will include help info and links that could include *SPOILERS* so that's your first warning. The 3rd post will include Easter Eggs with links and will DEFINITELY INCLUDE *SPOILERS*, so you've been warned. Yes, I will try to spoiler tag the full info, but the titles will give away some spoilers. This will be a constant work in progress, so please be patient as I work on it and let me know if something needs to be changed or added. Please ask your questions here instead of starting a new thread. If your question or comment includes a spoiler, please have a warning for those reading the posts for other questions and answers.Thanks! I want to trade, sell, give away, ask for codes... ANNOUNCEMENT - by:AOS Puck It's Not Allowed! Period. How do I get that one achievement? Achievement Guide & Roadmap - by:Xx Overkill VR How do I complete that one challenge? Challenge Guide - by:PowerPyx What about DLC challenges? See below in post#2, under Help with ______ DLC. How do I complete that Physical Challenge Riddle? Physical Challenge Help and Discussion - by:Lord Snow Does Catwoman come with new copies of the game? Yes. It must be an un-opened copy. I'm having trouble with my DLC/Online Pass... See the info in post #2 below! (before any spoilers) I keep losing my progress on my save file or being told it's corrupted... This was a problem on the first title too. When your ready to quit playing, pause, quit the game to return to the game menu (where you see challenges, 3D models, etc.) before powering down. Dashboarding or powering off your XBOX before doing this may result in lost or corrupted data. How do I get the Batman Beyond Skin? In the U.S. there are NOS energy drinks with "NOS points" under the tab for specially marked cans. Enter the code at http://www.drinknos.com and after registering use the point to redeem your Batman Beyond skin code for XBOX 360. I had a thread/post deleted! It was deleted by an administrator or moderator for a reason. Don't complain. It might not have been your fault, but accept it and move on. Example: There have been several threads about the NOS promo that was deleted due to several members asking, trading, selling, buying codes. It's against the rules, as stated above. Where can I wear my alternate costumes/skins? You can wear them in any of the challenges, new game+, or in your current game AFTER you finish the main story/missions on normal or hard. Easy doesn't work. You can also wear any alternate Catwoman costumes by selecting "Catwoman Episodes" next to "New Game Plus." How do I select the costume/skin in my current playthrough? After you've finished the main story/missions on normal or hard, return to your game menu. Any alternate costumes/skins you have downloaded will be available when you select "continue story." If you have the "Animated Skins" and select Batman's animated skin, Catwoman will be wearing her animated outfit also when you switch characters. How do I unlock New Game+ ? You must complete the main story/missions on normal or hard. Easy doesn't work. Does New Game+ unlock for all save game files? No. Only on the save file you've completed your first playthrough. Trophies collected do not carry over from save file to different save file. Do I have to collect trophies and gadgets again in New Game+ ? No. Your gadgets and trophies found carry over to the New Game+. You will have to play the story and side missions again to count toward 100%. Q: A: [spoiler=qa] Are the various promotions and preorder skins & content exclusive? Only temporarily. They will all be available for download at a later date. So how many DLC items are/will be available? Online Pass for Catwoman and Riddler's Revenge is available for 800 MS points or available with new un-opened copies of the game for free. Robin DLC is available with specially marked boxes @ Best Buy and is currently available for download on Marketplace for 560 MS points. Nightwing DLC is available now for 560 MS points. All character skins will be available for download December 6th. Link for Character Skins Will I be able to play story missions with Robin or Nightwing? Currently, the answer is no. They are available for challenge modes, not story mode. However, this could change in a future DLC that has yet to be announced. How many gadgets are available on the D-Pad? 12 total= 2 , 2 , 2 , 2 , and 1 on each diagonal. (4 diagonals) They are: 1 - Batclaw, 2 - Line Launcher, Right/Upper Diagonal- Freeze Blast 1 - Remote Electrical Charge, 2 - Disruptor, Right/Downward Diagonal- Remote Control Batarang 1 - Batarang, 2 - Sonic Batarang, Left/Downward Diagonal- Cryptographic Sequencer 1 - Explosion Gel, 2 - Smoke Pellet, Left/Upper Diagonal- Freeze Cluster Grenade What am I missing from _____? How to check what your missing to ask members how to get it: Press to bring up the Map/Objectives. From here, press to see Character Bios. From here, press to see Arkham City Stories page 1. From here, press to see page 2. From here, press to see Wayne Tech. It should start on Batsuit. From here, press to see Gadgets. From here, press to see Combat. From here, press to see Predator. From here, press to see Catwoman. From here, press to see Riddles. It should start with Park Row. From here, press to see Amusement Mile. From here, press to see Industrial District. From here, press to see Subway. From here, press to see The Bowery. From here, press to see Steel Mill. From here, press to see Museum. From here, press to see Wonder City. From here, press to see Physical Challenges. Yes, you can scroll backwards with & also. I've come to an area I can't get past because I'm unable to crouch low enough... You need to utilize the "slide." Press to sprint, then pull to slide underneath. When playing as Catwoman in the main story, can I collect trophies? Yes. Any trophies that don't require Batman's gadgets can be collected by Catwoman. So can Batman collect Catwoman's trophies? No. You will receive a shock and will be chided by The Riddler for trying. How do I tell the difference between the trophies? Anyone can collect the green ones. The pink ones are for Catwoman only. Can I do side missions and collect trophies after the main story? Yes, just like Batman Arkham Asylum. You also begin New Game + with all the gadgets and trophies you've collected in your first playthrough. How do I switch between Catwoman and Batman? Once the main story is finished (4 missions for Catwoman) there will be 3 "character switch points" identified on the map as a pink hexagon with a cat's face. When you arrive at the locations, there will be a couple of cats there and as you approach, it will prompt you to press to switch. Use detective mode to help locate the cats as they will be on a rooftop. I downloaded the Catwoman DLC during my playthrough, so now the switch points don't show on the map... At the North side of the courthouse, turn directly East, this is the building where Catwoman's apartment was and it is one of the switch points. Using detective vision for Batman, you'll see 2 cats in Orange/Yellow (for Catwoman's DV, they'll be Blue/White). Another point can be located from the East side (main door) of the Museum. Face Southeast from this spot and it'll be on the roof of the building your facing. The last spot is near the big cranes directly East of Wonder Tower. If you stand on one of those cranes while facing Southwest you'll see the roof for the switch point at the North Gotham Dock. How do I make a spoiler tag for my post? Spoiler Tags - by:RoutineX
  7. By My map is screwed i basically mean when you press the back button on your controller to load up the map during game play the map is pretty much not there. by this i mean you can actually see your character and what was going on before you went to the map, its as if the map has become see through. You can still see all the other floors but the ground floor is not there. Any help for this problem? and yes i have tried turning my console off and back on again, i would appreciate the help thankyou
  8. Hey everyone! I've been offered a Q&A with the guys over at Dark Energy about their upcoming XBLA title, Hydrophobia. Submit questions here and I'll ask the best ones! Have all questions submitted by Monday, 16th August, 10am and I'll decide then
  9. For the achievements that require you to do a specific thing x amount of times (ie: Going the Distance, High Five, Heavyweight, etc.) Do they only count in the single player modes like Quickplay and the Career or is it possible to progress towards these while playing the online modes or even split-screen? Now that I've completed the career and obtained the Perfection achievement I'm going to start working on the online achievements and it would be more beneficial if I could work towards these while trying to improve my online form. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  10. Do you guys think that when Realtime Worlds made the Freak mission in Crackdown 1, did they have a sequel in mind, that Ruffian just built off of? Or did Ruffian just think that building off of that mission by themselves?
  11. I am sure this has been asked a million times.. I wasn't sure how to find my answer on the forums. Maybe one of you can help me. I changed my Gamertag today, and want to know if it transfers to this site, and if so, how? Thank you, and sorry if this a FAQ.
  12. My cousin came over to my house and made a 360 free trial account. Can I delete his prfile from my Xbox without deleting game save data?
  13. Can gears 3 beta be played on the non-epic edition of bulletstorm? Even if you have already put in the code?
  14. I picked up this controller from a mate just under 8 months ago, and it's just started doing something with the thumbsticks that I've ended up placing blame on wear-and-tear. Whenever I nudge the left stick slightly to a 10- or 11-o'clock, it tends to keep sending that signal or something to the console even after releasing it, and only stops when I move it around. The same thing happens with the right stick, although it likes to do it on its own and only toward 12-o'clock. I have an older controller for which I replaced the thumbsticks about a month after getting the new controller, and the thumbsticks work just fine, which leads me to believe that the problem lies in the controller. Question is, should I replace the controller, or should I replace the sticks?
  15. One of the Co op challenges in this game is to get "mercenary kills", of which I have 8. I have Googled like crazy and still can't find out what a mercenary in this game is, or how over managed to kill 8, the only thing I can come up with is that a merc must show up somewhere in the expert levels. Does anyone here know just what in the hell a mercenary is in this game? And what level they appear in so that myself and many others can obtain the achievement? Thanks in advance hopefully.
  16. Hey i'm new to this website, i was just wondering if the war supporter onyx is possible forever or not, say you started the game really late, is there 30 more events to play through? Say you started playing in 2013, would it be possible still? As i would of thought they would stop doing events or would there be a cycle? Not sure if this is a silly question or not, but thank you in advance.
  17. A question popped up in my head while I was playing MvC 3, Is their any Superhero or Villain that can destroy the Adamantium inside Wolverine? Apart from Magneto (of course) I couldn't really think of anybody other than Super-Man, Goku and maybe Galactus in any Anime, Comic Book, Movie or TV show that could very well destroy the (nearly) indestructible metal named Adamantium inside of Wolverine and also X-23
  18. Anyone know how to unlock the last card in each deck? I'm at 39/40 for quite a few of my decks and winning games with one of them does not unlock the last card.
  19. Pound For Pound Champ - 50 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career Mode At a certain point in your career, you will get a title shot, win the title and defend it at least 5 times. Then you will be given the option to switch to another weight class and fight a champion. Win the fight and this achievement is yours. This is one of the toughest fights in the career, but certainly not impossible. Just save before the fight and in case you lose, reload your last save and try it again I did LHW won and defended i think 3 or 4 times and it gave me the option to move to HW. I did and just beat shane carwin but no achievement. Do i need to defend it because I fight brock next just worried i wasted time.
  20. I've already my own fighter on my own account, if one of my friends or brothers makes a guy on their account on my same xbox could I have my fighter fight theirs? Or do all of the fighters have to be on one xbox account in order to fight each other?
  21. I was wondering if on the Endless Setlist, if I did Expert and someone else did Hard, would I get the achievement to beat it on Expert?
  22. Okay then, i was wondering is there a way i can join some-ones world and i can get the gargoyle achievement, or do i have to do it myself? Also if there is a way to do it with some-one who's already had it, is there a specific thing he/she has to do to make it unlock for me? a quick reply would be much appreciated GT: cheesy p0ofs
  23. Hey im a little confused about this achivement. Once you have one the #1 contender match do you have to play all the raw or smackdown matches until the title shot at PPV or can you just skip to the PPV ? Or can you get 3 5 star matches and then have the #1 contender match in the 4th week and then fight the title match straight away. Little confusin i know but if anyone could clarify this achivement it would be appreciated. http://card.mygamercard.net/JRJ3.png
  24. GeneralGorgeous


    Hi just made my account and i was wondering wut file type the picture has to be i was able to get Mario for my avatar but i cant get my picture.
  25. I would like to start by saying hey! Next on the agenda, there is alot of unanswered question about these achievements and some things were left unsaid. After ages of trying to wrap my mind around it I almost understand it. This is of course the Team, Solo, and World champion achievements....if any of those already no.1 people and veterans of sorts could write/give tips/help on a general boosting FAQ/ their experience it would be much appreciated. I could try to get a sticky on this because it would help a lot of people still boosting and new comers. Ive read through the many posts and some aren't very well explained here is an example of a post from a confused gamer (me) Hey I'm pretty confused on the boosting. I just started around 7 hours ago. I had 2 level 1 accounts (not even on the leader boards yet). I left my Xbox running a Team Territory, Siege, no re spawns, helicopter on, two gamer tags (the usual stuff). The helicopter hardly ever killed my second profile and there was no indication of who won... I checked around an hour later and I was a level 2. Thats good? So I went to bed and woke up roughly 6 hours later (totaled 7) and now I'm a level 5. This confuses me because I read everywhere there is 4 or lower cap e.g. 10 can't boost off a 5 and 5 can't off a 1 etc. So does this mean that its cap is actually 5? I read that a 8 can only boost off a 4 or higher....The final question can I boost off someone who is 4+ level HIGHER than me? Thanks to those who help and I will gladly help anyone who needs it -- ArMs
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