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  1. Treasure's ORDER they are obtained through progression of the game. Updated checklist link 5/6/10 Only in adobe though. If someone can convert it please do so people without adobe can use it. *NOTE* Treasure in order they appear on inventory screen. Link: http://www.filefront.com/user/Dotter707JD Checklist (IMG): http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq183/Dotter_aMp/tresureslistRES5.jpg ( credit to Puedro Xbox360 ) 1-1 Topaz (Marquis)- Obtained for killing about every Majini when you jump out the window and your partner says to run to the building. *NOTE* You will have to kill about 30-40 Majini. So if you are on you're first play through it may be harder to obtain. 1-1 Gold Ring- Can be obtained in multiple places, first place you may obtain is when you encounter the executioner Majini at the end of 1-1. Simple kill the executioner and he will drop it. 1-2 Antique clock- In a chest on the second floor of the building where you find the first BSAA emblem. The staircase is locked you must enter throgh bottom door. If you see two Majini pop out it is to the left of them. 1-2 Ivory Relief - Obtained for killing the Majini who is wearing a black dress. CHAPTER 2 2-1 Ruby (Marquis)- When you get to the boating dock you will see a stand with a chest inside of it. The Ruby is inside the chest, to obtain the treasure you must have a GRENADE and throw it next to the stand. 2-1 Jewel Bangle- Simple kill a "big man" Majini the one who only has shorts on and doesn't carry any weapons. Look after guide if confused still. 2-1 Venom Fang- Kill a chainsaw Majini. Only obtained in chaper 2-1 if you are playing on veteran. He will drop key then come back to life and drop the venom fang. 2-1 Update See 3/18 at very bottom of post. 2-2 Diamond (Oval)- Just before you enter the next part of the mines you will see a fork going left in the road. Go left and the diamond is in a chest. 2-2 Diamond (brilliant)- After the scene with Irving exit the building and you will see a ladder to the side of the gun turrent. The diamond is in a chest on the left side of the ladder. 2-2 Diamond (pear) - Go past the turrent gun, then aim at the top of the large ladder to shoot this down. 2-2 Diamond (square)- After the scene with Irving and following the first checkpoint after the cut scene. Look on the ladder the Sheva needs help to jump on. Shoot the Diamond down and run around to jump down and get item. CHAPTER 3 3-1 Brown Beetle - The small Island you start the chapter on. 3-1 Chalice (Silver)- Middle of the marsh lands known as "chicken island" 3-1 Silver idol - The left assit jump on the Northeast island. 3-1 Blue Enigma - Kill the tribal leader (there are two) and they will drop the treasure. This is after you get the three plates to continue on with the game. 3-1 Ceremonial Mask - In the cave before you ride the gondola. 3-2 Jewel Beetle - On top of the oil drums in the Tricell camp. 3-3 Emerald (Marquis)-After leaving the boat to open gate #2 in a small room between the two turrent guns in a drawer. CHAPTER 4 4-1 Topaz (Trilliant) - Before going up the first ladder continue on and go to a alcove climb up that ladder and in the chest is the topaz. 4-1 Ruby (Trilliant)- After you fall and are in the "+" area there are three chest. The following is located inside of them(Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,) Trillant's. 4-1 Sapphire (Trilliant) -see Ruby Trilliant 4-1 Emerald (Trilliant)- see Ruby Trilliant 4-1 Gold Idol - After moving your first statue go to the next statue and turn left and in a chest is the Gold Idol. 4-1 Ruby (Oval) - Behind the red statue you pull( the last one) 4-1 Soul Gem- Kill the flying enemy after you pick up the Ruby Oval. Do not run up the stairs. 4-2 Diamind (Trilliant)- After putting in all three of the emblems before you go through the door look up and you will see the Diamond shoot it down. 4-2 Gold Beetle- On the bottom floor of the light puzzle Shoot the beam to unlock two doors. Is in one of the doors along with the Gold idol in the other door. *NOTE* I have only listed the treasure listed in Chaper 4 you have yet to obtain, if this was to be your first play through on the game. There are many duplicates in this chapter( shooting flames,Statues, etc...) This guide is solely for the purpose to get the Treasure achievement. CHAPTER 5 5-1 Lion Heart- Kill a Licker. Look after guide if confused still. 5-2 Power stone- Kill a Reaper. Look after guide if confused still. 5-2 Dead Bride Necklace- On the conveyor belt in front on the Machine gun you pick up that you have to supply power to. The bodies who attack you will drop them. 5-3 Sapphire (Marquis) After leaving the boss chamber from 5-2, follow the path until you come to a fork. Turn left at the fork inside the next room in a safe is the Sapphire. 5-3 Royal Necklace- After you encounter all the Majini and Reavers and cross the walk way. You will encounter Majini with RPG's kill them and inside the room is the necklace. 5-3 Ruby (Brilliant)- After leaving the giant elevator place and entering a tunnel just before the end of the tunnel look up to shoot and get the Ruby. 5-3 Chalice Gold-After you or Sheva push the blue trash container off the ledge drop into the room and inside a lock is the Chalice gold.(two licker videos) 5-3 Topaz (Brilliant)- After you lower the draw bridge look up right before the door way and you will see the topaz shoot to obtain. The following Items MUST be obatined before you obtain Heart of Africa (damaging Wesker) 5-3 Sapphire (Oval)-During the Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks you through the door turn around and follow the corridor into the room containing all the coffins/sarcophagi. The Sapphire is in a small pot on the shelf to the right as you enter. 5-3 Emerald (Oval)- During the Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks you through the door turn around and follow the corridor into the room containing all the coffins/sarcophagi. The Emerald is in a coffin that needs an assist event to open. 5-3 Sapphire (Brilliant)-During the Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks you through the door turn around and follow the corridor into the room containing all the coffins/sarcophagi. The Sapphire is in a coffin that needs an assist event to open. 5-3 Emerald (Brillant)- At the start of the Jill/Wesker fight run up the stairs and to the right follow that pathway until which will lead to two pots one with the Emerald in it. *NOTE* The following Can only be got if you do a certain amount of damage to Wesker( Bad blood achievement) There are two ways doing combos and using a Magnum to do damage. Or simply shoot him with a RPG then when he catches it shoot again. 5-3 Heart Of Africa- See above*NOTE* Once you have made him leave it is ion the middle of the staircase. CHAPTER 6 6-1 Topaz (Oval)-Climb up the ladders and shoot every Majini you see. This will allow for Sheva not to get trapped later on. Once done climb the crane and look around if not there look around the trap area for it. Also where the two big Majini attack. View post #30 if more help is needed. 6-3 Diamond (Marquis)- The final fight with Wesker(Volcano) Before jumping over the breaking rock shoot the rock to its right and it will break off. Then move across fall and jump over the rock you hit to make fall and the final treasure is sitting there. MUST BE CHRIS I didn't list the following Treasures in the guide due to the fact they are found in just about every chapter and are just lying around every where you go. I will update & list specific locations of them on my next play through. Topaz(Pear)-See 3/18 Ruby(Pear) Sapphire(Pear) Emerald(Pear)-See 3/18 Topaz(Square)-See 3/18 Ruby(Square)-See 3/18 Sapphire(Square)-See 3/18 Emerald(Square)-See 3/27 I have only listed each treasure once, this guide was written to help those who have yet to play the game and want to collect all the treasures on the first playthrough or simply want the achievement. Everything is only listed once and one of its location in the order they appear in the game. All the Treasure in the Inventory screen (Pictures) http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq183/Dotter_aMp/DSC01081.jpg (1-18) http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq183/Dotter_aMp/DSC01082.jpg (19-36) http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq183/Dotter_aMp/DSC01083.jpg (37-50) View post #30 for treasure videos. If you need one simply request one within the thread. *UPDATES* 3/18/ -Topaz (Pear),Emerald (Pear),Ruby (Square),Sapphire (Square) can all be found in the chest following the Chainsaw Majini in chapter 2-1. Just unlock the door and look straight ahead. 3/18/ -Topaz (Square),Topaz(Pear),Ruby (Pear),Sapphire(pear) can all be found in 4-1 See post #30 in this thread. 3/19- Topaz (Oval) post #30 3/23- Moved Majini pictures to post #30 & added a checklist see very start of post. Or post # 66 3/27- Emerald (Square) location video added to post #30 5/6/10- New checklist
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