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Found 17 results

  1. Copyright/Rights of Use : This guide may not be re-produced outside of xboxachievements.com without written permission by the author. If given permission to use any information from the guide, please supply proper credits to its original poster. If any important information has been left out or if any pertinent resources should be added that have not already been done so, be sure to PM the author of this guide and leave a comment below of any changes needing a fix. Credits: Video by Neg96. Additional resources are as credited. Introduction Hello and welcome to my Need for Speed™ 2015 Prestige Gold Guide! As of April 2016, EA added an additional installment to the game's line of downloadable content, however the developers now ensured that this very installment would be remembered by players - being one of the most difficult challenges in the Need for Speed™ series. The goal of this guide is to break down the entire stack into comprehensible mechanics. This guide will be going over: the best car types and builds to use, all event details will be mentioned, and lastly a full in-depth commentary video guide will be added below for your convenience. Prestige Mode Overview Upon completing the game (100%), players will now unlock the post-story campaign which is known as Prestige Mode. Players will be receiving a phone call from Travis, briefing an intro to the upcoming stack. Prestige Mode is a mode that highlights and features a given range of events seen in the base campaign, however their difficulty has now been increased as a result. These events feature 3 standards of obtainable time benchmarks: the bronze standard, the silver standard and lastly the gold standard. There are a total of 41 events available in the Prestige Mode, however the finale is only unlocked once the prior 40 events in the stack have been completed and passed. There are a total of 8 events in each series; the series are referenced by the main protagonists in the game as well as their associated color category, they are as follows: Spike (Green) Horses For Courses Talking the Torque Turbo Ducking Hungry As A Manticore Torque Of The Town Maniac Or Master? CJ-Tastic Business Or Pleasure? Manu (Yellow) Finding Your Groove Use It Or Lose It Wide And Tight Nocturnable Clamping Down Push Upstairs Japhet's Full Flick Mental Block Amy (Purple) In The Driver's Seat Red Makes It Faster Tanel's Leap Blue Kobra Blitz Stagger Your Swagger A Legend's Wheels Remastered Component Parts Robyn (Blue) Moonlight And Mountains Threading The Needle Fish Out Of Water Ready, Set, Drift Skill Or Eskil? Lock It Down One In Many Chasing Devils Travis (Red) Stanley Shakedown We Go On Three? Go Big Or Go Busted Maximum Attack Nothing To See Here Assume The Position Angels Can't Catch Devils I Am The Law Finale On The Dream Team The courses themselves are associated by two types: Sprint-type events or Drift-type events. Different vehicles are used for the type of event. There are many sub-categories for the 2 main event types offered, they are as follows: Sprint Events Sprint Race A one lap race that has the player racing against NPC rivals. Circuit Race A two lap race that has the player racing against NPC rivals. Time Trial A one lap race exempt of any NPC rivals. Drift Events Drift Contest A drift event that has the player accumulate drift score alongside NPC rivals exempt of any point modifiers. Touge A drift event that has the player accumulate drift score relative to their current position in the pack. The higher the position, the larger the score multiplier. Drift Train A drift event that has the player accumulate drift score while within the pack's boundary. The more rival NPC's grouped together, the larger the score multiplier. Drift Trial An untimed solo drift event that has the player accumulate a set score by the time the finish line is crossed. Gymkhana A solo drift event that features a sprint race-type event alongside a drift trial. The player must obtain a certain score benchmark while also crossing the finish line before the time expires. All events mentioned here are subjected to the 3 medal standards. Sprint event standards are factored in by time while drift event standards are factored in by score. Useful Mechanics and Resources When taking on events, a player can choose to warp to the starting line. Once an event is passed in the stack, the player can simply head over to the displayed marker on the map and choose to fast travel to it. This is a very useful feature when going for multiple attempts in any given event. This section will be covering the vehicles you should use to take on Gold standards for all events. The builds that worked for me will also be listed. Starting off with the Sprint events, the vehicle of choice is the Porsche Carrera RSR (1973) base model. It is very important to note that the base model of this vehicle can outperform any vehicle of the same type won from pinkslips. This vehicle is ideal for maximum topspeed gain on tracks that feature more straight and narrow curved-road segments. It has the highest acceleration and topspeed stats in the game. Over the course of 41 events, I modified and used 3 types of tuning builds on my RSR, they are what I like to call: the "Control", "High Slip" and "Max Slip" builds. The builds are as follows: Porsche Carrera 911 RSR 2.8 (1973) Turbocharger: Elite - TC4 - D - Race "Control Build" I use this build here for the majority of Sprint events. It prioritizes handling of the car and makes it less slippery on the road. As a result, braking is more forceful with this build: Front Tire Pressure -3 Rear Tire Pressure -1 Steer Response -2 Steer Range -3 Braking Drift Assist On Drift Stability Assist On Launch Control On Differential -2 Downforce +2 Brake Strength -3 Brake Bias -2 Tire Traction More (XTREME GRP or lower quality based on playstyle) Handbrake Strength -2 Spring Stiffness +5 Sway Bars +4 Nitrous -5 Manual Gears Off Car Stance Tuning: Ride Height - Height +3 Ride Height - Rake -5 Track Width - Front -5 Track Width - Rear -5 Camber - Front -1 Camber - Rear -1 "High Slip Build" While this build may have a bit of control, it is made for higher slip for timesaves on transitions and drifts. I used this build here for Spike 5 "Torque of the Town" as well as Robyn 3 "Fish Out Of Water". I recognized that the smoother transitions on this build saves a lot of time in the curved segments of these two races. Front Tire Pressure -4 Rear Tire Pressure -4 Steer Response -1 Steer Range +2 Braking Drift Assist On Drift Stability Assist On Launch Control On Differential -2 Downforce +5 Brake Strength +1 Brake Bias -5 Tire Traction Less (XTREME DRFT) Handbrake Strength +2 Spring Stiffness 0 Sway Bars 0 Nitrous -5 Manual Gears Off Car Suspension same "Max Slip Build" This build has little to no handling however makes drifting incredibly slippery as minimal breaking needs to be applied. I used this build specially for Amy 6 "A Legend's Wheels" and the transitions nearing the end saved me a lot of time. Front Tire Pressure -3 Rear Tire Pressure +1 Steer Response -3 Steer Range +5 Braking Drift Assist Off Drift Stability Assist On Launch Control On Differential -3 Downforce +1 Brake Strength +5 Brake Bias -5 Tire Traction Less (XTREME DRFT) Handbrake Strength +5 Spring Stiffness +2 Sway Bars +4 Nitrous -5 Manual Gears Off Car Suspension same
  2. The streets which players are most likely to land on are the orange and red ones due to the chance/community cards and the jail. So buy these streets and improve them with houses/hotels to have a higher chance of winning.
  3. I have been trying to kill it without success. I even managed to get TWO to spawn on me... and I almost managed to kill one. I should mention that two of my characters are only at 26, with Pincoya being the low one I'm currently working on. 1. Location that's easier to battle from? 2. Level recommended 3. Character preferred 4. General Tips. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fun game! UPDATE: Finally got it. I used Pincoya, who seems to be the best character all around. She was level 40, I believe.
  4. Copyright/Rights of Use : This guide may not be re-produced outside of xboxachievements.com without written permission by the author. If given permission to use any information from the guide, please supply proper credits to its original poster. If any important information has been left out or if any pertinent resources should be added that have not already been done so, be sure to PM the author of this guide and leave a comment below of any changes needing a fix. Credits: Videos by Neg96 and M.M Additional resources are as credited. Introduction Hello! Welcome to my GTAO Doomsday Heists Criminal Mastermind and Elitist Guide! This thread acts as a supplement to the Doomsday Heist Achievement Guide and Roadmap and covers a lot of information I have not yet seen on the internet. The goal of this guide is to inform the player on how to save as much real-world time as possible by going over the best methods, strategies, and purchasable equipment to make the runs as fast as possible. For some, these two achievements may be the rarest earned due to the percentage ratio of GTAV players versus actual achievers. This supplement guide is a breakdown to all possible instances regarding the CM and Elite challenges. I have personally completed over 50 separate Doomsday CM runs and have completed over 250 Elite challenges to date. Equipment Strategy Here I'll be going over what is recommended of you as a player. First off, having at least level 120+ greatly helps due to having the Minigun, Rocket/Homing launcher at your disposal. If you have played Heists DLC and have done the Online trophies prior, you should have amassed some money and levels. Being 120+ also helps with the capped Super Heavy Armor storage. Having 10 (max) Super Heavy Armor as well as all the snacks available will greatly help players run CM efficiently. Note: As a reminder, players can always refill snacks at any given Facility Receptionist Desk. Note: Having all equipment mentioned here isn't required. HOWEVER, it will make you self sufficient and will greatly benefit you as well as the team you run it with. In terms of running CM as efficiently as possible, I recommend spending money on: Motorcycle Club ($200,000+) will greatly assist prospects due to the ability of de-spawning personal vehicles such as aircraft when they so wish. All players in an MC will also have the ability to instantly request any bike they own (this includes the Oppressor MK II). Road Captains can also instantaneously call out the Buzzard without having to rely on Pegasus or Personal delivery. MC Vice-Presidents can also willingly drop Bullshark Testosterone in free roam which grants the player a double damage buff as well as a double defense buff. Facility ($1.25m+): You must have a facility to run Doomsday. I recommend Sandy Shores for all around CM balance and running Elite 3. I recommend Grand Senora for running Elite 1 and Paleto Bay for Elite 2, however, Elite 2 can be ran from pretty much any facility near the Sandy Shores airstrip. The Facility is also needed to store the Avenger. Avenger ($3.5m+): I recommend buying the Avenger along with the Vehicle Upgrades as well as Weapon Upgrades component. Getting Weapon Upgrades is crucial to install MK II mods on your weapons. I personally run the Carbine Rifle MK II as my all around weapon. Vehicle Upgrades capability is crucial to upgrading custom vehicles like the Vigilante. Office ($1m+): CEO abilities allow you to call in the Buzzard from wherever you are on the map. Rather than calling the Buzzard by Pegasus and having it delivered to a nearby landing-zone (LZ), the Buzzard gets delivered right beside the player which makes CEO extremely useful for CEO and associates alike. You must own a Buzzard to do this. Hangar ($2.2m+): The Hangar is essential for any personal aircraft you need to buy. They must all be stored in here. If you store a Pegasus-owned aircraft in the Hangar, you will duplicate that vehicle. This makes that same vehicle accessible from both Pegasus and Personal Vehicles delivery, and both can be used at the same time for a double spawn. Buzzard ($1.750m): The Buzzard is a great go-to to get from point A to point B on the map in a half-decent time. It can be called by Pegasus and can also be spawned to your location via the Associate SecuroServ ability. Hydra ($3m+): the Hydra can also be called by Pegasus. It makes a great asset because it can get you from point A to point B in a much faster time. Hydra is the fastest option when it comes to the Pegasus aircraft. Very Useful for all Prep missions as well as Act 2 Elite. Armored Kuruma ($700,000+ Fleeca completed): This sedan is an essential to safely running setups in your CM run. Namely Act 1 Setup 1 and most of Act 2 & 3 setups as well. It can be blown up by 1 missile but keeps the player near invincible when it comes to NPC bullets. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag ($975,000+): This is the fastest non-weaponized bike in the game. Bikes cannot flip over and sway like cars. I use the Hakuchou when I run Act 3 Elite and I used it for consistent and efficient transportation on/off road. I recommend the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag for all players wanting to run Elite 3. Cargobob Jetsam ($1.9m): I highly recommend the CB for Act 1 prep 2 because it is the most efficient way of doing it. The CB also makes running Act 2 Elite incredibly efficient. Vigilante ($4m+): Note that the Vigilante can only be customized in the Avenger (or MOC) vehicle upgrade workshop. This vehicle is incredible when it comes to running setups and preps. I use it when I do my Act 1 Elite runs and it is also great for a variety of setups including Act 2 Setup 2 with the Rescue ULP mission for 2 player. Seabreeze/Tula/Sea Sparrow ($1.3m+/$5m+): Either of these are great because they are airplanes that can land in water. Great for Act 2 Torpedo ECU prep, as well as Act 3 Onboard computer prep. The Tula has greater capabilities than the Seabreeze, but both are great amphibious aircrafts. Bombushka ($6m+): This one isn't necessary, but if you happen to have $6m laying around, you can buy it and deliver the riot van from Act 2 prep 1 by aircraft. The Bombushka can carry it. Pyro ($4.5m+): The Pyro is my personal favorite. While it does not have VTOL abilities like the Hydra, it is the FASTEST aircraft in the game and makes getting from point A to point B the quickest. This aircraft is personal and can't be called from Pegasus. Terrorbyte ($3.5m+): This is necessary for the MK II Oppressor to be stored. (See below.) MK II Oppressor ($4m+): Probably the most efficient vehicle to use in the game. Think of it as a jet you can call in from the Mechanic. While it isn't the fastest (in terms of aircraft speed), it can get you from point A to point B easily and the bike is incredibly small and easy to land. It needs the Terrorbyte so that it can be stored and modified. Half-Track ($2.5m+): Makes Act 3 Setup 2 very safe and efficient for CM3 and CM4 runs. Two players can go in the half track and support the players in the Chernobog. If I missed anything, be sure to give me a PM. These vehicles are by far the most USEFUL for Doomsday and running CM's in the quickest possible time. I personally happen to have all these vehicles myself. Some of the buys are definitely more essential than others, but all are greatly valued for the heist. As a player, you're expected to have some of these essentials.
  5. Kw controls are superior. Powers are way better. More units. More control. More abilities. More possibilities? Why do people think halo wars is even on the same level?
  6. I've found to have all three of these equipped to be very effective for the simple fact that if you know where they are (with Enhanced vision)at you can go fight them and get them weak with the strangle and just in case you can handle them, you can easily get away with smoke or the following( teleport,wired reflexes) Note: i advice everyone not to use wired reflexes without an Elf.For the simple fact that you cannot self-regenerate unless you're an elf Note:i meant strangle at the top
  7. Hey Guys, I just beat The Bridge finale on expert, unfortunately not on Realism or I would probably have just had a heart-attack. I want to help you guys get through it as a lot of people deem this finale the worst due to the zombies constantly attacking you. When you start, the main thing you want to take into consideration is that you need a Sniper Rifle, not Hunting that only has 15 rounds, you could probably do it with other weapons, but I know the Sniper Rifle kills in one shot and can multi-penetrate, with 30 rounds it's the best of them all. The only thing that sucks is the reload time >.>. Anyway, when you start, go out the safe room door, onto the main bridge activate the radio and either listen to the sometimes humorous conversation or skip it by lowering the bridge. (Side Note: Has anyone found that sometimes you HAVE to listen so far through the conversation with the rescue team before the bridge lowers? Even after spamming out on the X button?) You want to be on the LEFT side of the bridge, it's all about luck and how the AI Director spawns the map, as we know he can change it. You just have to hope ... Anyway, once it lowers, all you need to do, is f---ing cane it across the left side, owning zombies as they attack you, if the AI goes down, I shouldn't need to say this but, just leave them. Keep going, if you get half-way and the bridge has collapsed down and you are able to go up high, DO SO! I usually got up there, in the middle of the vehicles next to the huge hole and healed, by that time you are usually down to at least limping, if not, nicely done, but you can still heal. Continue on, and there is a large ramp made from the bridge's concrete on the right, go down and onto the bus, jump off towards the left and you are at the scaffolding. Just follow this around, usually around the time you get to the start of the second bit of scaffolding The Tank's music will start playing. You can play as much as you want in hope you won't get a tank, but he ALWAYS spawns. At the end of the second bit of scaffolding is where you want to pop yourself with adrenaline. Stay on the left and scatter up the ladder, you can jump onto it to slightly shorten the time. Run across and jump onto the bus, and then to the slanted part of the bridge. Go to the right and the left but sticking as close to the right as you can, just hope not many zombies try having a piece of you while you are up there. At the end of the slanted bit you can go left or right, right keeps you safer so choose that if it's not blocked by swarms of Infected. Once you touch foot off of the slanted bridge (not that, that makes any sense) throw your pipe bomb, just not too far ... Remember at this point you need to be on the right now. Because if you carry on down the highway, you'll run into a dead end. The highway exit leads to the rescue chopper and once you are around here, you really have got to become religious, PRAY that there isn't one of the following, a: Tank, Charger, Hunter, Jockey, or Smoker. If you get a witch, god be with you if she's in the path. Once you are past that exit, you can keep looking around and shooting any Infected that are close enough to you. Think of yourself as a Witch, if they are within your proximity, kill them. Once you fall down to the right onto the bus AFTER the exit of the highway, run around to the right and then left you should see the evac chopper. Run with all your might, but look behind just once more and lay some serious ownage upon anything that ain't socially acceptable. (Believe me this is NOT the end) Once on board the chopper, if your team mates are still alive, you must once again get on your knees, and pray none of those special Infected come after you. I did get it twice, once at the ramp just before the chopper a Jockey jumped me, and once when I was on-board the chopper waiting for Nick to die on his LAST hit point, a Charger got me. I can only hope you brave souls who make it don't get this unfortunate turn of events, The Director, is relentless in Expert. Items Required: Sniper Rifle - This is a MUST if it is available. Kills in one shot and multi-penetrates, killing Infected behind the one you just shot. Adrenaline - You need to be lucky if you don't have this, NEVER use this before The Tank if you can help it. Pipe Bomb - This may be replaced with a bile bomb if you are lucky enough to have one with you, but NOT a Molotov. Used for that final Infected horde at the end of the slanted bridge. First-Aid - Not completely essential, but I think 8 Health Kits spawn in the starting safe room so you should grab one anyway. Secondary Weapon - At this point I had a chainsaw, not much fuel but I didn't really use it that much. If at all. Well I hope this helps at least one person out. This is how I managed to beat The Parish's Finale - The Bridge on Expert Difficulty. LEGIT. There were NO glitches at all. Good Luck Everyone Airo Shinobi
  8. Echo and Gator's Multiplayer Strategy Guide: The Postscript Not just another Strategy Guide.... The Postscript? Whatever do you to mean? Well, after careful consideration, we decided that it would be a bad idea just to post “Another Strategy Guide,” when there was already one located on the forums. So, we figured that “Continuation,” or, “Postscript,” was the best thing to put in the title. Anyways though, a Postscript is exactly what this is. Where Bluntman left off, we picked up. So, you can expect to see an explanatory guide on every leader available in multiplayer: Arbiter, Brute Chieftain, Prophet of Regret, Captain Cutter, Sergeant Forge, and finally, Professor Anders. Depending on the feedback we receive, we may continue on… but that is undecided at the moment. But, without further adieu, I present to you: Echo and Gator's Multiplayer Strategy Guide: The Postscript First, let it be known that KillTheft Echo (FatefulOblivion) and KillTheft Gator wrote this in collaboration. We've combined our skill & knowledge of the game to try and provide the best possible help we could. Obviously, this guide is not complete at the moment. We decided that it would be best to “post as we go,” therefore, check back often for new leaders, new tips, and maybe even a new section. So, here we go! **Obviously, this guide is not finished. We decided it was in our best interest to post as we go. So, check back regularly for new leaders, more tips, and maybe some new sections.** We will start off with a description of each Leader available for use in Multiplayer: The Arbiter Leader Power: Rage Unique Unit: Suicide Grunt The Arbiter is once of the most widely used Covenant leaders due to his outstanding ability to counter-rush, his god-like Rage mode, and his ability to become invisible with the proper upgrades. If used correctly, the Arbiter can be devastating in both early and late game. Leader Upgrades Tech Level 1: Defiant Rage and Fiendish Return Tech Level 2: Spiteful Rage and Vicious Blades Tech Level 3: Blinding Rage and Ghastly Vision Remember, to research a higher level tech (such as Ghastly Vision) you will first need to research the preceding technologies (Fiendish Return and then Vicious Blades). Now into more detail on the upgrades... Defiant Rage is available for research once you have built your temple. This is quite a useful upgrade as it will restore a portion of your health for every unit/building killed, which can be critical early in-game. We would recommend that you research this before Fiendish Return. Fiendish Return is also available for research once you have built your temple. This upgrade will allow the Arbiter to reflect some incoming damage, though I would not recommend researching this until you have Spiteful Rage. Spiteful Rage is available after the Age of Doubt upgrade, or once you have reached tech level 2. This is the most valuable upgrade for the Arbiter as it decreases the resource consumption for Rage mode. If you are concentrating on the Arbiter at the beginning of the game, We would suggest waiting to even enter rage mode until this is researched. Vicious Blades is also available for research after the Age of Doubt upgrade, or once you have reached tech level 2. Vicious Blades will not only increase the amount of reflected damage, but it will also make the Arbiter's attacks more powerful. We would recommend researching this once you get Spiteful Rage. Blinding Rage is available after the Age of Reclamation upgrade, or once you have reached tech level 3. This upgrade will increase your damage in rage mode and also give nearby allies an attack boost. We would recommend that you get this upgrade last. Ghastly Vision is also available for research after the Age of Reclamation upgrade, or once you have reached tech level 3. Ghastly Vision will increase the amount of damage reflected and permanently cloak the Arbiter. This is particularly useful for scouting. As long as you don't attack any units, the Arbiter will be completely invisible to any enemy units. We recommend that you research this after Vicious Blades. Here is a recap for the recommended research order: Defiant Rage, Spiteful Rage, Fiendish Return, Vicious Blades, Ghastly Vision, Blinding Rage. Leader Power Rage We find that the Arbiter plays host to the best leader power out of all the Covenant leaders. His rage mode allows him to dash around the battlefield with incredible speed while causing devastation to your opponent's units. His rage also assists in avoiding a lot of the damage that the Brute Chieftain and Prophet of Regret seem to take head on. The only downside to the Arbiter's power seems to be the lag involved. Either because a major battle or just a poor connection can cause the Arbiter to slow down whilst in Rage, thus making him more susceptible to incoming enemy fire. This is often the downfall of many an Arbiter. Overview: All things considered, we would say the Arbiter has the most effective leader power between the three Covenant leaders. His amazing ability to restore health, combined with his ability to decimate weaker armies makes the lag a minor factor. Because of this, the Arbiter's rage mode gets a: 9/10
  9. The guide for if you are an experienced player: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yGBd_fUfcY&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - ‪Black Ops zombies - Shrangli La - Great 3/4 player strategy to reach high rounds‬‏[/ame] The guide for if you are a beginner: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73k0E8CR-WI&feature=relmfu]YouTube - ‪Black Ops zombies - Shrangli La - Ultimate 3/4 player strategy for beginners‬‏[/ame] This guide can be useful if you want to get achievements like time travel will tell, but you are extremely unlucky with the random box and might not get the shrink ray until round 20. If you have any questions, ask them in a comment in this topic are ask them in a comment on one of the videos.
  10. Tell me your favorite from Dynasty Warriors 6 and what makes them so special. My favorite is Zhou Yu from the Wu Kingdom because he's a beast.. nuff said!
  11. I found the best way to defeat Salvador on Hard difficulty: 1. After you die once, you will spawn in hallway with salvador in front of you. IMMEADETLY go left and kill that Infantry that comes through the door.(1 Napalm missile at doorway worked best, fire will kill him) *Do not kill the other infantry, 2 more will spawn back up!!! *Other infantry is opposite the supply depot, so don't expect missiles to hit you while fighting near supply depot... 2. Throw 3 Frag grenades to deplete his shield, and shoot a full clip at him until "Grapple" mode appears.(I used Machine Gun with Incendiary rounds) 3. DO NOT GET HIT BY THE ORBS!!! His orb throws will deplete your shield, and when he induces his charge attack you will die! *Constantly move left and right, and use jetpack when stuck on objects! **If hit by orb, run towards the other infantry, Do not shoot salvador at this time!!! Let your shield replenish, then return to where supply depot is, shooting salvador if possible... 4. When doing the "Grapple", position yourself so that he is in front of you and supply depot is behind you! This way, when he throws you back, you can reload while flying, and land at supply depot to resupply ammo and grenades all at once... 5. If you are lucky enough to get to the forth "Grapple"? Put your controller down, let your blood pressure calm, and enjoy the final video that leads to credits... ***If you need anymore hints, other than written above? I only have two words for you... HANDLE IT!!!
  12. When you are about to culture flip an enemy city, attack it with your units. During the battle, hit "B" to retreat. The enemy units will get an automatic upgrade (engineer, loyalty, etc.). If you time it right, when the city flips over to your civilization the units already fortified in it will have several upgrades they probably didn't have before. Just make sure you don't use this tactic and then the enemy prevents the city from flipping with walls or a temple.
  13. Hi! I'm a swedish gamer who just decided to get serious about joining the community here on XboxA. I've been helped soo many times on this site, and as a born and selflearned achivement-hunter I always feel deeply satisfied when completing a game with perfect score. My favourites are RPG's and strategygames. There's nothing I LOVE more than slacking in my couch, xboxcontroller in hand and a cold drink by my side. See me introducing myself on youtube: http://youtu.be/Gmb0vOl8s_U I'm happy too be here, keep up all the awsome work guys and I hope to see you online! Visit me on Facebook/Twitter/XboxLive/Twitch: MsGamerSE
  14. Hey guys, just looking for some quick feedback on my current build. Not at Inferno yet (only level 50) and just wanted to see if my playstyle would be relevant there or if I am going to have to completely change it up. Be honest and critical please, but no flaming, I am a gentle soul lol. Let me know what you think and if I'm crazy or not (rocking Master I right now pretty easily). ----------- This build is completely based off of downing enemies quickly and efficiently while avoiding (dodging) as much damage as possible. The damage that gets through is negated to the best of my skills' ability. My chance to dodge is about 70% during a fight. I should also mention this is for solo only, have not grouped with it yet. Actives : Fists of Thunder (fast Spirit regen and knockback) ---> Rune: Lightning Flash (+16% Dodge chance constantly being refreshed) : Serenity (3secs of immunity for those "oh shit!" moments) ---> Rune: Peaceful Repose (decent heal to make up for replacing BoH) : Wave of Light (have yet to ever unequip this, I find it an amazing AoE that destroys groups of enemies quickly, and also gives back a shit ton of life through my "healing per Spirit point spent") ---> Rune: Empowered Wave (drops the cost from 75 to 40 Spirit, self-explanatory; more bells = more cleared groups) : Sweeping Wind (very easy to keep three stacks up and constantly refresh this without spending Spirit, meaning 60% weapon damage to all enemies around me within 10 yards at all times) ---> Rune: Master of Wind (never have to refresh the skill) : Mantra of Evasion (I had Healing until recently, but since I switched my build to a dodge build and incorporated Serenity, MoH became somewhat useless to my build) ---> Rune: Backlash once I hit level 58 (35% Fire AoE to all enemies around me every time I dodge. NO BRAINER ON A DODGE BUILD) Currently the other choices of runes don't really matter, so I switch it up here and there. : Tempest Rush (a nice way to escape getting gangbanged and an awesome way to use the "healing per Spirit point spent") ---> Rune: Tailwind (+25% movement speed to further help the reason I have TR equipped) Passives Transcendence (I have had this on since it became available and have never removed it. I consider it a must-have on every build, because it adds a ton of "healing per Spirit point spent" and is absolutely amazing. It's versatility and functionality should be self evident and apparent why it is on this build. Whenever I get hit, as I have focused on dodge, my armor is not that high and it can hurt. Drop a bell and I'm back at full, or Tempest Rush to both escape mobs and heal at the same time; especially effective when combined with Serenity) The Guardian's Path (+15% dodge is a no brainer when using a dodge build. Since my crit chance is still pretty low at this level, it beats out Sixth Sense by a large margin. To be replaced by SS once my gear is better and I'm stacked on crit) One With Everything (A great passive to have for all those pesky elites that are molten, arcane, etc. etc. We have all been burned down by those jerks!) Up until recently I ran a tank build that incorporated Cyclone Strike, and I have to admit, I kinda miss the ability to suck enemies back when they try to run away, but I've made up for it by incorporating Tailwind as not only an escape tool but a chase as well. Works fine for now. We shall see what the future holds. ---------- So... for those of you still reading, thoughts? Is this a good, bad, or ugly build? TL;DR: I made a dodge build.
  15. Let me just say that Dead Space is my favourite franchise, ever! But as there's so many games I like to play and... life, I've only just come back to Dead Space 2 to go for the final play through on Hardcore. For those who are panicking on how hard it is... Hardcore isn't hard. You can play it through with ease. The only difficulties that you need to take note is that ammo & health are scarce, the action scenes where you need to shoot a window latch or yellow spots in order to survive (because if you die then you start from your last save or the beginning), and the 3 saves. I'm fine with playing this over and over, it's just the saves and this is what's stressing me out. I don't want to waste them but I don't want die and start from the beginning without saving it yet. I've personally, today, just played through until I got to Chapter 5 which is entering the Cryo Chambers of dead bodies. I got there and went a bit further because in this chapter you have to fight a Tripod boss in the actual church it's self. I got to Chapter 5, went through the Cyro Chambers, un-stabalized gravity to go through the roof, stabalized it again and got to a room where it has a store, a Bench and a save point. It has a vent to progress tucked in the corner. THIS is where I saved the game for the FIRST time. Straight after that save is the Tripod Boss and I didn't want to risk dying there and having to start from the very bloody beginning. So for everyone starting Hardcore mode, I highly suggest playing to that point and saving it. Simply because there's the risk of getting every shot and I wasn't going to waste the 3 hours I've spent getting to that point. I'm aiming to save the game every 5 chapters. So half way through Chapter 5, I'll play on until say Chapter 10 or maybe 11, and then I'll use my last save before the eye machine in Chapter 14? That's the guide I'm going with and if anyone decides to follow it then I wish you the best of luck! (Let me know if you do use it) Oh! Buy the DLC packs and use the Bloody Force Gun, the Forged Plasma Cutter and Forged Engineer Suit. These will help you greatly as you can get them for free at the very first Store in Chapter 2!! Don't forget to upgrade them! They are your friends!! I'll post my Hardcore Progression as I get to Chapter 10 or 11. Best of luck!
  16. Alright so I was sick of trying to do all the other strategies posted on here (spoon one didn't work and stop and go would work only till the last 100 yards or so.) I decided to experiment and try a few new strategies. I came up with one that allowed me to get the cheato page in Cloud CuckooLand on my 1st try using it! What you do is place your hand over the X button so that your fingernail is facing downward. When the race starts, immediately start sliding your fingernail up and down on the controller, and it will press the X button rapidly. I got tired midway through the race so you may need incorporate the "pause and rest" strategy into this as well. I hope this helps all the people who are struggling with that gosh-diddly-darn bird!
  17. I need help. I have found ways to win on Deity for the oter 3 types of Victory. Does anyone have any idea how to win a Domination victory? :confused::confused:
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