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  1. So, I seem to be stuck in Chapter 9. When using the lanterns to navigate in the hospital, I am stuck in a loop. I can enter the Men's Bathroom, but there doesn't seem to be a way out. There is a bricked up doorway, and a vent I cannot enter. There are the blue lights that direct me to a wall and another area on the other side of the room I can't enter. Increasing the lantern brightness does nothing. Any tips to get through this?
  2. OK, so I fell and died during the escape from the Flooded Archives (while I was in the cave part). But, it reset me back in the Flooded Archives main area and I can not get out or continue. Any ideas how to get out??? Thanks I really, really, really, don't want to start from the beginning....
  3. Hey guys, I think I may have screwed myself over, but I figured I'd check with you before I restart the entire level. I'm in Siren Alley and have gone to Plaza Hedone. I've gotten all of the other recordings and realized I've left the Plasma Shipment recording over near the mermaid lounge. The maintenance door is shooting sparks and not opening. Is the anyway I can get back there to get it before reversing the pumps and having to race out. Any help is appreciated
  4. Im in memory 4 sequence 8/9, i have the one memory start bottom right, trawled th net and nothing, and in the mean time i have racked up about 3-4 hours playtime buying everyshop, guild etc that i can....please anyone give me any clues on how to open up the rest of the antico reigon thanks pupward
  5. Hello Everyone, It seems my mother and her baby are stuck. One of my family members had a birthday at the same time as mother was coming home with new baby and now mom and baby are stuck in the sitting position as if they were in a car (but they are not). I cannot cancel their actions (the mother's action to celebrate, hold her new baby, or the go home action). I tried the tip used for other people's stuck character (take a family member, bring them somewhere else in the city, follow them, head home) however the Mother sim and new baby sim are stuck and now baby is getting ready to die, Mother is also starting to go into the red. Does anyone else know of another trick to get the sim unstuck? Any help would be amazing.
  6. ok so i was playing then i scored then it lagged a LOT then when i kicked off everyone was still in position they was when i was celebrating, on the radar i can move but i just cant change it im taking a corner now with my teammates stuck to the spot celebrating infront of me has this happened to any1 else?
  7. Ok, I am relatively new to the armored core series, I've always been a mech fan. But this game confuses me a tad. What is the Workshops for. Like is there something specific they do? Should i invest in getting all of them or what? any help would be much appriciated Thanks again for any help you can give
  8. Hey, I was trying to get the 100% achievement and I seem to be stuck at 98.33%. I've gotten all the achievements that go with the 100%, finished the story, and went out and did all the activities with all the friends that counted. But I could not seem to get the last 1.67%. I made sure I had beaten my friends at all the games so I don't know what else I could have missed. If you can, please help. EDIT- Do you have to do anything in the Strip Club or can you just go in and immediately leave? EDIT #2 - ..Appearently I missed taking Little Jacob to a Strip Club... oh well got my 100% achievement so I'm happy. Cheers.
  9. I just got this game and was enjoying it until I got into a continuous loop. I am at what I believe is level 2. I picked up a z head and used it. Killed two blue people, used a BIG z head to get where I can climb up a wall and hop over water. I am on the other side, up high, I have ignored a z head that I don't know how to use, and there are disappearing platforms in front of me. If I hop over them, I fall down and end up where I started. ??
  10. Ok so I'm at the LAST FREAKIN LEVEL on impossible. I'm at the very last bridge room when you are moving the marker. Here's my problem (I think my game glitched or something)...I can't get the marker into that room. It is stuck inside the little room with the two shutter doors just before the last bridge (not after the last bridge and right before you go back outside). There is a tiny gap in the track that you are supposed to move the marker on but those gaps have not effected the movement of the marker until now. I've tried re-loading the saved game, restarting my xbox...and NOTHING HELPS. Has anyone had this problem and if so how do I fix it???
  11. cwb421


    my main quest has taken me to the quest called 'the spire' when i proceed to the docks and enter the golden circle nothing happens.. the spire is the only main quest i have on my list.. all other ones are side ones like archeologist sculptor donate etc.. am i missing something or is this a bug not letting me advance in the storyline? i would hate to have to start over with all this exp ive gained..
  12. This is probably really easy but for some reason I can't work it out! In that level where you go all the way to the left to get the thing and bring it back and then go all the way to the right and get another one and bring it back and then you have to kill the guy while Oxley is standing up the top, How do I kill the guy? I found the spear but how do I kill him with it? When I throw it at him and when I tie him up and throw it at him it doesn't kill him either! Can someone please tell me! I know it's probably easy but I don't know what to do!
  13. This is to help anyone looking or stuck on the challenges. I did not make it so instead of typing everything out, I will post a link. http://www.gamesradar.com/f/batman-arkham-asylum-riddler-guide/a-2009082614217603032
  15. im at the mission were claire gets kidnapped and u see her get draged away again :/ i have the speed boots and the jet pack the is a large room with visible offices tthen if u trave through a shaft theres an elevator and u can get into the offices on the 3rd floor there is a blowupable big cylinder thing and u cant get back to the main map all exits are rocket exits wtf do i do
  16. Ugh does any1 know where kureha's room is I can't find it that and the key that opens up the room 20 yards from kureha's key:confused:
  17. Can anyone who already has Glutton slimer help me catch him. I've played so many games and he just won't appear. If you need some help with something I'll help you in return.
  18. ya, im stuck on the meteor shooting on easy... dont know how im ever gonna beat this game on impossible. just got it and wanted to get all the achievments before DS2 comes out, anyone have any helpful hints on shooting the meteors? thanks
  19. My final viewpoint I need ingame is the one that's from the aquaduct in the south eastern side of the map, how do I get to it?
  20. It seems I am stuck permanently in this miniworld the three mages in Bowerstone Market send me into. I've just killed the wolves outside the tower, but I cannot enter it. I think the game thinks I'm still in combat with them, as I can still pop timestop and summoning potions, they display at the D-pad all the time. All wolves are dead though, I even heard theire banter about me having killed wolves instead of rabbits. I've ran around throwing rank 4 AoE spells all over the place to be sure nothing's still alive for good measure. The three dudes keep replaying theire quotes in front, evidently expecting me to enter whenever I run back into the village since they then sometimes say "Isn't the hero supposed to approach the tower?" but there's nothing I can do. I approach the door, but there is no way of entering it. I can enter the Sanctuary, but I can't go anywhere at all from there, I need to finish my current quest first. Road to Rule is locked, and Fast travel is locked. I can enter other players worlds on live, but that changes nothing as I get teleported right back into the quest when I leave it. I can't seem to abort the quest in any way, reloading brings me right back to where I was as it seems I got a checkpoint there, rebooting the xbox does nothing, I'm very utterly stuck. Am I missing some blatantly obvious way of getting inside, or is my save basically fucked untill Lionhead patches the boatload of glitches?
  21. Hawkeye305


    How do u get to be on the leaderboards I've all the games I have to my collection and done gamerscore but I'm still not on there any advice??
  22. Hi guys! Anyone else had a problem with getting to Harley near the end and it spawning you outside, where you can't get back in and going back round leads to a black hole? See here for others who have: http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/forums/showthread.php/17547-Goty-and-harley-quinn-s-revenge-post-problems-here Has anyone worked out a fix? If not please email [email protected] as it is the only way to get them to take note, or badger them on twitter!
  23. Alright I have a few questions to ask because I and a couple people were right at then end of this Easter Egg and we got downright F*#%ed somehow. So first off we are doing this offline via system link and 2 players per TV, we don't have internet I'm posting this from my friend's phone. I don't believe this is what went wrong considering how far we got before it stopped us and the fact that Tower of Babble went fine on system link. 3/4 of us have Tower of Babble. Those of us who have ToB finished it on Maxis' side. We are attempting High Maintenance on Richtofen's side Now what happened. We managed to get all the way through the egg until the last step. Elevator symbols lit - check Floor symbols lit - check Orbs sniped - check Orbs sliquified - check Trample Steams placed - check Zombies Flung - check Tower lit up blue - check Galvaknuckles bought - check Majong tiles and order deciphered - check Now we had the North tile on the tower and the 4 tile to match it, West matched with 3, East matched with 2, and we found the 1 tile but not south but since it's the only direction left it's obvious the order went: S-E-W-N. Here's the problem, we did that, we hit each post once, and nothing happened, the posts just went out and we had to go into the next round, we did it 4 rounds in a row. N was facing the Trample Steam room, W was facing the Richtofen progress dragon, S was facing the twin elevators and E was facing the box spawn area. We hit the posts in that order and NOTHING HAPPENED! So my question to you all is what went wrong? Do we hit each post more than once? Does something happen immediately when you get it wrong? Do you hear a sound indicating you hit the wrong or right one? Any insight to this would be GREATLY appreciated thank you.
  24. So I was in Solstheim and after returning from my vampiric form to argonian again, I got stucked in a spot with my feet slightly above the ground, I was in outdoors so I fast travel to another location and it doesn't move, I travel back to Skyrim and still doesn't move, I turn to vampire again and still not moving, I RELOAD A PREVIOUS SAVE AND STILL NOTHING!!!!, I have seen this before in another character from a friend, he got stucked at the beggining of the game and the game fucked up. Is there a solution for this? maybe clearing the cache? or my game is fucked up already and I need to commit suicide?
  25. Was playing the Spider Temple level and needed a few more points for the 290,000 score challenge. So I went back and proceeded to gets some gems I missed. However I've run into a problem: The hanging counter weights have glitched, they worked fine on the way towards the end of the level. But when I went back and collected a few more gems, then as I was continuing onward, one of the weights that is used to cross a gap raised back up. Below is a pic of what I mean: Is there a way to fix it? Because I don't want to restart and have to get the points again.
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