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Found 11 results

  1. Dogs, Mice, Ninjas, Pirates, Vikings, Lumberjacks, Aliens, Cheerleaders, Giant Insects, Hippies, Soccer Hooligans? I can't wait for new factions and campaigns.
  2. CyberSkull


    You guys could stand to use more CSS on this site. Specifically, specifying image dimensions will speed up the page render time. For example, the on the comments pages you don't have any code to specify the width and height of the gamercard images. This means the layout engine must re-do the layout each time it loads a unique image. And on the latest contest post, that is a ton of re-does. Here is a simple example: .comments img.gamertag { height: 79px; width: 156px; border: 0px; }
  3. hey guys i'm wondering if i should get ff13 it looks good and seems to be the sort of game that i like, it's just a lot of money if i don't enjoy it! i love games like fable, assassin's creed, gta4 but i don't like shooters. anyone got any suggestions for me?! you're the greatest
  4. I am just wondering but i havent seen any non subscriber tornaments around. Wouldnt it be more fun to have the whole website community allowed to participate in massive tornaments??? I can understnd that you need subscribers to keep the site up and running and you want to give them special privilages. You arent forcing people to pay so they are donating out of free will... maybe if there was more tornaments for everyone there could be more donors and subscribers???? I totally understand if you dont like the idea. Thanks for listening though!
  5. I just bought an Xbox One X, so I temporarily have 2 Xboxes. What co-op achievements should I go for before I sell the old one? I am going to go for the No Brainer achievement in Warframe, for instance. Give me all your suggestions, cause I have a lot of games! Thanks!
  6. Gearbox hasn't announced a collectors edition for Borderlands 2 yet, hopefully they will but no word yet. So what would you like to see in the collectors edition if Gearbox does decide to release one? Personally I want to see at least these three things. 1. An artbook 2. A steelbook case 3. A claptrap statue would be awesome
  7. With the announcement on YouTube tomorrow (UK Time), what improvements would you guys like to see in FIFA 16? My first few suggestions would be: - More recognised Referees/Linesmen - The Referee spray! - Better advantage rule. For example, when your man is offside, but, he doesn't intefer with play the advantage rule should be in place. - In career mode, to be able to request a transfer and to specifically suggest a club - In career again, when your pro is awesome and you request to leave - for the club to at least be interested and not just let you go after 2 requests.
  8. OK, so I'm sure everyone here knows the the rising amount of multi-player/online achievements I believe a button to auto-hide any online or such achievements could be hidden upon request just like the secret achievements and completed achievements buttons.
  9. There's probably another thread for this exact purpose, but I can't find it. This thread is aimed at expanding the musical horizons of xbox360a users. I have a fairly wide music taste, so I'll kick it off with two very different tracks on my iPod. So yeh, Go ahead, give us all something that we should listen to. It can be something that you think personifies a genre, something you've recently discovered, an old favourite, or a lost love. Happy listening! ^.^
  10. There are a ton of games which would suit the XBLA so well. Just a few that I can think of: Tombi Tekken 1, 2 & 3 Hogs of War Pokemon (GBC/GBA versions) What old-school games would you love to see being added to the XBLA in the near future?
  11. Hey guys, I'm really excited for Batman: Arkham Asylum and I can't wait for 2 weeks until it comes out so I asked my dad if can get some points and I got 1000 MP. I have no idea what to get but a really fun, long-lasting game that'll at least last me a week. So, I really need your help. Please post a reply on what long, fun arcade game I could get till Batman comes out. Thanks guys.
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