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Found 6 results

  1. If you're looking for easy money and want to try a different method to the save-poker-all in-save/load method in Blackwater you might want to try killing bears up in Tall Trees. The point now is after taking them out, skinning them all can be quite annoying due to the long repetitive video sequences. You can "cheat" your way around this by whistling for your horse and then parking it on top of the animal. Then you just triple press the Y button (Get off the horse, Skin animal, Ride Horse). With this method, you can collect those items in no time. Just go with your horse from one animal to the next one. Another tip might be to hunt Buffalos as their items can be sold for quite a few dollars too. (Make sure you haven't yet got the secret achievement as they won't respawn after.) And if you have already unlocked the Hunter outfit, wear it! It'll give you double the amount of meat/claws/antlers etc. If you unlocked it even before lv 10 of the Hunter challenge, you can even get the two of each of the legendary animals' items. And remember to sell your stuff (e.g. bear items in Escalera) at the farthest store from where you hunted it.
  2. I've been playing Microsoft Treasure Hunt for a while now and have gathered some useful tactics unique to this game and not just Minesweeper. I'm listing them in a order of urgency and what you should be trying to do more to have better success. 1: Disconnect from the internet / be in 'airplane' mode First off, play the game in 'airplane' mode, as you will not have to watch ads and more importantly, in my experience you will not lose your data, yes that's right by being 'online', the game sometimes crashes and resets your entire data, including your upgrades. 2: Switch on double click 'chording' from the options This is by far the quickest way to reveal safe squares when you have tagged definitive mines. Always use chording as a way to clear the squares on your way to the end, only tap to reveal squares when you are making 50/50 guesses. 3: Try to 'unlock' the end of level stairs as quickly as possible Ignore treasure, don't use maps, picks or dynamite to reveal/access closed off rooms, span the map with your mouse and head to the end stairs using those items when you definitely need to, just to reach the steps. Don't go down them yet, this just makes it so that if you have 1 heart left and only have moves left which you are not certain of, then you can end the level and be at full health for the next. 4: Replenish Hearts at Bonus Level Following on from above, If you find a hidden bonus level, don't go into yet, there are two main advantages to leaving it, the first one is that by using the bonus level, it will fully heal you (no matter how many maximum hearts you have). This means you can afford to try and get as far through a level until you only have one heart left, then you can use the bonus level to get your hearts back, allowing you to potentially complete the level depending on how tough it is. The second advantage is below. 5: Double Treasure Value after Bonus Level If you are ignoring treasure and leaving the bonus levels until you need to use them to get your hearts back or have revealed all squares, then after going into the bonus level you will be given a Lucky Clover, which doubles treasure value, so by leaving the treasure then using the bonus level, when you come out, go back and collect all the treasure as it is now worth double. A quick note, you may need to pick up treasure to reveal numbers, it is important you sacrifice this treasure to identify numbers rather than leaving it and guessing. 6: Clever shopping Always buy the amulet of rebirth at the first shop, then save up for the 'upgrade' items, make sure you have a healthy supply of the 3 usable items, don't buy shields until you have unlocked all the upgrades as the ones you find are enough (a tip on how to maximize their potential is below) 7: Item efficiency a: Picks: Think before using your items, picks are used to break boulders, but they will also safely break any squares, thus revealing traps without damage. b: Dynamite: Dynamite is by far the best item needed to gather treasure and accessing areas. It blows up anything on the map, However use it wisely, if there is 1 piece of treasure behind a wall, weigh up the potential cost of a stick of dynamite at the next shop versus how much that 1 piece of treasure is worth. Also maximize damage radius to reveal more treasure on some walled off treasure. c: Maps: These are what are needed to get you to the end stairs, in the later levels nearly all traps are hidden behind squares where guessing is involved, weigh up your health and decide whether or not you want to risk it - but once you have no hearts left, start using maps. Maps work in a radius of 3 squares in either direction of you, but only reveal the mines in that area, what it does not show and what you can only remember are all the safe squares (because they are obviously safe if no mines were revealed), but you will forget, so either immediately tap all those safe squares (mainly on the edges of your 'revealed area', deeper into the direction you are heading) or do a print screen just before you use the map (on the part where it shows you the area of what will be revealed), this way you can consult it and know which ones are safe compared to what was revealed. d: Shields: Leave shields whenever possible, if you have 1 heart left and have no bonus level to get your hearts back, then pick up the shield, otherwise if you can safely make it to the end of a level pick them up ready for the next level, maximizing your efforts for the new level. Even when you come into a level with a shield, don't pick any more up, as stated above, if you can make it to the end, then it's better to end the level having revealed all squares with only 1 heart left with spare shields to pick up, thus entering the next level fully healed and with shields, instead of picking up the shields as you go, taking risks and losing them all by the end of the level. 8: Learn Minesweeper Patterns You'll no doubt pick these up as you go along, but here are a few of the core patterns to look out for. a: 1,2,2,1 a row or column of squares with this pattern will always mean that the mines are in the two '2' squares. b: 1,2,1 a row of column of squares with this pattern will always mean that the mines are in the two '1' squares. c: the power of '1', the '1' is the most useful of numbers as you know that only one mine can be touching it, try to split your sections into corners, as you may have a section that looks difficult, but once you have the corner and know only one mine is there, it will ripple down the section to what else is in, basically because you can look at the other numbers differently knowing about that corner mine. d:Try to remove as much of the map as possible without tapping, or chording - simply place markers on definite mines and walk your way through the level as your guy automatically cuts through, when there are no way through without breaking squares, then starts on all the squares marked '1' then onto '2' and so forth, this way you can clear the map safely, albeit a little longer. 9: Later Levels / Only Expensive Upgrades Left Once you are deep into the later levels, lets say beyond 21, you will be getting plenty of money, enough to fully stock yourself on the three items and any shields that appear instead of the last few upgrades you are after. Keep using the techniques above to collect plenty of money and reach the #1st and #6th levels for the shops, so that you can unlock all the upgrades and eventually get the 5,000,000 achievements. Similarly if you are starting on level 1 and only need one or two very expensive upgrades don't worry so much about money early on (just spend it all in the shops), as you know you can make it far (using above techniques) and start getting the serious money. I really hope these tips and general observations can help, if anyone else has any more or wishes to ask any questions regarding the tips above, if they don't make sense for example, then please reply to the post or send me a message.
  3. On the new DLC in the spillway theres a bit where you can do a handplant easily and when i did a handplant the achievment popped up so i assume any halfpipe in rob dyrdeks place will unlock the achievement
  4. The guide for if you are an experienced player: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yGBd_fUfcY&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - ‪Black Ops zombies - Shrangli La - Great 3/4 player strategy to reach high rounds‬‏[/ame] The guide for if you are a beginner: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73k0E8CR-WI&feature=relmfu]YouTube - ‪Black Ops zombies - Shrangli La - Ultimate 3/4 player strategy for beginners‬‏[/ame] This guide can be useful if you want to get achievements like time travel will tell, but you are extremely unlucky with the random box and might not get the shrink ray until round 20. If you have any questions, ask them in a comment in this topic are ask them in a comment on one of the videos.
  5. {Credit goes to Lord Zodiac25 who taught me everything that I have to tell here}. Q - Why boost? A: Legitimate online matches are fast and brutal. Unless you are a berserker type of gamer, you are more likely getting killed yourself rather than saving others’ asses. I am a fair player but the best revive count I could get for one match is 20. Most of the time I only get 5 or below. As downed players can give up, your chance to getting 500 revives at haste is even thinner. Q - How to Boost? A: Use the achievement trading thread to form a trio pair including you. Host an Uprising match in Last Bastion. Set the minimum players to start to 10. This is to prevent random people from starting the match prematurely. Kick out any random people and force launch the match. Alpha Team includes one person only, the killer. Bravo Team includes two people, Bravo Captain as the reviver and Bravo Member as the meat. Vote to change captain if you like to be the reviver but spawn as the member. Tell (Live Party or text message) Alpha Captain to kill both of you for the vote to take effect. There’s a hyped punishment on boosters that you lose all XP of one round if you gain more than 1500 XP. A captain’s life is worth twice as much as a member’s and Alpha Captain will reach the dangerous 1500 XP mark sooner if he kills Bravo Captain instead of Bravo Member. Go to Control Point C. Locate the silver barrels next to the explosive yellow barrel. Bravo Member will crouch right next to the silver barrels and the white fence. Alpha Captain and Bravo Captain will remain standing beside him. In this confined area, you should only get the short “hand-wave” revive animation. If you have the longer “pull-him-up” revive animation, you guys should read this paragraph more carefully. Alpha Captain uses his machete (knife) to incapacitate Bravo Member. As soon as Bravo Member touches the ground, Bravo Captain revives him. When he’s halfway up, Alpha Captain knifes him again. So the parody scene continues. Knife him à get him back to his feet à knife him. We got an average 100 revives per 15-minutes round. Alpha Captain will be gaining the most XP. He must keep an eye on the score board by tabbing the back button frequently. When his score nears 1500 XP, he should stop knifing Bravo Member. Bravo Team will then capture all control points and kill Alpha Captain to finish the match. Alpha Captain should accept his fate and follow Bravo Team on their tournament. Bravo Captain has the second highest score. He must not check the score board. By Lord Zodiac25’s reminder, a bug messes up the revive count if Bravo Captain does so. Bravo Member has nearly no XP except the winning XP. It is fair since he just remains at the same spot for the most part and runs back to the other two if Alpha Captain really kills him. Bravo Member will be Alpha Captain the next round. Alpha Captain will be Bravo Member the next round. The host, Bravo Captain, will keep his post until the precious 40G-worth achievement “Field Hospital” is unlocked. When Bravo Captain has it, inform the other two and vote Bravo Member as the new captain, thus the new reviver. Get Bravo Team killed for the roles to swap. Conclusion: I hope this tip will help. If you benefit from this tip or just simply buy its idea, please leave a reply to keep the topic alive. I doubt that this thread will ever be listed as sticky. Considering how useful this method is, it would be a great waste if this thread sinks to the bottom of the board.
  6. I have just bought this game after having,dare I say it "a gr8 time" playing the original one and I have seen in numerous places that you should have a vision cam for this. My question is,is it ESSENTIAL to have one to play or can you obtain these special pinatas through normal playthrough? I dont want to have to buy one if its not really needed. Thanks
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