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Found 6 results

  1. hey i got updated my xbox to the new LT 3.0 , but i cant play XGD3 games on it. i tried using title updates followed all steps, copy the title update to my usb. but when i try opening it in the xbox it shows that is a corrupted file. i tried clearing the cache also. Can please anyone help me with it, i tired looking all over the internet for it but couldnt find a solution. :(
  2. First off, I am loving this game. It feels wonderful being able to slalom through trees and rocks, and fly over ditches, hills and mountains, right onto dunes of sand, and all along beaches. I love how it feels like an arcade game in some aspects (i.e. the lack of manual transmission), but keeps it realistic in other aspects (i.e. slowing down tremendously going uphill, and in terrain changes, and the lack of some sort of boost.) It feels like the road trip I could never go on! Anyway, some of the items that need to be updated. GPS: 1. Stop making it auto-correct every time I slide 2 feet off the road, or even when I don't leave the road and it just decides there is a better path. Give me the path, and I'll follow it. 2. Allow me to choose some settings for the GPS, such as 'Stick to paved roads/dirt roads/off-road' or even a scenic route. AI: 1. I've seen posts about slingshot AI, and I've only experienced this a few times, and I wasn't even in first. Whenever I am winning a race I have yet to see some AI fly by me at twice my speed, but I have been half way through a race, 200 meters in front of the person behind me, and a few seconds later been 200 meters behind them, without me hindering my progress in the slightest. I don't want slingshot AI to ruin this game, so just make the AI drivers have the ability to pick the best path, quickly, and correct themselves if I hit them. Fuel Barrels: 1. I don't really mind driving over these things, but trying to pick them up at 85 miles an hour on a bike that does not handle perfectly is a challenge of sorts. I've even flown over quite a few, which is an added annoyance. Make fuel barrels be picked up when you come within a few feet of them, even if it is vertical distance. 2. This really isn't a problem, just a thought: highlight them on screen, or have a sort of aura noise (think Crackdown) when you come close to them. Enviroment: 1. I don't like the fact that I can smash right through telephone poles, but half of the bushes in this game are made of extra strength titanium. It is difficult enough to see through forests on a normal definition television, not including the sun that seems to have switched places with the moon, and then attempt to navigate myself at over 100 miles per hour, so calm down with the ridiculously solid twigs, please? Online: 1. It may just be me, but I actually have lag in collecting checkpoints, and when I impact people online, which is pretty sad in a race with only 4 or 5 people. This can ruin a race if there is a sharp corner just after a checkpoint, and I don't know it until after I pass it by a quarter of a mile. EDIT: I just found a barn that you can drive right through, walls and all. It is a few miles in-border between The Hangar and Dry Rigs. If you go the very middle of the border between them, and follow one of the highways towards the Hangar, you should find it, if you're lucky. It isn't very large. I might add more later, I still have a ways to go with this game.
  3. Update: Thanks to isaaccummins for finding the below update log announcing that the glitched achievements have been fixed and IEvil IMonkey for confirming it: Had an update this morning so searched around for info to see if any of the bugs have been fixed, but all I found was this on their Facebook. It's not looking too hopeful as it's a multiplatform update and I haven't done the time glitch yet either so I can't personally confirm:
  4. Operation 8 16 achievements for 500g Legendary Operator Reach Legend 25 in an Operation 100 <link> A Real Gear Reached Re-Up 50 50 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd_C2vPG5JQTb5kJcQvrg7_7aOKJ7TwS4.F0UIZGBE3BrEql9G3aire0ecje.FdZrqOkhKgR6wcsWZd6RjbS4IIE0kBoX5YKnbkAly_BV0D5I1V9_KB.xk5JNagmXgh9jBQ--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Re-Up Mastery Reach Re-Up 60 50 <link> Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 2 50 Re-Ups, Inconceivable Campaign, Master All hives & Horde Maps , All Classes at Level 20 150 <link> In Total Control Won a Control and/or KOTH match on 10 different maps 10 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd0iRFIRklDNGhJAPpyNMo7z1O1OuwyS987cJvCqZ5LbG9WikPi9YcRJSyP9RcjvLRUBgLAeIltT74OK7UeTbg4S2usMLpeLGBMOApZIjkvy0hTTzxF3TT.9Ege59ehJ6fg--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Event Planner Win 10 matches in Versus Events 5 <link> Back in Style Win 10 matches of Execution 15 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsdxcPyrLjoM9kikrb6t9m4QxnuWTZQ6mTlKXAZPGBXKpKdanMVJ_JTh5YcQ.IrtjtQjC8woAgrq3ZmRSswQh8KE1edmAtRl_bE.p3SOYydTrqiNeIsqTjc36gM7.zERX4ng--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Bernie is Back Win 5 matches with Bernie COG character 10 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd3rVB7QCoqjhvG5RaUOmY1Gg4a8OOr4Ore9RgtNPsDc1KJi7FGGEPmjZx3jjfueJbPrw_Tx1ctPLokybPQRzSr3V4_w5_2kVVF7tIH7I28BeEDpQGtmZlERmOvE0Ve.NQA--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Trusted Advisor Win 5 matches with the Vrol character 10 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd3SUJWEV.nActtnEdybdhjzvXzICmBtQkRM3oEEPVVCSsExgpTGL55JD384zz.igx7FTr20HAszeZLGobntGozUkFos_y5z7ZrtHZQHnMRgvTDUKsKbC1145sfA_BmYT6w--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Grave Consequences Win a Versus Match on Tomb 5 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd5RGhselUzTmaiZWidHEBOK.wbiipR0cMaRvZwoHP98U9N8j_KwUqugjJ_5TR2k1RIpkkr1sQCkrlh5_DT0zSgkQS9zUQWCCkzHrGQpYQ2HKo1MP.iXuEs5t6ywxhgSgTw--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Destroyed Beauty Win a Versus Match on Ephyra 5 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd5fLrleMcIT0MZl9FH23vgOi5xKDn.jZHGNTapmcZW4hJK4TSEP.k1vrEZwaDAIuJHLf7pKEoPcwsEfsjF4tNuUdiRQEIq3NhcbNXApC6oA.Rxa2ePnOUvCH5Mhn89YGKg--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Last Rites Win a Versus Match on Ritual 5 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd9clDSCBQQ_1nD_OzhydaDpPv1tRMUK7jA1ZVNyW7Vwpl6fc7mCpJTgJ28wj6gu01pmH8ngMAzzJOrm9KRFx10OF04PArY6AjuiOgTsnZNbwqcpOKkRnkMhdZA4TotZhEA--&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Chamber of Horrors Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Atrium 5 <link> Take Command Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Command 5 <link> Breezing Through Complete a match of Horde Frenzy on Turbine 5 <link> Total Annihilation Do 400,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape 70 <link> Having trouble pulling some of the image links. I'll update when I can.
  5. Yesterday an update went live for black ops 2 and in the zombies mode they added some new features such as a bank and fridge in Die Rise. Also Treyach accidentally put the Ray Gun Mark 2 in the maps so I went onto Tranzit to try and get it (not knowing yet they released a hotfix out). When I got the mystery box to get a gun I think either the first or second time I spent points on it a green flash appeared like when you get a persistent perk (like the quick revive one) on top of the box and a teddy was sitting on top of it. Now I though this signafying that you would be getting the RGM2 but I didn't really knew what it did as it didn't do what i though it would. so is their anyone who knows what this teddy bear does?
  6. I think they should have it so the chainsaw needs gas in order to work so that it would be similar to the hammer of dawn where the ammo for it would be a bar and every time you rev it it would use up gas. Also they should have it so you can shoot after the roadie run, but I doubt this will happen lol. Also they should bring back Players Choice for the regular maps instead of just the DLC maps. They should also just try to focus on giving the host to the best connection instead of what it is right now because it seems like it never is the best connection lol. There is probably much more that I'm forgetting, but yeah that is my list haha.
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