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  1. http://i.imgur.com/tOyaJ0q.png Welcome to my Authentic Solo Walkthrough. You can beat Authentic and earn the Achievement solo or in Co-op Mode. I will show you the Solo method. It is not too hard and the most Time we crouch and sneak through the Mission with minimum Enemy contact. As pure Stealth Walkthrough currently are Mission 1-7 Online. Mission 8 is a mix of Stealth Walkthrough (Canyon) and normal stealth "kill all" Playthrough (Hangar). In the Hangar are so many Enemies, and you must kill all and so much can go wrong. You will be detect to 100% there. If you fast enough with the Welrod, it is not a big problem, otherwise you need a really good aim and a good coverpoint. If you have any problems to follow my Walk / Playthrough for the 8th Mission, simple kill all Enemies with Sound Masking, loot the Bodies and go further. Thats the only other easy Option for this Mission. Some Facts about the Walkthrough: the most time full Stealth The routes have been tested multiple times The routes are quick and easy (except the 8th Mission with 48min, all other <16min) Straight to the target / end of a Mission One continuous run (No Cuts!) All Cutscenes skipped to avoid spoilers. No commentary. http://i.imgur.com/OweCBMF.png [spoiler=7] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nRtNdjfEvM]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 1 Siege of Tobruk - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/wScewlP.png [spoiler=1] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dTu8HlUcvo]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 2 Gaberoun - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/2yl3beO.png [spoiler=2] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJEdutOGMC4]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 3 Halfaya Pass - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/4m6G1EP.png [spoiler=3] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucRUU30F-yY]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 4 Fort Rifugio - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/pgeXDFr.png [spoiler=4] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_WCCXwWzlY]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 5 Siwa Oasis - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough (Top Officer Way) - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/rAxF4ur.png [spoiler=5] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQUzoKHvIfU]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 6 Kassarine Pass - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/7Wqlxky.png [spoiler=6] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZIRpP7-4yg]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 7 Pont du Fahs Airfield - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walkthrough - YouTube[/ame] http://i.imgur.com/W0BHTxc.png [spoiler=9] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMqYrfyuHR8]Sniper Elite 3 - Mission 8 Ratte Factory - Authentic Difficulty Solo Walk / Playthrough - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Some good speedrun guides here, but they still leave you with some moments of wondering what to do or how to get somewhere. Not this one - I describe every single step, and throw in tips for No Healing and Item Box runs. Lemme know if you see any room for improvement. Resident Evil 7 Speedrun Guide at Windows Central
  3. A description and some notes will be added soon ;-) But in short: This guide will help you to completed the game in less than 2 playthroughs in about 2h 30min. 1st Playthrough (All Endings, Chapters 1-11/14, Miscellaneous) The Introduction (Chapter 01/14) - Selfish - Help - Achievement 01/20: Cause and Effect The Garage (Chapter 02/14) - Yes - Okay - Never mind - Take pepper spray - Use pepper spray - Drive The Crew (Chapter 03/14) - Do it - Play cool - Steal away - Stay calm - What's in it for me? - Push it - Achievement 02/20: Fair Share The Auction (Chapter 04/14) - Agree - Let her - Let her - Achievement 03/20: Shill Bidder - Do as told - Play along - Do - Enter wrong key - Achievement 04/20: Sabotage The Getaway (Chapter 05/14) - Keep quiet - Mr. Woe - Convince her - Take her The Chinese Restaurant (Chapter 06/14) - Fortune cookie - Take one - Believe - Okay The 2-Star Hotel (Chapter 07/14) - Kiss - Achievement 05/20: Star-Crossed Lovers - Explain - Open window - Break it! - Trust The Streets (Chapter 08/14) - Trust her - Believe - Keep calm - Keep calm - Achievement 06/20: Even Tempered The Hospital (Chapter 09/14) - Achievement 07/20: Good Karma - Physical pressure - Threaten him - Remove oxygen - Stop - Achievement 08/20: Interrogation Hainsworth's (Chapter 10/14) - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Decline - Cut and run - Go home - Achievement 09/20: The Coward - Note: The achievement 'The Coward' seems to unlock already after choosing 'Cut and run' - before actually making the decision to 'Go home' like the achievement description states. - Ending 1/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to the Tchois - Achievement 10/20: The Lion's Den - Ending 2/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to Parr's The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Toss bowl over to him - Achievement 11/20: The Ploy - Ending 3/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to Parr's The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Place on table - Achievement 12/20: The Fool - Ending 4/7 - Achievement 13/20: Proficient Storyteller EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Wait The Showdown (Parr's Residence) (Chapter 11/14) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Let him - Shoot him - Achievement 14/20: The Frenzy - Ending 5/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Stop him - Accept - Achievement 15/20: The Bribe - Ending 6/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Stop him - Reject - Achievement 16/20: The Delivery - Ending 7/7 - Achievement 17/20: Expert Storyteller EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - NEW GAME 2nd Playthrough (Chapters 12-14/14, Miscellaneous) The Introduction - Selfish - Help The Garage - No - No - Go to check - Drop it - Drive The Crew - Do it - Play cool - Steal away - Stay calm - Okay The Auction - Agree - Let her - Let her - Prevent - Up - Enter offices - Achievement 18/20: Office Clerk - Alert staff - Keep quiet - Ignore The Getaway - Keep quiet - Keep quiet - Keep quiet - Mr. Woe - Convince her - Take her The Chinese Restaurant - Fortune cookie - Take one - Believe - Better plan - Go to police - Go to police The Detective (Chapter 12/14) - Mention May-Ling - No The 5-Star Hotel (Chapter 13/14) - No - The short one - Protect her - Protect her - Keep protecting - Keep protecting - Achievement 19/20: Protector The Streets - Keep calm - Keep calm The Hospital (Chapter 14/14) - Achievement 20/20: Choices Matter Congratulations on your completion!
  4. Hi guys Quick guide I made on getting the WWE Unuverse achievements as some if them are a bit vague/difficult to get: Universe Master: - I would advise doing the other achievements first as you physically have to play some matches to get them and this will go towards this achievement - choose cage match as it is the fastest - This can only be done in WWE Universe - Climb out - Rinse and repeat - Achievement will pop once you have won your 50th match Future of the WWE: - SIM to Wrestlemania - select to play the WWE Wrold Heavyweight Championship match - You will be prompted to select if you want to cash in whoever owns the MITB br if case - Click yes - When the match starts select the person who is cashing it in - Remember to BEAT the champion which should be easy as you have a stored finisher and they are pretty dead by this point. - After the cut scene, the achievement will pop. Face of the WWE: - Go to Customize Universe - Click on edit calendar - Delete Main Event - Add a new event and make sure it is a Major event for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday - Make sure they all have at least 11 participants - Make sure the WWE champion is the same person, even when you have to Chang belts - Once this is done, back out and click on Edit Superstars - Select the superstar who is the champion in all shows - Scroll down to "Affiliated Show" - Make sure they are all set to on - If they already are, set one to off then back to on and press Accept - Once done, the achievement will pop Destined for Greatness: - Go to WWE Universe - Go to calendar - Sim the whole year - It may take a few goes (mine took 3) but it will auto-pop after you restart the year Attitude adjustment: - Go to WWE Universe - Go to Customise Universe - Select edit superstar - Go to John Cena - Look at his personality trait, it should say prideful - Go to Personality Traits - Increase Aggressive all the way then take it back one - Go back to play matches - Edit the first match to be an Extreme Rules match with John Cena and another superstar - Go mental with weapons, do an OMG moment put him through a table pin and win - After the match finishes it the achievement will pop Actions speak louder than words: - As above but rather than go all the way with aggressive, go until Prideful changes to Aggressive then go back one so it says Prideful again - Then change the match to above and do exactly the same and the achievement will pop at the end of the match Leave Me Alone: - To make this easier, you will need to buy the WWE2k16 Accelerator pack if you haven't already got it. It costs £1.59 or whatever that is in $ - Go to WWE Universe - Go to Customise Universe - Edit superstars - Pick any superstar that you want to INJURE - go to attributes - Put the following to one: Stamina Recovery, Damage Recovery, Head Durability, Body Durability, Arm Durability, Leg Durability, Reversal, Strike Reversal, Grapple Reversal, Aerial Reversals, Technical Submission Defense - Go to hit point ratio - Put the following to 600.0 pts: Head, Body, Arms - Go to status effects - You want to make sure that, after doing the rest of this, the Critical Injury reads Active - Check this after every match, it will go Minor, Major, Critical - I would focus on the Head/Body as they are the easiest - Next select a different superstar that you want to hurt the other superstar with - Go to attributes and put all of them as high as they can go - Although time consuming, it will make this easier - Once done go to Play Matches - Press LB to edit the match and put it as an Extreme Rules match - Select both superstars as the competitors with the full stat superstar as P1 - Go mental - Hit them with everything, do all of the OMG moments through the Annkunce table and the 3 spears through the corners of the barricade - Put the through a table - Hit them with every weapon - It's a bit of a grind but if you spend time hurting him in every match it will work - It took me all 7 matches to get the critical injury needed - You will see the progress of your chosen superstar in the messages, they will be in green. When he is critical it will be red - The achievement will pop once he is critical The Celtic Warrior: - once the above is done - Go to Calendar - Sim for 2 months - This is literally about said superstar recovering - Once he has recovered the achievement will unlock Road to Wrestlemania: - Sim to the Rumble - SIM each match - View the winner of the a Rumble - Sim to Mania - SIM each match until the championship - Click to play - DO NIT cash in the MITB - select the CHALLENGER - WIN - Achievement will pop upon winning the match (Secret Achievement) Phenom vs Scorpion: - Sim to Wrestlemania - Edit any match to be between Sting and Undertaker - Play and Win - Achievement will unlock once the match has been won
  5. 2020 Update: These videos are now private and the thread can now be deleted. Apologies for any inconvenience. Here are all levels completed on time, with zero deaths and all coins collected. The videos will cover almost all of the achievements in Leo's Fortune as most of them are related to Gold Stars and secrets within the levels. Please note that in the videos Leo's Fortune was played on an iPhone, however it all seems to be the same for consoles so the directions should still be applicable. Let me know if there are some notable differences. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZUZGurhsvc]Leo's Fortune (All Gold Stars) -- #1, Act I[/ame] Levels' approximate moments Level 1 -- 0:00 Level 2 -- 4:30 Level 3 -- 7:45 Level 4 -- 11:45 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGKlrIXeVMo]Leo's Fortune (All Gold Stars) -- #2, Act II[/ame] Levels' approximate moments Level 5 -- 0:00 Level 6 -- 4:20 Level 7 -- 7:30 Level 8 -- 11:30 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQpl1h1uNhE]Leo's Fortune (All Gold Stars) -- #3, Act III[/ame] Levels' approximate moments Level 9 -- 0:00 Level 10 -- 4:00 Level 11 -- 6:50 Level 12 -- 10:50 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM7mZRiUOkI]Leo's Fortune (All Gold Stars) -- #4, Act IV[/ame] Levels' approximate moments Level 13 -- 0:00 Level 14 -- 4:35 Level 15 -- 7:00 Level 16 -- 9:40
  6. Would someone please make a walk through guide for this game (NBA 2K 17) for the Xbox 360 version on the easiest/fastest way to get all the achievements. Also maybe create or point me to a link which has the best settings for a created player. All of these that I'm finding are all for the Xbox one (achievements) or PS/XBOX ONE for the created player settings. It's driving me nuts not having any guides... Sure I can (and have been) playing the game on my own before anyone jumps down my throat for not having done so. It's just always nice to have some guidance to reassure me that what I'm doing is as close to the best way possible to do it. I would even consider sending someone a few bucks to do so. If anyone is interested in doing it out of the kindness of their heart or for some case please contact me some how through here (if we can send messages) or post a reply. I'm new to the site so I don't know if there are measages and what not. If you have survived my rambling to this point then I thank you for even giving me your time to read through this nuisance of a forum post lol.
  7. Hope these helps Click for the playlist Marine Stage 1 [ame= ] [/ame] Alien Stage 1 [ame= ] [/ame] Predator Stage 2 [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. Just utube game name for cmplete video walkthroughs. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma29x_wvljw][/ame]
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCY0otPqYFk]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Everyone Knows Slappy Walkthrough[/ame]
  10. Here is a very simple guide for all of the food packets and pin ups that are found in the DLC ONLY. The guide is now finished. If you have problems finding any of the collectables I will do my best to help. Food Packets are in GREEN. Pin Ups are in RED. Tips: The only thing you can do to make sure you don't miss any is to use the RB button. Food packets and pin ups are a fuzzy green compared to the rest of the world and they appear through walls, making it very easy to find all of them. The chapter select screen shows how many collectibles you have overall, but doesn't show how many you have per chapter. NOTE: If you die at a checkpoint, you MUST get the collectable again. Always check to make sure you have collected everything before moving on - there is no way to go back in this game, although there is a chapter select screen to make life easier. Collectables Guide A Man of Action: Pin Up: After using the grapple for the first time, turn around and the pin up is to the left of the gap you climbed up. (This is just after the sniper rifle training). Food: Soon after you get the pin up, you will learn how to drop down using the A button. The camera will shift to look at a grapple to the far left; the food is at the end of the platform that you are on when the camera shifts, before you grapple across. Dead Man’s Peak: Food: You should reach a platform when Pigsy says something like “This used to be the biggest mech in town”. Behind a wall on the right side is a food pick-up. Food: As you climb the mech you should fight a single enemy then a group of two. Use three more grapple points and then the camera suddenly shifts behind the platform. The food blends well with the scenery and is easy to miss. Going Down: Food: After the cutscene showing you get the first piece (an achievement should pop) go down twice and descend using the grapple. The food is just behind you. Pin Up: After the previous food, grapple down once more and it is in the corner opposite the exit. (Just before the Pigsy Prod tutorial). Old Roads: Food: Once you get past the turret and grapple down, look behind you for a grapple point. The food is on that platform. Food: You will get to an area with 2 shooting mechs and 3 normal mechs. If you climb up to the vantage point like the game says, you will have to grapple down a wall to a platform below the mechs. It is on the platform next to where you land. Food: Once you have defeated all the 2 shooting mechs and three normal mechs in the next area, before you leave through the red-leaved pathway there is a grapple point behind you. Food: There will be a grapple point that you have to shoot to be able to use. Shoot it three times then grapple down on it, and the food is just off to the left. Pin Up: Drop down from the platform with the food on above and move towards the camera to find a little secret area with a pin up. A Welcome Disraction: Pin Up: Sneak past the turret, then past the next 4 mechs to a grapple point. Sneak past the two shooting mechs here, enter the building and look to your right for the pin up. Food: Drop down the grapple point in this same room and look behind you, its in the corner. Jaws of Death: None. Bare Bones: Food: As soon as you start, kill the mechs and go along the path behind you, it is at the end of it. Food: After killing the mechs in the area you will come to the entrance of a pipe. Before entering, look to the right hand side of the pipe entrance. Food: Enter the pipe and go to the right. Pin Up: Kill the mechs after exiting the pipe and grapple to the top of that building. Climb down a level and go to the right instead of continuing left to find this pin up. Food: Keep going until Pigsy says that the scrap processing plant is around the corner. There is a little wall on the left that the food is behind. Spring Up The Pipe: Pin Up: After passing the turret ang grappling up a few levels you will see more mechs. To the left of the first group is a pin up. It is difficult to get to so I would suggest using an EMP or Decoy to distract them. Organized Chaos: Food: Again, there is a path behind you that leads to another food package. Food: Drop down from the first area after you used Ally o the turret and in a pipe behind you is another food package. Food: Go over the bridge that is just beyond the turret's reach and the package is around the corner on the left. Food: Continue on for a while and you will reach a large group if enemies with one Electricity mech. Kill all of the mechs in this area, pull a lever and drop down. Got towards the camera at the end of the walkway instead of continuing forward. Note: If you start the level refinery and die you need to go back to collect the last food in Organized Chaos. I thought since I started a new level I wouldn't need to have to do that but I was wrong. The Refinery: Pin Up: Kill the mechs in the starting area and grapple up to the walkway on the left. Follow it around to find the pin up. Old School Mayhem: Pin Up: This pin up is just beyond the column that you have to destroy that is just infront of you at the start. You need to destroy the turret first to make thing easier. Food: Destroy the turret, grapple to the island it was on and then climb up the pipe walkway. Some mechs (one with a shield) will appear. Kill them, and just beyond the first semi-circle of cover is the food. The Furnace: None. Under Attack: None. Out On The Trail: Food: As soon as you see the chapter name pop up (mid-gameplay) look to your right to see a metal grate that you can blast through using a bomb (D-Pad Left). Food: Back on the main path and just around the corner is the next food. It is in the bushes next to the slimey water. Food: Keep following the main path and it should branch off to the right on platforms across the slimey water. Before you cross the river, carry straight on and jump over a metal bar to find a food. Food: After climbing and descending on the main path for a while, you should come to a metal platform in the middle of a swampy area. The main path branches to the right, but the food is straight ahead. Difficult to miss. Pin Up: After the previous platform you will jump across sinking platforms and grapple through a window. The Pin Up is on the left, behind the camera. (If you die at the turret just ahead you will need to go back and collect the pin up again.) Hounded: Pin Up: When the chapter starts look behind you. Its on the side of the small square container. Food: After opening the door to escape the dog mech, the food is just in the corner, easily visible on the main path. Leaving Home: Food: After grappling off the raft, the platform will start to collapse, but don't grapple onwards - instead go backwards on the path. It blends into the scenery, even with RB held down. Food: After you kill two shooting mechs in the main path, go away from the camera behind the wall and drop down to find some food. Food: Follow the path round a bit further and there will be a wall of rubble to your left. Go around it and its just on the floor (the platform this is on has small blue strips on it).
  11. Gifts for Katie 1. Robot Bear: In the Royal Flush Plaza, it is right across from the safehouse area, in a store called Astonishing Illusions. You'll have to carry this one out. 2. Giant Stuffed Donkey: In the Royal Flush Plaza, on the second floor in a store called Small Fry Duds. You'll have to carry this one out. 3. Giant Stuffed Bull:In the Royal Flush Plaza, on the second floor in a store called Children's Castle. You'll have to carry this one out. 4. Giant Stuffed Elephant: In the Royal Flush Plaza, on the first floor in a store called Stylin' Toddlers (right across from the safehouse). You'll have to carry this one out. 5. Giant Stuffed Elephant: In Royal Flush Plaza, store called Stylin' Toddlers. West end of the plaza on the first floor. Directly across from the entrance to the safehouse maintenance hallway. This item can't be held in inventory, you'll have to carry it. 6. Giant Stuffed Rabbit. The easiest and closest to the safehouse location to get one of these is the Atlantica Casino, above the closed in area (where you later will find the poker players). To get up just jump up on the movie display on the left (facing it) side and run around the top. You'll have to carry this one out. 7. Watergun They are laying around all over, just pick one up at some point and hand it to her, you can store it in your inventory so its not a big deal item. 8. Stick Pony In the Royal Flush Plaza in Ye Olde Toybox. The stick ponies is on the right side of the store. You can hold this in your inventory. 9. Beachball+10. Bag of marbles, stick pony, and beachball. Also in Ye Olde Toybox. You can hold this in your inventory. 10. Bag of Marbles Also in Ye Olde Toybox, on the counter. You can hold this in your inventory. 11. Funny Painting You get this during the side mission "Art Appreciation". You have to buy the painting from Randolph for $3,000 (avoid smashing it, it is the only one). You can hold this in your inventory 12. Snowflake (the Tiger) - who gives a little girl a tiger...? You get the encounter with snowflake and ted if you go to the Yucatan Casino on day one. Before you go however, make a stop at Chri's Fine Foods (second floor of Palisades) and pick up 4 steaks. Then go to the Yucatan. Kill Ted quickly, but leave the tiger alone. Drop your four stakes a little ways outside of the pen, and wait on the inside for snowflake. The key here is to get snowflake to run close enough to the steaks for her to decide to eat them. Then just get her to eat them 3 times. (It helps if you use ted's pistol to shoot the zombies around, so she doesn't attack them). Then just take her back to the safehouse and examine her (she's beside katie already) Psycopaths For most of the psycopaths I like to use the knife-gloves. They are quick and powerful. Bring lots of food, just in case. Ted + Snowflake Go to the Yukatan on Day One to meet Ted, he`s charming. All he wants to do is have his tiger eat you. The best weapon to use here is the Spike-bat since it doesn`t knock him down, and does good damage. If you don`t want to tame snowflake... well... just pull out some knife-claws and chase her around for a while seems to be the best route. Chuck the Role Model This is some crazy hippy in the bathrooms, that just wants to give Zombies some love and free meals. He is fast, hides, and has a nasty attack that pins you to the ground. The best way to fight him is with the knife-gloves, just run around in semi-wide circles until he lunges at you. When he misses just rip him apart. You should be able to land between 3 and 4 hits on him with the gloves. At level 50 this means you will kill him in either 2 or 3 'waves' (when he jumps into the stalls like a little girl). Meet the Contestants He has a motorcycle, yay. When Leon speeds off, just hop on the motorcycle provided and chase him down to the other end. The best way I have so far found to do this is actually to get hit by him. When leon hits you, he will do a spin and cheer/taunt you. This is your chance to run behind him (NOT in front of his bike) and hit him some. It should only take a couple times of you doing this... but bring some health. Tastes Like Chicken The biggest issues here are (1) that he will regenerate health when he eats food and (2) he also has a nasty attack that pins you to the ground. The strategy here is mostly to rip him apart when he is trying to eat, and every other time just avoid his attacks. If you run low on health the patio table outside has pasta and wine. The ultimate goal is to keep him from eating so he doesn't regain health, if you can't make it to him in time just throw some plates at him. Everyone Loves Slappy Make sure you have some health, and a lot of ranged weapons for this fight (bows, guns, baseball bats, bricks, purses... whatever you want). As soon as you engage this fight, run downstairs to where the maintenance room is (in the hallway) stand back and wait for slappy. He will get stuck in the doorway, then just stand around the corner (out of the range of his fire) and shoot him a bunch. He might skate away, but if he does just move out a little bit, and then he'll come back and get stuck again. The Twins These two are deadly, just focus all your attacks on the one of them. When you have killed one, the other will just kill herself. Mail Order Zombrex This guy isn't too hard, he is a firearm user, so just get close and rip him apart with your gloves. If you get low on health (you should always have some on you though) just take a short trip to the coffee bean and drink some creamers. Hillbillies with Sniper Rifles - not the official name There are four of these guys spread around the outdoor areas on rooftops. You can find them easily by their names, or the fact that you are getting shot. To get up to them you'll: (1) climb up the cinima ladder near the maintenance room, (2) The Fortune City hotel, just climb up some of the boxes and debries. (3) This one is on top of the Royal Flush Plaza, climb up the ladder near the maintenance room, (4) On top of the Atlantica, go through the door near the sex shop thing. They are pretty easy, you should get quite a few shots in before they switch to their close range weapons, but even then they are slow. If you need health there is some whiskey on the building. Here Comes the Groom This guy is a bitch, I haven't found a clear way to defeat him yet. Usually going in with the gloves and the chainsaw paddle and a lot of health seems to be the only way to hammer this guy down. WWJWD Another fire arm user, just keep getting close to him (by climbing up, until he drops down) and rip him apart. Once you kill him make sure to pick up and use his weapon, it is the only place you'll find it. World's Most Dangerous Trick Magicians Bring lots of health and your good friends the knifegloves. The best thing to do is target the little guy first, since he is fast, annoying, and quite painful. The plus side of him is that he is quite squishy. Avoid his lunge and rip him apart, but make sure you are far from the magician, so you don't get injured by him while you are fighting his assistant. When you kill both, use the sword the assistant is carrying. It is powerful, and the only one. Military Soldier This guy can be hard to get close to, but if you do it is rather effective to just rip him apart. However, you can find ranged weapons - grenades, assault rifles, and an LMG, around the room to soften him up a bit. There isn't much health, so make sure you brought some. Douchey-McGee - should be his actual name Bring a lot of health. Make sure you use the knifegloves, since he can't make you drop them. There really isn't any major way to damage him easily, just climb up to his location and beat on him a bit, and hope when he kicks you off that you don't drop through the floor.
  12. For those who hate using a character these are the required levels to beat when trying to unlock a character. These do not need to be beaten in any particular order but the wizard must be beaten last or it won't count. -Locksmith(to grab the compass relic) -Barbarian boss(major boss + princess) -Thieves forest(boss) -Catfish(boss) -Pipistrello's cave(boss) -Industrial castle(telescope relic) -Wedding crash(boss) -Parade(boss) -Cyclops' fortress(major boss + princess) -Lava world(steering wheel relic) -Sand castle roof(desert map) -Corn boss(Horn) -Medusa's lair(boss) -Ice castle(major boss + princess) -Final battle(FINAL boss and princess...duh I may have missed one but i stress contrary to popular belief the three bosses (painter, dead cyclops and conehead, necromancer) that prelude the wizard are NOT necessary i have tested this more than once. If i missed one please feel free to post and if you are just going to post the say that you should play the full game and whatnot - you play the full game, thats what you can do with your 1500 microsoft points but other people may want to skip some levels on a character the don't like ---- so please only productive comments. i hope my first and possibly last guide has help someone but i could not find this correct info anywhere.
  13. http://www.powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough-powerpyx.png I do not own a strategy guide for this game. No third party content was used. All information is based on my personal experience. Please do not steal this guide. Index: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Basics The Walkthrough Enemies http://powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough_02-powerpyx.png Is S+ possible on Co-Op? Yes! I recommend to do this with 2 human players only. The more human players you have, the harder it is to get S+. Only one single player can get S+ per playthrough. This is based on the fact that the Collectibles will only count for the one player who is collecting them. Unfortunately, there are not enough for both players. Player 1 (who wants S+) plays as Spectre to find the collectibles faster. Player 2 (the helper) plays as Bertha - The Medic. Choose her active ability called 'Neutralize Infection' to cure your teammate from turning into a zombie. Player 1 (who wants S+) has to get all collectibles. This includes the intel and cameras. You should also access all computer terminals at least once. You should play on professional difficulty. This will greatly improve your chances to get S+. Playing with a headset is a good idea, but not neccessary. Tip: Bertha - The Medic always spawns with 1 health spray. Kill and revive her if you want to get healed. Is S+ possible on Co-Op Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low and I do not recommend trying this. You would need to beat all the targets with ~150% of their displayed scores and you would have to find absolutely every single collectible. Check out the above mentioned points for more details. Is S+ possible on Solo Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low, even if you get S/S/S/S. You would have to find every single collectible and exceed all target scores with such a perfect score that it is more difficult than playing on professional. I do not recommend trying it on veteran! It is much harder than playing on professional right away. Do I have to get S/S/S/S in order to get S+? No! At least not when playing solo on professional difficulty. However, you should beat some requirements with a really good score (much better score than the minimum requirements). You can still get S+ when you have B/S/S/S (doesn't matter in which category you get B). Example: Kills: 90 of 110 - B Deaths: 0 of 3 - S+ Collectibles: All from this mission (cams, intel, pc's) - S+ Clearing Time: 25:00 of 35:00 - S+ Note: The game does not display S+ in in any categories, but it still realizes if you barely got S in a category or if you beat the requirements with a much better score. This won't work if you get a C or D in any category. Does the timer stop if I access the pause menu? Yes! You can stay in the pause menu as long as you want. It won't affect your score for the clearing time in any negative way. Do the deaths of teammates matter? No! Kill them whenever you want. Sometimes it can give you a tactical advantage to take out your allies. Does the use of green herbs and health sprays matter? No! It has absolutely no effect on your final score. Make sure you always pick up all health items before moving on to the next area. What's the easiest way to get S+? Well, that's probably the most important question if you are planning on getting 1000G in this game. It depends on your gameplay style. I recommend to do it Solo on Professional difficulty. The game recognizes that you chose the technical hardest challenge and is more likely to reward you with S+. In Co-Op you would need to do everything at least twice if you want to help each other out. This is a lot more time consuming and on some mission it's actually counter productive. In the beginning you might think it is impossible and so did I. Truth is, that it's getting easier with each mission as you understand how the game works. Since you have to get tons of XP for several other achievements I would also recommend to do 3 complete playthroughs before going for S+. Maybe one on casual, one on professional co-op and one on professional solo. Believe me, it won't hurt!
  14. http://powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/ghost_recon_future_soldier_challenges-powerpyx.png Introduction: Completing all of the tactical challenges will earn you several weapon attachments, as well as the 'Master Tactician' Achievement (Complete 100% of the tactical challenges). There are a total of 12 missions. Each one has 3 tactical challenges. If you die after completing a challenge you do not have to do it again, it will stay saved after the first completion! You can do the tactical challenges over multiple playthroughs or in Mission Selection. The chosen difficulty does not matter (only for the challenges that are tied to a difficulty - Mission 4, 6, 9, 10). You do not have to reach the end of the mission to make the tactical challenge count. You can drop out after reaching the next checkpoint. The enemies have the same motion pattern on every difficulty. The video walkthroughs were captured on Elite Difficulty (Solo) with 0 deaths. Mission 1 - "Nimble Guardian" - Difficulty 1/5: 1) Express Train: During the ambush at the cog rail station, kill all soldiers in 60 seconds Tactic: Throw Motion Sensors to make enemies visible and shoot them through cover with a strong weapon (The MK48 LMG is perfect here). (3:39 - 4:38) 2) No Witnesses: Don't leave any witnesses alive in Paez's HQ Tactic: Paez's HQ is the area where no alarm is allowed. Equip a silenced weapon (e.g. in the weapon box infront of the HQ entrance). Take out the two patrolling targets on the right and the guard on the rooftop to your left (throw sensors if you cannot find him). Then you shoot the 6 enemies in the middle of the area with your silenced weapon. You have to be quick here and make sure that you don't have to reload. (9:28 - 10:48) 3) Ace of Diamonds: Execute 10 headshots while in damond formation Tactic: After rescuing the main target you will be in diamon formation. Take your time and aim for enemies heads. You can still reload the last checkpoint during the final cutscene and try it again. (11:31 - 14:20) Mission 1 Video Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty (Solo) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGmS6Fl6juc]Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Mission 1 Tactical Challenges Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty - YouTube[/ame] Mission 2 - "Subtle Arrow" - Difficulty 2/5: 1) Protector: Complete the mission without causing any civilian casualties Tactic: Just don't shoot any civilians. If you kill one by accident reload the last checkpoint. Check your challenge stats on the map menu if you are not sure whether you killed a civilian or not. (0:27 - 28:20) 2) Secure the Camp: Eliminate all of the soldiers who have taken control of the refugee camp Tactic: After the bus drive you will be in the refugee camp. Use magnetic view to see enemies through solid surface and give your teammates the command to elimante the enemies. Watch out that you don't raise an alarm. (6:26 - 14:03) 3) Steely Gaze: Kill 10 enemies while in Magnetic view Tactic: Simply enable magnetic view and kill 10 enemies by yourself. The kills of AI teammates won't count. (1:16 - 28:20) Mission 2 Video Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty (Solo) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YMqJgatfxg]Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Mission 2 Tactical Challenges Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty - YouTube[/ame] Mission 3 - "Noble Tempest" - Difficulty 4/5: 1) Fast Mover: Go through the village in 60 seconds without any civilians dying Tactic: Most important part is that you don't kill civilians. Time shouldn't be an issue. Use magnetic view to spot enemies behind cover, but always exit magnetic view before shooting! You cannot see civilians in magnetic view and would probably kill some by accident. I did this on elite difficulty, but you can do it on recruit difficulty to have more health. (1:23 - 2:23) 2) Clear the Pitch: Eliminate all the mercs playing soccer without raising the alarm Tactic: Take out the enemy in the tower and the one on the far left who is patrolling around some containers. Now move to the area where the first enemy in the watchtower was located. There should be 3 enemies patrolling. Give your teammates the command to eliminate them once the enemy on separated enemy on the right is behind some boxes (so that the soccer players cannot see the dead body). Then kill the two enmies that are standing next to each other (line them up for a double headshot or let your teammates do the job). Now you need to kill the 5 remaining enemies at once, with a silenced weapon. Mark 3 for your teammates and quickly kill 2 by yourself. (3:10 - 5:29) Alternative strategy (thanks to Mr Yac & Exactorit): 3) No Blood No Foul: Infiltrate the outpost, retrieve the data & extract without raising the alarm Tactic: Always have your stealth camo activated and use the drone to spot enemies. The first enemies you want to eliminate are the ones on rooftops or in watchtowers. Do not attack the helicopter. (15:23 - 22:30) Mission 3 Video Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty (Solo) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfl0bY04uVo]Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Mission 3 Tactical Challenges Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty - YouTube[/ame] Mission 4 - "Tiger Dust" - Difficulty 4/5: 1) Clean Kills: Assault the HQ and take out the hostiles without any misses Tactic: Take out the snipers on the way to the HQ without missing a shot. Let your temmates shoot moving targets for you. Once you jump through the window to clear the HQ of enemies you are not allowed to miss a shot during the slow motion sequence. Make sure that you equip an accurate weapon before this sequence starts and only fire 1 shot per enemy (or 2 if they are still alive). (0:39 - 4:30) 2) Killer Pursuit: Destroy every enemy vehicle during the chopper gunride Tactic: Just watch out for enemy vehicles and destroy all of them. They are highlighted with a red trianlge sign and are easy to spot. You also need to destroy the enemy chopper. (11:27 - 12:55) 3) Bird in the Air: On Elite difficulty, take out the enemy RPG before your chopper gets shot Tactic: This should come naturally when playing on Elite. Just kill every enemy that you see. (13:20 - 13:50) Mission 4 Video Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty (Solo) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qul4kRGD4I]Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Mission 4 Tactical Challenges Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty - YouTube[/ame] Mission 5 - "Silent Talon" - Difficulty 2/5: 1) Release the Hound: Use the Warhound to kill at least 75% of the enemies during the mission Tactic: Never use your weapons, always kill enemies with the warhound. This should unlock at the end of the mission. Don't let your teammates kill too many enmies or you might miss this one. (3:13 - 28:33) 2) Group Shot: Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Warhound Mortar Tactic: Should come naturally. I got it in this sort of underground facility, after using the ship. (13:31 - 14:04) 3) Silent Talon: Eliminate both enemy choppers without losing a squadmate Tactic: Once you see two choppers attacking you, go into cover and use the warhound's guided missile to shoot down the choppers. It takes two shots to destroy a chopper. If one of your AI teammates (or yourself) die during the chopper fight you will have to reload the last checkpoint. (21:44 - 22:38) Mission 5 Video Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty (Solo) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiA5L2p3iP8]Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Mission 5 Tactical Challenges Walkthrough - Elite Difficulty - YouTube[/ame]
  15. __________________________________________________ ______MAX PAYNE 3 - WALKTHROUGH/GUIDE V 1.00____ ---------------------------------------------- Written By: Bahumaut ---------------------------------------------- *************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************** VERSION INFO **************************************************** *************************************************************************************************************************************** *Version 1.02 - Complete Walkthrough - Achievement Information - Checkpoints noted from deaths only not complete list - Improved look and fonts - Video solutions - Multiplayer achievements - Guns list Intended Additions: + Specific section weapon recommendations + All painkiller locations + Spell Check Thanks To: IrritatedPuppy - For spotting the missing LMG .30 part in the guide Pranav Jain - For a couple of tips regarding the game Malcom X - For a point on the heavy gunner's weakness Collectables: Video guides for all collectables can be found at the start of Chapter 14 (hold ctrl + f and type ch14 to find it or scroll down). Golden gun parts will appear in gold and be laid out in this format: [GG PART - Name No./Total: Description]. ie: [GG PART - Super Sport 1/3: Can be found here]. Clues will appear in red and be laid out in a similar format. [CLUE - Name: Description]. ie: [CLUE - Broken Window: On the wall]. ************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************** INTRODUCTION ************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************** This guide is intended for those that are playing through for the first time (I have tried to keep important spoilers to a minimum) as well as those going through on harder difficulties. Enemy placement and good cover locations are there as advice for those playing on hard or higher as well as weapon recommendations hopefully in a future update. I have listed any special considerations for the levels as well such as achievements, golden guns, clues that can be found along with as many painkillers as I spotted on my playthroughs. Difficulty levels overall seem generally harder than most shooters however the checkpoints are normally well placed and the added restrictions of the highest difficulties on last stand make them quite challenging ordeals without having to replay large chunks of a level (thank goodness too as each level is quite long. Please email me at [email protected] or message me at trueachievements.com (Gamertag = Bahumaut) with any comments or suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. Apart from those little things let's get on with the show. This guide is also hosted on gamefaqs.com under my username bahumautzero, www.neoseeker.com (bahumaut) and www.cheathappens.com (Bahumaut). Other Completed Guides (also hosted on Gamefaqs) Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Veteran Guide Duke Nukem Forever - Damn I'm Good Guide Lollipop Chainsaw *************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************ TABLE OF CONTENTS ********************************************* *************************************************************************************************************************************** Just use Ctrl + F (the find function) and key in the code for the level to skip to the portion of the guide you need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ VERSION INFO --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION --------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT ONE ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 01 - SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE AIR...................................................................................(CH01) CHAPTER 02 - NOTHING BUT THE SECOND BEST.................................................................................(CH02) CHAPTER 03 - JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE.............................................................................(CH03) CHAPTER 04 - ANYBODY CAN BUY ME A DRINK.................................................................................(CH04) CHAPTER 05 - ALIVE IF NOT EXACTLY WELL.......................................................................................(CH05) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACT TWO ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 06 - A DAME, A DORK AND A DRUNK..................................................................................(CH06) CHAPTER 07 - A HANGOVER SENT DIRECT FROM MOTHER NATURE..................................................(CH07) CHAPTER 08 - AIN'T NO REPRIEVEMENT GONNA BE FOUND OTHERWISE..........................................(CH08) CHAPTER 09 - HERE I WAS AGAIN, HALFWAY DOWN THE WORLD.....................................................(CH09) CHAPTER 10 - IT'S DRIVE OR SHOOT SISTER.......................................................................................(CH10) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT THREE -------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 11 - SUN TAN OIL, STALE MARGARITAS AND GREED............................................................(CH11) CHAPTER 12 - THE GREAT AMERICAN SAVIOR OF THE POOR.............................................................(CH12) CHAPTER 13 - A FAT BALD DUDE WITH A BAD TEMPER.......................................................................(CH13) CHAPTER 14 - ONE CARD LEFT TO PLAY..............................................................................................(CH14) ------------------------------------------------------- OTHER SINGLE PLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS ---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- MULTIPLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS ----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEGAL STUFF --------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. I just finished playing through as Alucard and started my game as Richter. I have to say, this is tough going from super bada** Alucard with my sweet weapons/move/forms to puny human Richter. I understand I just have to get to Shaft and kill him in the Inverted Castle. Is there a guide anywhere for Richter's playthrough that cuts all the extraneous crap out? Thanks in advance! Edit: There's a nice guide on GameFAQs for this. It is, however, for a speed-run with Richter. It gives the quickest route to Shaft but omits where to save. Having that, and a map of the castles should do the trick.
  17. General Information Hi everyone, guess the ones who know me that i give my best to publish quality guides and roadmaps. However I need some time for them, so please don't spam the thread unnessarily. Be patient and look forward to it. Furthermore I wrote this guide for x360a exclusively and may not be reproduced, copied, quoted for any other guides/sites etc. without my written permission. Overview: -Estimated achievement difficulty: 5-8(depending on skill) -Offline: 42(900http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg) -Online: 5(100http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg) -Approximate amount of time to 1000http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg: ~40-70h -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for each campaign and some missions 2 times for all objectives -Number of missable achievements: None -Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats -Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes -Glitchy achievements: None -Unobtainable achievements: None -Extra equipment needed? No Introduction: Welcome to Supreme Commander 2. This game is a lot easier accessable than its predecessor and faster. Most of the missions are a piece of cake on Hard if you have some experience with RTS games on console, but some can be challenging if you don't know what to do. Step#1 Skirmish Part 1/Campaigns on Hard: I personally recommend playing the tutorial and some of skirmish maps first to get a feeling how to build a base/army and to learn the Tech tree. Beat the 5 2player Maps and you should be quite comfortable with controlling and building your army. Note that you have pay for Units and Building in advance like in C&C and can't queue 20 Point Defense guns while having 0 Mass like in SC 1. Once you can control the game start playing the campaigns on hard. Most hidden objectives are easily possible to complete even on hard, but some are a lot easier with a retry on easy. Please check the guide for more information on this part. Step#2 Skirmish Part 2: After you've beaten the campaigns to something relaxing a tackle the grinding achievements in skirmish battles as well as beat all skirmish maps. How to efficiently grind these check the guide. Note that the achievements Sharp Shooter, Masster, Master Builder and Time Cruncher can't be obtained during the campaign. These are solely skirmish/online achievements. Step#3 Online: Now you only need to play 10 coop skimirsh battles and 25 ranked online wins and you are safe. Either rely on your skill or try to boost it with a friend. If you have no friends playing this game look here to find someone. If you can boost it, it will take ~2h for both to get Supreme Online Commander. Good Friends takes ~50min. Conclusion: This game is a good one to complete and if you have trouble though, feel free to message me or post in Guide Thread in the forum.
  18. Ok - like a lot of people I found the Explorer achievement rather tricky. No-one is 100% sure what you need to do to make it pop. Even THQ won't give a definitive answer. Whether it's percentage of game explored, bodies/stashes found or distance covered. All we know for sure is that it should pop before or on Caves. I've tried following the video guide posted on this forum, but watching a video, pausing it, doing a bit myself, playing, pausing, playing... was not really practical. Well done to the video OP as I'm sure a lot of work went into it. When I went for the achievement, it popped on Outpost - a full ELEVEN levels before Caves! All I did was follow the walkthrough by nyiaor2 on GameFAQs - Here's the link. It took me places, bodies, stashes and areas I never knew existed! I printed the guide out, grabbed a highlighter pen and carefully went through each level making sure I collected EVERY single item - bullets, arrows, discovery points, items, everything - and crossed them off as I found them. I also killed and looted every human (bandits, nazis etc). Some things I didn't do as previously suggested was: - knock on every door within a station - Listen to conversations with everyone I met - Give bullets to beggars Please note that if you are after enlightened and dweller, you will need to speak to people and give to beggars. Anyway - for those that are stuck on Explorer, use the guide! Oh and the silenced VSV + scope purchased at the end of child is an amazing weapon!
  19. I know this game is quite old, and im sure there are few who will pick this up in the future, but ive found a walkthrough video of the entire game, showing each and every collectable, including the 8 elites. I post this because it is much simpler than the written guide, which can (as most written guides do) cause confusion in collectable locations. Hope this helps. Love, SoliderAce
  20. Ok this might seem to be cheating but fuck it lol Here's how to get the Lost Planet 2 Honeymoon Period achievement 6 months early: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeeM2vxaFOY]YouTube- Lost Planet 2 Honeymoon Achievement[/ame]
  21. Hey Guys, I just beat The Bridge finale on expert, unfortunately not on Realism or I would probably have just had a heart-attack. I want to help you guys get through it as a lot of people deem this finale the worst due to the zombies constantly attacking you. When you start, the main thing you want to take into consideration is that you need a Sniper Rifle, not Hunting that only has 15 rounds, you could probably do it with other weapons, but I know the Sniper Rifle kills in one shot and can multi-penetrate, with 30 rounds it's the best of them all. The only thing that sucks is the reload time >.>. Anyway, when you start, go out the safe room door, onto the main bridge activate the radio and either listen to the sometimes humorous conversation or skip it by lowering the bridge. (Side Note: Has anyone found that sometimes you HAVE to listen so far through the conversation with the rescue team before the bridge lowers? Even after spamming out on the X button?) You want to be on the LEFT side of the bridge, it's all about luck and how the AI Director spawns the map, as we know he can change it. You just have to hope ... Anyway, once it lowers, all you need to do, is f---ing cane it across the left side, owning zombies as they attack you, if the AI goes down, I shouldn't need to say this but, just leave them. Keep going, if you get half-way and the bridge has collapsed down and you are able to go up high, DO SO! I usually got up there, in the middle of the vehicles next to the huge hole and healed, by that time you are usually down to at least limping, if not, nicely done, but you can still heal. Continue on, and there is a large ramp made from the bridge's concrete on the right, go down and onto the bus, jump off towards the left and you are at the scaffolding. Just follow this around, usually around the time you get to the start of the second bit of scaffolding The Tank's music will start playing. You can play as much as you want in hope you won't get a tank, but he ALWAYS spawns. At the end of the second bit of scaffolding is where you want to pop yourself with adrenaline. Stay on the left and scatter up the ladder, you can jump onto it to slightly shorten the time. Run across and jump onto the bus, and then to the slanted part of the bridge. Go to the right and the left but sticking as close to the right as you can, just hope not many zombies try having a piece of you while you are up there. At the end of the slanted bit you can go left or right, right keeps you safer so choose that if it's not blocked by swarms of Infected. Once you touch foot off of the slanted bridge (not that, that makes any sense) throw your pipe bomb, just not too far ... Remember at this point you need to be on the right now. Because if you carry on down the highway, you'll run into a dead end. The highway exit leads to the rescue chopper and once you are around here, you really have got to become religious, PRAY that there isn't one of the following, a: Tank, Charger, Hunter, Jockey, or Smoker. If you get a witch, god be with you if she's in the path. Once you are past that exit, you can keep looking around and shooting any Infected that are close enough to you. Think of yourself as a Witch, if they are within your proximity, kill them. Once you fall down to the right onto the bus AFTER the exit of the highway, run around to the right and then left you should see the evac chopper. Run with all your might, but look behind just once more and lay some serious ownage upon anything that ain't socially acceptable. (Believe me this is NOT the end) Once on board the chopper, if your team mates are still alive, you must once again get on your knees, and pray none of those special Infected come after you. I did get it twice, once at the ramp just before the chopper a Jockey jumped me, and once when I was on-board the chopper waiting for Nick to die on his LAST hit point, a Charger got me. I can only hope you brave souls who make it don't get this unfortunate turn of events, The Director, is relentless in Expert. Items Required: Sniper Rifle - This is a MUST if it is available. Kills in one shot and multi-penetrates, killing Infected behind the one you just shot. Adrenaline - You need to be lucky if you don't have this, NEVER use this before The Tank if you can help it. Pipe Bomb - This may be replaced with a bile bomb if you are lucky enough to have one with you, but NOT a Molotov. Used for that final Infected horde at the end of the slanted bridge. First-Aid - Not completely essential, but I think 8 Health Kits spawn in the starting safe room so you should grab one anyway. Secondary Weapon - At this point I had a chainsaw, not much fuel but I didn't really use it that much. If at all. Well I hope this helps at least one person out. This is how I managed to beat The Parish's Finale - The Bridge on Expert Difficulty. LEGIT. There were NO glitches at all. Good Luck Everyone Airo Shinobi
  22. Okay, I've seen a fair few topics about the achievement "Tank Burger" I got this last night, mainly because I just wanted to whittle down to only a few achievements left for this game ^.^ Here's what I did: Start Dark Carnival Chapter 4: Barns. Play through until you reach the Bumper Cars, don't go through the little door though. Wall hug the wall to the right of it and if you can hear a Tank growling (easy with Full Captions) vote for Expert, kill the AI and then back to easy, sometimes it spawns on the other side of the wall, in that narrow hallway, other times just outside. So make sure you reach the area you can see the safe room from. If the tank isn't there, just reload, or die. Tanks spawn here fairly often, I tried using the mall and got a single Tank out of about 50 tries on Expert >.> Anyway, once you KILL your team mates, make sure they have red crosses so they can't shoot the tank. Grab it's attention and sprint back to the safe room. Remember you will need a melee weapon, there is one directly across from the bumper cars in what looks like a picnic area. Once at the safe room, close the door, and crouch behind it, don't face the door, but don't face directly away from it. Look 90° from it, so you are facing parallel. Wait for the Tank, and then smash his face in. I've only been killed by the Tank once like this, and I've done this many times. Good Luck. ^.^ Airo
  23. Ok, I am a Resident Evil fan and i thought it would be nice to help people beat the game. I can help you on Amateur, Normal mode & Veteran. I cannot be bothered going through Professional again, so go and bug someone else about that difficulty. All that is required is that you at least have a mic, i get frustrated when i am playing with kids that repeatedly tap the B button just to grap my attention. I will also grab any of the emblems and treasures that i remember as we complete the levels. My gamertag is: Bouceman Just send me a Friend Request and send me a message too. If you don't send me a message about why you added me I will decline it. Please keep this thread alive by posting in it. And if it's possible sticky the thread. - Thanks
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