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Found 6 results

  1. GameFAQs is running a Game of the Decade contest and Dead Rising needs your help! Go to the following URL and cast your vote for Dead Rising to help it overcome Persona 4. http://www.gamefaqs.com/
  2. hey there people at x360a! I just started my online rampage on this game and I have a small doubt. In case the oponnent forces it's connection or leaves the game, does it count as a loss to us? and the 10-wins-in-a-row counter for the "Playing to Win" achievement resets to Zero again? Also, do you think it's worth it to buy the Extra outfits for all characters?
  3. Farther below is how we found the problem, but to cut to the chase I'll list the problem first: In Arcade Mode > Destroy All Buildings: A player builds (2) Arc Energy Cannons (GOLD & SILVER) surrounding (1) Shield Generator (GOLD). *IMPORTANT: All must be gold or silver, as it is possible to break the setup if any piece is not silver or higher...* Destroy All Buildings requires you to, of course, destroy ALL buildings... But HOW do you destroy this setup? Is it even possible? ...We have tried EVERYTHING..! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our family has played Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars on our Xbox 360 for about a week now, and being that you (apparently) cannot lose in story mode, we have become increasingly fond of the Arcade Mode (which feels more like a challenge with a win/lose end ;-) ... HOWEVER: today during Arcade mode we didn't play the usual handful of games - instead we spent over 3 hours attempting to finish just ONE game. We quickly encountered the problem above and could not (even with both players trying to find a solution) end the game (unless of course the player with the Arc Energy Cannons & Shield Generator demolished them his/herself)... The problem is that you cannot shut the shield off because the Arc Energy Cannons take you out IMMEDIATELY... (You can block it, but you explode as soon as you try to press B to turn the shield off).... So the only other option seems to be to destroy the Arc Energy Cannons, but you cannot do that with your character alone - only tanks and a handful of other vehicles can take them out - however no vehicles (including the little scooters) can enter an enemy shield... We tried everything from the Torpedoes to Ray Shields to overwhelming the Arc Energy Cannons with clones or droids (which failed completely)... Having felt before the game was not challenging enough (even for the younger kids) we have now found a challenge that seems, so far, impossible...! Thanks in advance...!
  4. Hey guys, I thought I'd let you know that AllThumbsGaming.com is giving away free copies of Assassin's Creed III! Visit the link below in order to enter: http://allthumbsgaming.com/2012/10/05/enter-to-win-assassins-creed-iii/ http://cdn.allthumbsgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/oct_sweepstakes_AssassinsCreed.png
  5. Finally got a match in and ended up shooting a guys nade and killing him ahah
  6. Alright so I was sick of trying to do all the other strategies posted on here (spoon one didn't work and stop and go would work only till the last 100 yards or so.) I decided to experiment and try a few new strategies. I came up with one that allowed me to get the cheato page in Cloud CuckooLand on my 1st try using it! What you do is place your hand over the X button so that your fingernail is facing downward. When the race starts, immediately start sliding your fingernail up and down on the controller, and it will press the X button rapidly. I got tired midway through the race so you may need incorporate the "pause and rest" strategy into this as well. I hope this helps all the people who are struggling with that gosh-diddly-darn bird!
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