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Found 6 results

  1. I recently found the classic edition of this game on Amazon for only £12, but was wondering whether or not it was worth it? I would be very grateful if someone could offer me some advice.
  2. This game is amazing. It is fun. It is original. People need to stop complaining about the price for how short it is, or the fact that it doesn't have a story. The reasons you love this game are the same reasons its short. The puzzles are not repetitive, it doesn't have a bad or forced story, and its very easy to jump right into. Am I the only one that thinks anyone who complains on the price is just a whiner who will complain about everything?
  3. Just tried a searching but it kept saying there was a fatal error, so i hope this question hasn't already been asked but; Is a demo really worth 400 points? Even if it is a stand alone game!
  4. Hi All, So I've been playing through Tiger Woods PGA 14 and loving it. I've been considering picking up 13 since it's really cheap now and there won't be a 15 to look forward to, but I have a few questions. I assume the servers are all still up since it's not that old yet, but are there still people playing/wanting to boost the online achievements? (I haven't had a real good look at them to see if any require others, to be honest) Is it a good game? Is it worth my spending $29AUS (for comparison PGA 14 is $79, so quite a lot cheaper)? Anything else I should know about the game to sway my purchase one way or the other? Thanks in advance =).
  5. So, my friends told me that this game is great but I’ve never been a huge halo fan (sorry halo fan boys). Is it worth buying even though I've never got into the other halo games. Please be honest with me and if you could list some pros and cons about this game. Thank you!
  6. Just wondering if this game is worth the £30-40 it sells for? I've got the money and i'm heading to Game later, should I get it or should i leave it a bit longer? Thanks guys. (Sorry if it's the wrong thread)
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