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Found 22 results

  1. hwy guys picked up this game as its on offer this week (13/01/15) I was wondering if anyone would help get the online achievements with me? Leave your gamer tag or add me :naffantait
  2. I remember back in the day plopping a dollars worth of quarters to play Daytona USA in the arcades. At the time it was one of the most realistic looking and fun racing games to play. The deluxe version of this game had 4 large sit-in Daytona car style cabinets with giant screens and you could race head to head with 1 to 2 other players. Oh how I wanted a home version of this game. My prayers were answered (somewhat) when the game was released on Sega Saturn. Game play was spot on but suffered horribly when it came to graphics. Then years later Daytona appeared on Sega's Dreamcast system. Graphics were improved drastically but the game play was much different then that of the arcade. It felt like an entirely different racing game with Daytona graphics. Now in 2011, Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade has an exact port of this game and it's exactly as I remembered. Graphics, game play, the added online mulitplayer and the famous soundtrack are all intact. Anyone that played and loved this game back in the glory days when arcades were king, pick this up. At 800 MP it can't be beat.
  3. Which comic book character would you like to see in an XBLA game? I am going to have to go with "The Goon" from Dark Horse comics. It would make the perfect beat em up game. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1836&pictureid=10562
  4. Hello, I am new to XBOX world and I would like to ask you for some hints, good ideas and how to... . Country/Regions I am comming from Czech republic. XBL is not availiable yet - plan is in the end of the year. During my registration I was not able to select CZ. Only countries in the list, I selected US. A) I donot know how it was in the past when new countries was added. Was there chance to change to correct Country/Region? If yes it was possible to do by user or was needed to comunicate with support MS? B) If will be not possible to change country I will have to create new account. What about games which I purchased on XBLA. Games will be used on same XBOX. Can I play them on new account on same XBOX? C) If answer for B is no, Have I chance to somehow move games from account to account? D) What about MS Points, can I move them to new account? Thank you for help.
  5. Paul Robertson has posted some of the game sprites on his Live Journal: http://probertson.livejournal.com/33796.html I think he's done an amazing job of capturing the essence of the characters, and turning them into old school beat'um'up characters!
  6. Here: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhiuS6_U1IA]Minecraft - Episode 02 - Goldeneye - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Okay, this all began when I was trying to get a couple of glitched achievements. I completed Civil War and then the game wouldn't let me complete a couple of the achievements because I beat it. Okay, so no big deal. But I wanted to try and wipe my game data and start over b/c that game is so easy, it wouldn't take any time to beat again and try for the missing achievements. When I go into the memory section of my Xbox, I can delete only my most recent save point (like, where I was in whatever level I played last), but I can't get the game to wipe everything so that I don't have all the levels unlocked. I want to reset my kill count, levels, progress in the game, etc. I understand that you can't get rid of some stuff since it's tied to your gamertag, like achievements and Live history. However, I have heard that there is something like a "sign in trick" that can wipe your stats for certain things so you can start from scratch. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?
  8. TriX


    Which is the best arcade title to get i'm not looking in the 1200 regions as that price just takes the piss also looking at the fact the cards cost more than a preowned retail game. I already have Uno and a few others.
  9. I have checked the release date for this, but does anyone know an approximate release other than the usual Autumn/Fall 2010 ??? If so then thank u in advance
  10. sony dont actually have the right to an exclusive since it was released originally on ps2,xbox and gamecube, i know it was out 5 months earlier on ps2, but the question is then will it see a release on xbla 5 months later then as should happen and a wii port
  11. I've played a few matches online today and have seen "Downloaded Content" appear on the bottom left hand corner of some of the red apple cards. If you check under the Unlockables menu, you can see that there are 2 DLC packs listed, but, as far as I'm aware, they are unavailable at this time. Looking in the Marketplace confirms this. In addition, again in the Unlockables menu, you can press the button to redeem a code. There are 2 apple avatars (ninja and bumblebee) listed as being only available via a redeemable code. At first the selection on avatars made me think that this was somehow connected to the independent studio Ninja Bee, but poking around their forums didn't turn anything up. I'm having trouble finding any information about the XBLA version of Apples to Apples at all other than its' announcement and the release date. It's all very mysterious. Does anybody have any information on they can share.
  12. So I have noticed that a lot of games have been removed from the XBLA Marketplace, so a lot of these games can no longer be bought, thus making the achievements for things like online play unattainable for those with these games. If some of you know of games, play them, or are looking for a partner to help you get those last few Gamerscore points with, feel free to let me know. Some of the XBLA titles are : Paperboy and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. (Only ones I have that are unlisted that I know of.)
  13. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81wzlgCApyL._AA1439_.jpg I think they've probably secured the comic book fan vote (and sale hopefully) with this boxart alone. I'm hoping it will acually be good as well but somehow that 'Requires Kinect Sensor' logo doesn't give me much confidence. Anybody remember Captain America and The Avengers? Fun times, hope that gets an XBLA release someday: http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/bigboxshots/3/586093_46712_front.jpg
  14. Microsoft has just released that Minecraft XBLA will be released on May 9th and will cost 1600msp!!! See Link: http://majornelson.com/2012/03/22/announcing-arcade-next/ Well atleast we have a date and price now so everyone can stop guessing!
  15. Microsoft just announced that they're raising the cap for XBLA games from 200 to 400 gamerscore. Any chance Sonic Team just doubles up the gamerscore on each achievement here?
  16. I have only played Jet set radio future, and i just found out what the differences are between the two. Now I'm interested in know what one of the two do people prefer? i cant give a proper answer only playing the two but still future is one of my all time favourite games! so could you please tell me which one was your favourite and if you can be bothered say why.
  17. This game is garbage. Anyone who says it's not is somehow affiliated to the designers (for marketing and loving support)... For $19.90 AUD (which is equivelant to 1200 MSP) you can buy AT LEAST 2 FULL RETAIL titles that are not only finished and look amazing, not full of BASIC BETA TESTING BUGS & GLITCHES, but also contain 2000 achievement points (1000 per game). So why apart from these basic bugs and glitches (that should have been fixed during beta testing - was it even beta tested? Sure doesn't feel like it) do we deserve a refund? 1. Trial version: Demos and trials for FULL RETAIL games that are 8gb in size are usually between 800-1500MB. This trial was the full game, full 1.82GB. Surely there is a limit for demos and trial games, ESPECIALLY when the trial is a half-arsed attempt at showing features of the game, it wasn't even the full first level. This alone COULD have been compressed, EASILY, to 500MB, easily.... 2. Game isn't finished: at least month more coding was needed before it should have even gone into beta testing. Have the developers and coders even played through the game themselves? One can only hope the answer is no or else they would have seen what an abomonation they've created (and now released) and insisted much more work was needed before it would be released. It's fine (due to the day and age we live) for developers to make a game and release patches and updates, but at what point must we draw the line and say no matter how many patches we release, it won't fix something that's just not got the base code right, it needs more work before we release it. 3. Poor level design: The health system, good to see you go from carrying way too much health in the first level to scraping by on next to nothing for the rest of the game, but it's definitely important that they've included health bar upgrades (more max health) in spots where you really just wanted a health pack. 4. Enemies: I love camera angles bouncing around (as well as the character) because you've run from a group of enemies and bigger enemies, to try and knock them off one by one as oppossed to standing there and being in the middle of an attack, the enemy ignoring that fact and knocking you down/grabbing you/slamming you/etc and taking your health. The lack information about enemies and what weapons work well/what they're weakness is/etc, well that's just dandy. Probably doesn't help all weapon combos are almost identical and it's merely the finishing graphic that changes. The fact the enemies spawn in huge numbers and it's only the beginning of the game and to counter balance you haven't yet come across the upgrades, or lack thereof, that would help in fighting them, all while trying not to loose health or glitch about and end up stuck. 5. Upgrades/health/recharge: Other games have clicked on that allowing these things to recharge over time or killing an enemy and gaining a little recharge for the things works really well. This only brings back the point of beta testing and whether developers allowed themselves time to trial options like these, that not only enhance the gamer experience and make gaming more enjoyable all round, but would ultimately save the developers time trying to put 'pickups' for helath/mana/etc on individual maps, instead of knowing the right enemy/kill/health/rejuvenate ratio once and then applying different variations and combos to maps. 6. Sprint: Well I'm guessing this was taken out due to poor map design and glitches and it would have only further degraded the enjoyment of the game. Bosses: even with bosses there's only so many times one can evade roll then shoot arrows or run in and take one hit then evade away again. Shouldn't the player/user be doing at least one and a half times the damage of what they're currently doing, at least to bosses? I'm sure there's more, I just had to share (and ask for refund publicly) from my android mobile while the game sits there in pause and these thoughts are fresh in my head. Care to share your thoughts on these points?
  18. So the Internet was out for a few days and I stumbled upon a way to manually be able to unlock all the Weekly Challenges for the Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade game A World of Keflings. This is specifically for the Rockstar Weekly Challenge sandbox map that was included for FREE in the Title Update #2 released in the Summer of 2012. This tutorial and video were put together by playinghalotoday. For a list of dates for Weekly Challenges and what they unlock: How to Unlock all the Weekly Rockstar Challenges for A World of Keflings TUTORIAL: 1. Disconnect your Xbox LIVE connection (remove wireless adapter, ethernet cable or unplug modem/router). 2. Go into the System Settings section and then into Console Settings and then to Clock and finally to Date and Time. You can ONLY manually adjust the Time and Date when disconnected from Xbox LIVE. 3. There is a different Weekly Challenge for every week of the year, for a total of 52. 4. Do the Weekly Challenge, save your game, then go back in the Settings and adjust the date to the following week, until you've completed the whole entire year. 5. In order to do the same Weekly Challenge again you have to first start a different Weekly Challenge by talking to the Rockstar or whomever and then save your game. VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh-VRksDWOI
  19. So I've been poring over articles related to THQ officially going under. It suddenly dawned on me that with the rights for the various games they developed and/or published in the midst of changing hands (or not, RIP Vigil games) there is a possibility that some or all of THQs content could get removed from the Xbox Live marketplace. This has happened before, most notably when Midway closed it doors. All of their arcade titles on the marketplace went poof without warning. None of them ever returned. Something similar happened when Activision lost the license for making Marvel Universe games, the DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 were promptly removed from XBL. If stuff gets pulled from the marketplace, at the basic level it sucks if you were eyeing a game like, say, Stacking from Double Fine but never got around to buying it. Achievement-wise, there's consequences for titles like Saints Row 2 and 3 that require DLC in order to get 100% of the achievements. When an item gets delisted, there's no recourse to try to buy it. In the end, stuff getting removed the marketplace could all be just a worst case scenario and it may not happen for a while, if at all. Even if content does get removed, there's always chance it could come back. The new owners of the properties that were auctioned off this week will eventually have to hammer out deals with Xbox, PSN, Steam etc for distributing their content. Having gone though this before though, I thought it would be wise to bring attention to the possibility.
  20. Is it me or is the XBLA version of Garou rock hard!? I've got it on the original MVS and can breeze through it... Maybe I just can't use the 360 pad although saying that I used my arcade stick and was equally as bad! ha ha!
  21. Finally Yo-Ho has it's own dedicated website. We've added some new screenshots and a few other bits of media. Check it out for updates and what-not. http://www.canalsidestudios.com/yoho/
  22. http://kotaku.com/5160466/worms-armaggedon-decades-coming-to-xbox-live-arcade Can't 4 this beaut ^^
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