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  1. Hey there Guys. I search for a player, who has splinter cell conviction and is willing to help me with the online achievements. Its always more fun that way. Let me know, if you are interested. 😁
  2. Hello XB1a community, I know this may look like the wrong place to post but I'm really at a loss of what to do and who to turn too. I have been playing FIFA 13 since it came out (yes I do mean 13 so I'm even talking on the 360) and I still haven't got luckily enough for the ultimate team "In form" achievement (getting an in form player in a pack) I'm just hoping some of you XB1 gamers have still got your 360 and FIFA 13 because with my OCD to complete every game I've ever played I can't move on until I get the achievement. So basically I'm appealing to anyone that is willing to help by donating any leftover coins or players you may have on FIFA 13 UT. The severs will be turned off soon and with 2 new FIFAs being released most people will have just left there FIFA 13 UT and moved on. So if you haven't played in a while and have anything to spare I would appreciate it rather than it going to waste. Anything big or small would help. It all adds up to helping me buy packs for this headache of an achievement. Thank you. Comben A Completionist that can't let it go! For the record I've opened over 150 gold premium packs and played over 500 games so I'm not just a normal beggar, I am at least trying.
  3. Hello, I really really need help with this, and I don't know if this is the correct website to get help from, but worth a try. I'll try to keep this as short as possible with as much details... So my xbox live keeps disconnecting at random moments, like in-between 10-30 minutes or something. This all started like 2 months ago, and the problem isn't going away on it's own. I can't join friends anymore in party's and can't decently play online anymore (which is a waste of money on xbox live for me). Around that time we also got a new router, but it was a bit back, I am not sure if my xbox started doing this at that exact moment. That could be to problem, but I am not 100% sure. I've searched on a lot of forums what to do; - I have done a connection test on my xbox and it says my NAT is open. - I have cleared my cache - I have deleted my xbox profile, and downloaded it back again - I went on my router settings, (I do not have much knowledge about this at all), but I have enabled my UpNP setting. I have enabled my DMZ setting. - I have turned my router/modem off for 30 seconds multiple times - I have also done a speed test, (even though I am clueless if it is good or not) the results were: download: 90mb/s, upload: 9mb/s, ping: 17ms But yet NOTHING seems to work. My router type: Sitecom Model: WLR-5002 (I have an xbox 360) I have both wired and wireless internet, but I always use wired (I've also tried wireless but that doesn't make a difference) If someone could help me with this I would be REALLY REALLY thankful!! Cheers!
  4. This is a thread where people can discuss their ideas and opinions on what should be added to video games to make them better. I'll begin. I think that they should just replace live chat with Teamspeak. I absolutely hate how horrible live chat is. It would be so much better if you could simply switch between chat with everyone in the game, chat with your team, chat with certain individuals, or anybody you wanted to.
  5. Is there any avatar items that are free on the xbox avatar store???? If so leave them below👇
  6. Awhile back when Xbox 360 had the Facebook/Twitter apps, they allowed you to share your achievements on your Facebook account. Eventually they took those apps away with the introduction to Bing. Now then, even despite not being able to access that App anymore, my Facebook account is still linked on my Xbox 360, and I can still post Achievement updates on my Facebook. I don't use that Facebook account anymore, I want to change the Facebook accounts that the Xbox 360 shares to. Is it possible by any other means to change which Facebook account the system recognizes?
  7. Hi, might seem a bit late to the whole UNO scene on 360 but I was just wondering if there was any freebie codes floating about that I could use. I've always wanted UNO on the 360, but unfortunately, since it's been removed from the Arcade and there is no disk version of it, I can't play it. So I'd appreciate it if someone gave me an unused code for it. Seems highly unlikely, considering it's been 11+ years since the game was released, but still, I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you
  8. Hi there, My GT is Ali B 1475 and I was sent here by Xbox Support. I was previously sent to True Achievements but told to contact support again as they couldn't help me. After I did this I was redirected here... So I have completed all onyx medals and have achieved level 100 in Gears of War 3 but Seriously 3.0 did not unlock, despite the requirements being met... Here is my screenshot from the GoW3 Stats & Awards: https://account.xbox.com/en-gb/screenshot/e308efda-3af6-4dc9-ba45-6edb103f96a3?gamerTag=Ali%20B%201475&scid=8dc50100-bb5a-47e1-a7c4-9b6b1263df99 I was trying to get this achievement before Gears 4 released but obviously not worked (would've unlocked it the day before launch). I am told that you can remotely unlock it for me as you are the official Microsoft achievements department? Thanks, Ali
  9. Hey guys, I have been wondering... Can Xbox360 and XboxOne share the same external Hard Drive for games and apps? I have looked around and can't seem to find an answer, sorry if this is common knowledge or has been answered before I am a 360 owner who plans to get the One sometime in the future. My internal HDD is more than full with GonD and GwG giving me more than I can handle and I have externals of different sizes. If it's possible to use the same HDD for both x360 and xOne games then I will obviously use a bigger one. If both consoles need their external specifically formatted for their individual use then I will use a smaller one, as it's unlikely I'm gonna quadruple my collection near the end of the system's life. Please help advise me guys Thanks in advance!
  10. So as the title somewhat says, I think my 360 controller has developed stick-drift on the left thumbstick. This is apparent when I play only ONE game in particular, which happens to be Star Trek the Video Game. Whichever character I play as, they always walk forward continuously until I gently tap the thumbstick. I can can move the stick just a tiny amount and they keep walking forward. Now, I've tried this on various other "3D movement" games, such as Lollipop Chainsaw where UP is forward, and there is NO problems at all. It only seems to occur in Star Trek. So I purchased another controller, used, off eBay. It's a bit beat up so I was just going to swap around the boards inside. I tested the other controller... and it has the SAME problem, exactly the same. And again, it only happens in Star Trek and no other game. I'm quite confused by this, how two different controllers can have the same problem with the same game. What on Earth could the problem be? Is the game bugged? Is my Xbox 360 bugged? Is something wrong with the wireless connection? Does anyone have any ideas how this is happening? Thanks.
  11. I know Im very late to the party but... Are the servers from Defiance on 360 down?... And if that so... WHY DA HELL no one Update their guides here?... >:[
  12. Would someone please make a walk through guide for this game (NBA 2K 17) for the Xbox 360 version on the easiest/fastest way to get all the achievements. Also maybe create or point me to a link which has the best settings for a created player. All of these that I'm finding are all for the Xbox one (achievements) or PS/XBOX ONE for the created player settings. It's driving me nuts not having any guides... Sure I can (and have been) playing the game on my own before anyone jumps down my throat for not having done so. It's just always nice to have some guidance to reassure me that what I'm doing is as close to the best way possible to do it. I would even consider sending someone a few bucks to do so. If anyone is interested in doing it out of the kindness of their heart or for some case please contact me some how through here (if we can send messages) or post a reply. I'm new to the site so I don't know if there are measages and what not. If you have survived my rambling to this point then I thank you for even giving me your time to read through this nuisance of a forum post lol.
  13. Hey everyone! Name Tyler. My friends call me T-Y. It was a football nickname that stuck. My gamertag is ZombieSlayer388. I'm prior military. I was in the Army for 4 years. I fixed helicopter electronic systems. I was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.
  14. Alright, I have a Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router..... I have owned it since I believe end of 2009, The router has worked perfect for me all this time till here for the past week I just got my Internet back after a month of not having it. The whole time the internet was off, my router stayed on, Didn't really bother with disconnecting devices, turning the power off to it or anything, I left it alone like it was.... Well I got my internet back.... All my devices connected fine as usual before it was disconnected... Ok so I use my computer for awhile then I turn it off, then later on I'll turn on my xbox and try to connect (wired) it wont connect at all? Possibly a IP conflict, I try the laptop (which I connect wirelessly as always, same problem. So I reset the power on the router.... everything connects good as usual, but if i turn the xbox off and back on to reconnect, it wont reconnect for some reason, same thing with the laptop, Ok so I tried something different..... I hard reset the router back to Factory default settings, and hoping it works, still same issues. To sum it up pretty much, the devices that I want to connect have to be connected right then and there after the router is powered on, and my connection will stay on until I turn my devices off and back on and they wont reconnect with my router unless its reset. When I bought the router over 2 years ago, I never had to configure it, I leave it unsecure since I live in a rural area pretty much by myself, and I live by myself.... I have never had no problems with it till just this week. Im pretty clueless on what to do, im thinking the router is starting to be a faulty router? Not sure. Everything use to connect fine to it with no problems at all till I lost my internet for a month and I received it back, I started having all this trouble, and if anybodys wondering, none of the settings were touch on the router the whole time, nor was the router ever touched while my internet was off. If anybody has a clue whats going on, reply back so I can figure this damn thing out! Its frustrating me to the max! Appreciate the help guys! - Sim31
  15. With the Xbox becoming more and more focused on implementing the Kinect into every aspect of using the console such as gaming, watching films and searching the marketplace, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we draw the line? With yet another new dashboard just around the corner, those of you who have seen the previews and own a Windows Phone 7 will know what i'm talking about when I say that it has been reduced to looking like an expanded app. All for the sake of making it easier to navigate for the minority of Xbox users who own a Kinect. Not only is the Dashboard suffering from losing it's identity, but our games as well. The most dramatic example of which is Fable: the Journey. Fable, a series which has always been known for being a massive open world RPG, has succumbed to the curse of the Kinect. It has been reduced to a linear joke, all for the sake of trying to use technology which is adequately suited for fitness and sports games, but should never be used for core games. For all who enjoy using the Kinect, i just want to say that I find the technology it uses amazing, but I just feel that it is currently doing the Xbox more harm than good. Since the Kinect has come out, everything about the xbox has been made to focus on using it and I think it's ruining the the charm of what the Xbox used to be.
  16. I think this is the right area being related to the xbox 360. Anyway I've got the Xbox with the 250GB & built in wireless but everynow & then I would just get disconnected from XBL and I'll try to reconnect. I click on the Wireless Network tab & it will come up with "To use a wireless internet connection, connect an xbox 360 wireless networking adapter to your console." Is this is a fault with my actuall console & go get a new one, It's only a few months old & never been moved around or dropped. Just looking for some advice on the matter. Thanks in advance.
  17. can anyone help me. i want to be ranked on the websites leader boards.
  18. Hello gamers from all world, this is Ares
  19. Hey! I'm an new member and wanna say HI! I'm From The Netherlands and wanna see how this forum is working etc. when i click on Submit new thread, I got 5 posts and i can check everything etc. So: HI! I'm Ticoman NL From NL and i am fourteen years old. dunno if you know the place where i life, Edam. You know. Edam cheese Greetz Ticoman NL
  20. Looking for people to help me out with some band achievements for Guitar Hero 5. Especially the eight people, all on the same instrument achievement. So, if anybody reads this and thinks they can help me out. I can use all the assistance I can get. I haven't really figured out a fool proof plan on how to get 8 people, all together. So, what I've came up with is that if you're willing to help me. Just send a friend request to PlatonicFrog and when I have a good amount of friends on, who are willing to help me. I'll just send game invites and get this achievement out of the way. If anybody has a better way on doing this. I'd be more then happy to do it. Hope to hear from somebody soon
  21. As per title. Mine is probably Oasis....trees ftw.
  22. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2011/02/iisu530px23512.jpg What's an "iisu," you ask? It's an acronym for "The Interface Is You," of course! It's also the name of SoftKinetic's "3D gesture recognition" software development kit, available now for "qualified developers" to license for free. The iisu SDK is said to work with "all major 3D depth-sensing devices," which we're told includes support for Microsoft's Kinect. The free version of iisu is strictly a "non-commercial" SDK, though a full, commercial version can be purchased. The dev kit offers tools for building both games and applications, and includes Unity 3D and Flash support. Interested parties can get the ball rolling by applying for a free license on SoftKinetic's application page. Between SoftKinetic's SDK and those from Evoluce, PrimeSense and even Microsoft itself, there will soon be, like, so many SDKs available for Kinect. We're gonna start stretching right now in preparation for the eventual results. Source: SoftKinetic
  23. since playing this game i have come to love it to bits, okay there may not be much to do, but it sure is great fun to play and very interesting especially if you got friends as you can challenge your friends and try to get the best scores. i suppose playin the fifa games was fun playing with your friends all nite long with beers and everything and well i still feel kinect sports is better. what does everybody else think wat sports game do you prefer? If other say what game it is that you enjoy so we can share and discuss together.
  24. Recently my basement was destroyed by a bit of water damage. It fell through the ceiling above the tv and got pretty much everything wet. (Xbox Included) I have the Xbox360 250G Slim console so when I went to retrieve the hard-drive, I was surprised when it didn't seem to have had any water taken at all. I haven't tried plugging it in because it may be dangerous so I went to ask you first. Would it be possible that the console or hard drive may still work and if not, is there a way I can fix it avoiding buying another console. Info that might help: My basement wasn't flooded just very wet. The ceiling tiles broke under the pressure of the water and the entire carpet was sopping. There was no standing water and my Xbox was sitting on a table about three feet tall next to the television. Thanks guys for the help!
  25. I will take over these forums! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Or I could just play games ... Yeah I think I'll do that instead. Hey! Add me why don't you? Just as long as you have a good enough reason though because I don't accept random Friend Requests anymore, okay?
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