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  1. Hello, I really really need help with this, and I don't know if this is the correct website to get help from, but worth a try. I'll try to keep this as short as possible with as much details... So my xbox live keeps disconnecting at random moments, like in-between 10-30 minutes or something. This all started like 2 months ago, and the problem isn't going away on it's own. I can't join friends anymore in party's and can't decently play online anymore (which is a waste of money on xbox live for me). Around that time we also got a new router, but it was a bit back, I am not sure if my xbox started doing this at that exact moment. That could be to problem, but I am not 100% sure. I've searched on a lot of forums what to do; - I have done a connection test on my xbox and it says my NAT is open. - I have cleared my cache - I have deleted my xbox profile, and downloaded it back again - I went on my router settings, (I do not have much knowledge about this at all), but I have enabled my UpNP setting. I have enabled my DMZ setting. - I have turned my router/modem off for 30 seconds multiple times - I have also done a speed test, (even though I am clueless if it is good or not) the results were: download: 90mb/s, upload: 9mb/s, ping: 17ms But yet NOTHING seems to work. My router type: Sitecom Model: WLR-5002 (I have an xbox 360) I have both wired and wireless internet, but I always use wired (I've also tried wireless but that doesn't make a difference) If someone could help me with this I would be REALLY REALLY thankful!! Cheers!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this website and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me get all of the assassin's creed multiplayer achievements. I don't have a lot of friends that have xbox live and I'm looking for some new ones. My gamer tag is krazigemini. Send me a message if you ever want to play!
  3. ello, this is my first time using these forums so i'm not really sure if i'm posting in the right place, probably not, if not could someone point me in the right direction please. I'm looking to post and ask for help on an achievement that requires a friend over xbox live, I know there's a thread somewhere that people ask eachother to help, but as I said, i'm a newbie so I have no idea what i'm doing. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Does anyone still play multiplayer on these games? There are achievements (all the multiplayer ones) I need and could do with some help, hmu๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. Hello, this is a thread about the early start you can have on Fifa 12 ultimate team tomorrow on the ea sports website . You sign in and if you had fifa 11 ultimate team you get two free Gold packs . and a higher chance to get Wayne Rooney in form (92) And Mario Gomez in from (89 i think). So When you open your packs post who you got on here even if they are terrible and maybe we can sort out trades on here . And another topic are you excited for this years ultimate team? I personally am . So lets get discussing guys and Gals. Peace x:woop::woop::woop::woop::eek::Bounce::Bounce:
  6. Historically I had quite a few issues with COD 4 i that it would cut out mid game and i would lose all of the progress and achievements from that game. COD 6 wasnt too bad however i have recently started on BF2 and the problem has started again. Normally it would just be one games worth of progress however this morning it cut out and lost about 3 games worth of achievements and unlocks, very annoying! Has anyone else had this issue or knows of a solution, please help!
  7. Host's Gamertag: TCM Chronic How to get invited: Send a message to that gamertag saying "Inv" and you will get a invite. General Rules: 1. You must be set to Game Chat 2. Radar is Off 3. Spectating set to FREE 4. Friendly fire is ON 5. No Private Chats with Michael Myers 6. Match is set for 10 minutes. No one can Kill Michael Myers. 7. When you are โ€œLast Aliveโ€, you can then attack Michael Myers with Knifes only! 8. No Camping, you have to move your position every 30 seconds. 9. No Shooting Michael Myers (You can wing him, or divert him to a location, but not kill him), No Grenades, No Claymores, Stuns. Flash and Smoke Aloud. Knifes only. 10. If Michael Myers in Killed before the last person alive, Match is Reset, same game. If youโ€™re Michael Myers: 1. You Always take top team, All other players go bottom 2. If you are Michael Myers, and someone else joins your team, kill them (Or if two people canโ€™t decide, this will decide who Michael Myers for the Round is). 3. You must wait at your spawn position and give the people who are not Michael Myers, a chance to run. (At least 15 seconds โ€“ They will all fire one shot at 15 second mark) 4. You can ONLY Knife! 5. You can use smoke, and flash. 6. The First person killed is Michael Myers next round. 7. You Cannot RPG, JAVELIN or THUMPER the Spawn of the opposing team at the start, thats not cool! If youโ€™re NOT Michael Myers: 1. You always take bottom team. 2. Friendly fire is on, so be careful!! 3. RUN 4. Shoot one shot at 15 Seconds Mark to let Michael Myers know he can run. 5. No Camping 6. If you are the last one alive, you are the only one who can Kill Michael Myers, and its must be done by Knife
  8. I'm looking for content that's meant to drop on the 13th, and I was wondering if there was a scheduled time that Marketplace generally updates with new material? Any ideas? If it varies or has little to no trend what-so-ever, I'll just have to keep checking back every few hours. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey everyone. Has anyone else been having trouble playing against people on xbox live? Every time i try to join a match it either says it lost connection to the host or cant connect. Any ideas? Has anyone heard of a patch coming anytime soon?
  10. Hi guys, Ever since I got my Black Ops I've noticed some seriously inconsistent times being taken to join a game. Sometimes it will join them within a few minutes, others I can be sat here waiting for 10-15 minutes before I give up and try a different game mode. My NAT type is open, I've had no problems before playing other games in this regard. From looking on the net it seems this is a fairly common problem. I was wondering if anyone had had this issue themselves and managed to fix it? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Until then I will await a patch from Treyarch, which I hope is already being developed Cheers Stu
  11. When I try to connect to xbox live I get an error message saying "Cannot connect to xbox live. Would you like to start the trouble shooter?" The trouble shooter indicates everything is fine. Also, I don't have family settings on at all and every other game for 360 works just fine. Also, it won't let me see any achievements on my dashboard because it's an original xbox game. This is the first original xbox game I've tried to play on my 360
  12. After Scouring the web, ive yet to see an actual topic that says this, its been mentioned, but not a topic dedicated to it. The Achievements for Episode 9 of Naughty Bear Have not been uploaded to Xbox live, basically, you can earn them but no-one can see you've earned them. Usually this would be fixed with a week at the latest, but as this is a game that no so many people care about, its pushing a month without a fix, and there is no word of a fix coming soon. A list of the achievements that got added can be seen here But as you can see if on xbox live, the title says 1000/1000, if you have downloaded them you'll see up to 1250 on your dashboard.
  13. PLEASE READ FIRST! LAST UPDATED 22ND OCTOBER 2012 PLEASE NOTE: USE CTRL+F THEN TYPE THE NAME OF THE GAME YOU WANT TO SEARCH FOR. ALL LINKS ARE NOW ADDED, SO IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU LIKE, JUST CLICK ON IT SEE THE BRACKETS NEXT TO EACH LISTING TO DETERMINE WHICH REGION THESE DOWNLOADS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM. ***IF YOU SEE AN ASTERISK * PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE GAMES ARE HUB APPLICATIONS AND MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS AND/OR COSTS, PLEASE CHECK UNDER GAME ADD-ONS TO CONFIRM FREE CONTENT FOR THESE GAMES*** GOLD EXCLUSIVE REQUIRES AN XBOX LIVE GOLD SUBSCRIPTION TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AVATAR ITEMS, CHECK THIS THREAD HERE NO POSTING DETAILS ABOUT HOW TO OBTAIN/MAKE FOREIGN ACCOUNTS - PLEASE SEE HERE FOR DETAILS. I am currently working in a remote area with very limited internet access, so unfortunately I am not able to update this list at the present time. I would like to make a very special thanks to all the people who have constructively contributed to this thread. Without you, this list would not be possible. GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE: Age of Empires Online (U.S, U.K, AUS) Microsoft Flight (U.S, U.K, AUS) Tinker (U.S, U.K, AUS) ADD-ONS: Batman Arkham Asylum โ€“ Insane Night Map Pack (U.S, U.K, AUS) Bioshock 2 โ€“ Kill โ€˜em Kindly (U.S, U.K, AUS) Bioshock 2 โ€“ The Protector Trials (U.S, U.K, AUS) Dead Rising 2 โ€“ Free Pack - Ninja (U.S, U.K, AUS) Dead Rising 2 โ€“ Free Pack - Psycho (U.S, U.K, AUS) Dead Rising 2 โ€“ Free Pack - Soldier (U.S, U.K, AUS) Dead Rising 2 โ€“ Free Pack โ€“ Sports Fan (U.S, U.K, AUS) Dead Rising 2: Off The Record โ€“ FREE Support Pack (U.S, U.K, AUS) DiRT 3 โ€“ Free Car Pack (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Dye Pack (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Five Star Dog Potion (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Female Highlander Outfit (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Free Weapons (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Free Yule Hat (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Hair Pack (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Highlander Tattoo Set (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Male Highlander Outfit (U.S, U.K, AUS) Fable III โ€“ Red Setter Dog Potion (U.S, U.K, AUS) Microsoft Flight โ€“ RED TAILS P-51 (U.S, U.K, AUS) Resident Evil: Raccoon City โ€“ Spec Ops Free Mission 1 (U.S, U.K, AUS) (cont.)
  14. Me ( DFT Alien) and my buddy ( DFT StorM) are looking for some players to play some games with. We have played together for many years and some of them were competitively through Gears of War. We are passed that now and really just want to find some chill guys who can get on and get play some games with us. We play all kinds ranging from RPG's like Mass Effect to Multiplayer like COD. We seem to always be running short on players when it comes to co-op games and are really looking to add a fourth or fifth person to the mix so we can get achievements and play the games. We also, collect blu rays and sometimes watch them together over Live. ( We used to live together) You don't have to do that, but the type of guys we are mainly looking for are matured (Ages 18-and on). It would be nice if you had a job or someway to get the games that come out like we do. Reply or message me if you are interested. You do not have to be some pro gamer, we honestly just want people to play co-op games with and have some fun. My GS is 54K and his is 80+K. Would love to find some new gamers out there!
  15. Hi I'm British but live in Switzerland and have a Swiss Xbox LIVE account. But my console is set to English and so are all my games and achievements etc. The thing now is, that I had to recover my GT (which worked absolutely fine). But now, all my achievements appear in German! How can I undo this? Console has been set to English ever since and guys, the names for the achievements in German sound really stupid. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey, i just unlocked both the N7 Helmet and the omni-blade for the Xbox Live Avatar, but when I went to put them on they weren't in the menu, are they going to put them on xbox soon or is this just a glitch on my part?
  17. I tried to get on xbox at 4:30pm and for half an hour it's not letting me sign in, I know it's not my Internet connection as I've tried the test connection and it said you can't connect to xbox live not the Internet, is any body else in the UK having the same problem or is it just me?
  18. So, I have my xbox connected to my computer via ethernet cable and the computer is connected to the wireless internet. The wireless network is shared so I can access xbox live from my xbox. Xbox live works fine but it won't recognize my pc or anything. It also says that my NAT isn't open or something, I followed all the instructions. Please help me. THANKS
  19. Ok If anyone cannot connect to xbox live due an MTU error plz reply me on how to fix the problem me and all my friends cannot connect.We live in belguim. So plz plz reply on how to fix tried it all reset modem reset router othing worked. Best regards
  20. My brother send me a this link to xbox live and Gameflys promo: you sign up for 1 month trial for $5.95 and get 400 MS points to boot! He's down in Texas and signed up, they have a new ship center in Austin, so he is a very happy gamer. I'm already a member so I can't get the points. Thinking about re-signing up under my wifes name. http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/06/12/gamefly-offers-up-special-xbox-live-offer/
  21. Ok, I had to put AC1 flag/temlar hunting on hold for a second so I could write this: Have you ever done something in a game, and the second you do it, a friend logs on to XBL. It's so weird. Example (most recent): I started playing Assassin's Creed 1 again to try and get 1000 G. I was getting flags in Jerusalem. The EXACT second I pick one up, a friend came online. Now I knew that I wasn't getting anachievement anytime soon because I had only gotten like 2 flags. But it's still wierd! Like, I could have picked up that flag faster and sooner then I did. Would my friend have come on then ? Or I could have went for an entirely different flag! Would it have happened then? Another recent example: A friend came online THE EXACT SECOND that a killed a main assassination target!! (I had already gotten the achievement for him in another playthrough) What the fudge! So I was just wondering if this has happened to anybody else. It's happened to me so many times, I'm going to start keeping a record (If I start keeping track though, it probably won't happen again ). Question: Has anyone ever had a Friend come online at the same time they accomplished something in a game?
  22. hey im just wondering if anyone wanna add me on xbox live. i normally am on cod5/waw but i play halo 3 and cod4 too. so add me if you want thanks
  23. I've been coming to this website for years now achievement hunting, and I'm only JUST registering to the site. I'm about to be 22 years old and I've been gaming all my life. Currently, I work at EA Games in QA as a Tester. I love getting achievements, and you can always catch me achievement hunting. My first account I ever had, back in 2008-2009 I built up 35,000 GamerScore or something close to it (GT: Bobaganooshh) until I lost that account due to forgetting my password, and email password info. Over the years I modded my achievements on two other accounts because I missed my gamerscore, and got them banned. Now, I'm currently on my official and legit account (GT: Bobaaganoosh) and I've had it for a year now and just back up at 20,000 gamerscore. It's been a long but fun struggle. On my old account, I had many games 1,000, now I only have like one I think, Battlefield 3. I also have my Xbox ONE paid of in full, and will be getting it on the midnight release! If any of you would like to add me, or talk on here, feel free. I'll be staying here for a long time.
  24. Two years ago, my friend set up his xbox account and used someone elses email for security. Now he wants to change some setting, but he is no longer in touch with the other person so he can't change anything. According to X-box, He's been offline for a year. Please Help.
  25. Use this thread in order to trade online achievements with other forum members!
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