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  1. Title Update 2 5 Achievements for 400G Free Played With Balls You Played With Balls 100 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd3AUUNLmGxGJPxvn45tYhwPt89_wZKDC58pKTof4E4jU.yKW6Aegcy0577QSMKyDFywhwRqTmQ83CKjE5iHLrCuRXArqSc6O7wZ0NuIsRTw_&h=768&w=1366&format=jpg Toasted 50 50 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd4HVebRWUI5yyKoLA.s06KZ_17.R0_Q7lEzpUy_BO.YSBmK7W5UunWPP66Sd8YTMTaiK2DHeiy7Z5hnb67r5w5rzE61HpYkkqLa1w0AP9ij8 (I think they forgot to add the proper description, because it just says "50". For reference, its killing yourself with a toaster in a sink or bathtub) Ima Powder Out Inhale Too Much Powder 25 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd.9YycT437_wbQclCKBJqPkmM4l.nf8rCxNAXXYygIGaTDOih_BeR65BZ4zc_yZrEvUp0e664EiY84QseRMeeRrZWznjVjmFwOlFd8w37ab0 Make A Fish Your Dish RIP Bubbles the Fish 25 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsd46xzKlH20tWo5FH4RANl0lrBvDbMdCaJBnJxaR3LnuHXYw8eKqy5Q5wOkmZHjc9Uyl7zK14sVzq42SN8omKs6kBxxBbWY5GZND4BKUpsg.u You Are What You Eat Eat at least 100 Hotdogs 200 https://images-eds-ssl.xboxlive.com/image?url=27S1DHqE.cHkmFg4nspsdwsdc7ea6zcmPgLiRlMz1wR83nmfsPLw956husMdIGDSS8GEDj9Xg1enK98wxs9qePhGxFE0beSRLr2bfB1ZYHkQlLCIl0c7naeNgcjPa2LFMLw8Gi3CdPUILd1RsEHwxQ--
  2. Hi Family :-) I am a old timer on here but recently decided to tryout uploading videos on youtube :-) feel free to check out my channel, facebook or add me on XBL the links are below :-) http://www.youtube.com/jezyfartpants http://www.facebook.com/jezyfartpants
  3. Hey guys, Im Michael (TheChosenTurban) just starting up on this website, using the achievement guides etc all very good hard work, so will try help others as best as i can
  4. Hello. So im new to xboxes and i know pretty much nothing about them but I'd like to get one and my question is- which one? I definitely want to play GTA V, GTA IV, Fifa 15 and Guitar hero (only with drums) on that. Should it be xbox 360 E or xbox 360 S. And how many gigabites? What would be the cheapest and the best way? Thanks.
  5. Keyes


    Hey there, I'm Keyes I've been playing X-Box since 2009 and the first game I ever played was 007: Quantum of Solace
  6. Can't wait to Play These again, Great N64 Memories
  7. Hello everyone, thanks for having me. My GT is DogtownRaptor, and after 8 years away. I'm finally picking half up where I left off. Due to life complications (pfft, who needs em), I have decided to root myself at the very time I stopped gaming with my Xbox 360. So far, I've had a blast playing through the Gears of War series, thank you for the guides. So far, have been very helpful. I've surpassed my previous best Gamerscore on Gears 1, so very happy. In many ways, this is a heartfelt thanks to all involved. I've been a long time lurker, and sadly if it wasn't for the post limitations I'd doubt if post a thing, I do ramble afterall... But, alas, in reality I'm an anxious person. Yet being involved from a far has been a fabulous experience for just over a decade now. From when I first dusted my 360 off, til this day, I have been thankful for the escapism and countless effort this community has established. So, without too much pillow talk, like it or not. I'm a verbal part of this now too. I do hope we can come together to help one another grind out some tough 'chievos! Ps, if you're on the old hardware at all, and fancy a game or a chat. Hit me up! Many thanks!
  8. Notes: - This is only for the Bedrock Edition "Minecraft" game on Xbox One that is also available on Xbox Game Pass (console) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. - Confirmed to work on Xbox Series X|S consoles. You can import worlds on Xbox One, but it requires a third-party app called MC Addons Manager (available from the Xbox Store on console). Prerequisites: - Microsoft Edge app (pre-installed on all Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles) - MC Addons Manager app from the Xbox Store (free) - Minecraft game for Xbox One (available on Xbox Game Pass and is backward compatible on Xbox Series X|S) - A downloaded world with the .mcworld filename extension on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console There are two achievements (Diamonds to you! and Time for Stew) that require 2 players. You can either use an extra controller (via split-screen), a second device (e.g. Android, iOS, Kindle Fire*, or Windows 10 with Minecraft installed) via LAN Game (requires the Multiplayer Game and LAN Game options turned ON for the world), or just invite a friend to help you with them: * The Kindle Fire release of Minecraft requires using the Amazon Appstore app to purchase and install the game on Android. If you don't own an actual Android device, an Android emulator such as BlueStacks can be used on a Windows PC. Please note that you cannot have two "Minecraft" releases installed at the same time. You will need to uninstall Minecraft from the Google Play Store before you can install the one from the Amazon Appstore. This also applies to the Gear VR release from the Oculus store. .mcworld file using MC Addons Manager (available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store). The video below shows how to get the Skyblock Classic [1.16.100+] world, but the instructions are nearly identical to get any other world imported on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console. Video guide: How to Download FREE MAPS on Minecraft XboxOne/XboxSeriesX! Tutorial (New Method) 2020 Credits for the video: ElderWizardGaming's channel Text guide: 01) [IMPORTANT] Be sure to launch Minecraft on your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S) and create a new world. You will need to Save & Quit the world once created. This world should be listed in one of the other apps we will be using later. 02) I also suggest lowering the Render Distance if you are playing Minecraft just for achievements as the worlds are quite condensed. - 02a) At the main menu, go to Settings - 02b) Go down to Video - 02c) Scroll down to Render Distance - 02d) Set it to 5 chunks. This will force the game to load fewer chunks as you move around the world. A chunk is a 256-block tall 16×16 segment of a Minecraft world (i.e. much fewer data to load and display on the screen at one time). --- Quit Minecraft completely. 03) Press the Xbox Guide button 04) Highlight Minecraft 05) Press the Menu button (sometimes referred to as the Start button or the "hamburger" button) 06) Highlight Quit 07) Press the A button --- This will close the Minecraft game completely so that it doesn't go into the Quick Resume state when you switch to a different app. 08) On your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S), launch the Microsoft Edge app 09) In the address bar at the top, enter either one of the following addresses (main: Google Drive): http://www.Download.MinecraftAchievements.net/ OR (alternative: Dropbox) http://www.Download2.MinecraftAchievements.net/ 10) Click on "Ultimate Achievement World - x.xx.x.mcworld" (the x's represent the version of Minecraft installed on your console; the version number in-game is shown in the lower-right corner at the main menu screen) 11) On the right side, click the down arrow ("Download" which is a down arrow with a line underneath it) 12) Click Direct download 13) Wait a few seconds/minutes (depending on your Internet connection speed) 14) At the bottom, click Save 15) On your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S), launch the MC Addons Manager app --- If you don't have the MC Addons Manager app on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console, you can get it from the Xbox Store for free. 16) The first time you launch the app, you will need to click Accept to agree to the terms of use for the app. This step will be skipped if you are running the app again. --- You might see a list of worlds you already have, including the one we created earlier. 17) Click Import (top right corner) --- Remember the old File Explorer app that got removed due to limited usage? It is still there, sort of. 18) You should now be at your "Downloads" folder. 19) Click "Ultimate Achievement World - x.xx.x" 20) MC Addons Manager will now begin the import process. 21) You will now be asked if you want to delete the source pack file (recommended to free up space). It doesn't matter which option you choose but you will need to re-download the achievement world (.mcworld file) using Microsoft Edge from steps 8-14 if you select Yes. If you choose No, you'll be able to re-import the achievement world again continuing with steps 15-21. 22) Once finished, you should see "Ultimate Achievement World" under your list of "World(s)" within the MC Addons Manager app itself. 23) Launch Minecraft 24) Click Play --- You might want to consider making a copy of the world as a backup if needed so that you don't need to repeat any of the steps above. - 24a) To the right of Ultimate Achievement World, click the pencil icon (Edit) - 24b) Click Game - 24c) Scroll down using RS (Right Stick) - 24d) Click the Copy World --- Rinse and repeat steps 24a-24d if you need to make another copy. 25) Click Ultimate Achievement World 26) Turn the volume up as we want to hear those achievements pop (especially those rare ones)! 27) Enjoy! .zip file method using My Files Explorer (available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store). It still works, so I'm keeping it here. Just click the spoiler link to view it. --- Achievement world(s) provided by BulletLukey and Itzz Sh0wt1m3 ---
  9. I think that if we get a certain amount of achievements, then MS should award us with something, maybe a trophy, or maybe some MS points, or even exclusive clothing for our avatars... What do you think?
  10. This post is nothing special, just me complaining that nobody ever talks during games anymore, I remember when I first got Live & it was all new & fun using team work for the upper hand. Now they only time people talk over live is to 'trash talk' & it's not even that anymore just mindless words to get attention. I prefer communication during games because it makes it more fun then to here heavy breathing noises (Note if you do that please just get rid of your headset) Well that's that, if anyone prefers team work & good sport let's get a team on some games going.
  11. I just wanted to post a couple thoughts and questions to everyone to try and get some ideas about Black Friday shopping specifically with games, hopefully sparking a discussion between us all and sharing our experience. My problem specifically this year was the lack of must have deals at the brick and mortar stores. The few exceptions (in my opinion) were Dance Central 2 for $15 and new releases like Batman Arkham City, Battlefield, and Rage for $30. My wife and I enjoy the tradition to go out late and grab a couple games and be entertained by the experience. The thing we continued to discuss was people going balls out crazy for games and movies, specifically old games with low discounts. These are two things we continued to notice: 1. EVERYONE in the games section was fighting over Call of Duty 4. This is NOT the most recent game in that series, but 4 games older than Modern Warfare 3 that was released this month. This is a game that is $20 every other day of the year and was discounted to $15 for Black Friday. 2. After there shear panic from shoppers when 10pm came around and there was a little bit of sanity in the store, my wife and I walked by the game consoles that were on their palettes. Literally dozens were sitting there to be taken. This even got to a point where the Wal-Mart associate was having to ask customers if they wanted one. I just do not understand people going crazy for lesser deals like they did this year. $100+ off a game console with 2 games is a great deal. $5 off a 4 year old game, not so much. Sorry if anyone feels I left something out but that is what comments are for.
  12. You can redeem 100 bing points for 100 mp starting next week (Nov-14) You get 20 for signing up and 60 for searching around the site! http://www.discoverbing.com/rewards/web
  13. This guy is painful just try getting through it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahFu4ffugp8&feature=related
  14. With the Xbox becoming more and more focused on implementing the Kinect into every aspect of using the console such as gaming, watching films and searching the marketplace, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we draw the line? With yet another new dashboard just around the corner, those of you who have seen the previews and own a Windows Phone 7 will know what i'm talking about when I say that it has been reduced to looking like an expanded app. All for the sake of making it easier to navigate for the minority of Xbox users who own a Kinect. Not only is the Dashboard suffering from losing it's identity, but our games as well. The most dramatic example of which is Fable: the Journey. Fable, a series which has always been known for being a massive open world RPG, has succumbed to the curse of the Kinect. It has been reduced to a linear joke, all for the sake of trying to use technology which is adequately suited for fitness and sports games, but should never be used for core games. For all who enjoy using the Kinect, i just want to say that I find the technology it uses amazing, but I just feel that it is currently doing the Xbox more harm than good. Since the Kinect has come out, everything about the xbox has been made to focus on using it and I think it's ruining the the charm of what the Xbox used to be.
  15. With all the upcoming games coming out, my wallet needs some savings. How long do you think an average playthrough would be for this game? Thanks
  16. Hey guys I have just released Tap Shot for WP7...I would love to hear some feedback! Heres a trailer: If you wanna try it search "tapshot" in marketplace or follow zune deep link here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone//s?appid=e1a87b10-30fe-4cff-992a-43e0e197a284 Please give me some feedback...thanks very much! Regards, Steve
  17. Is there a way to make your achievments sync so i dont have to go to the game and select which achievments i have? it syncs like my gamerpic and my avatar, is it sopposed to do achievments? its kinda a pain to do them all individually...
  18. Well let me start by telling you how I got to this position. I've had 2 profiles now and both got banned first one something my little brother did ( Little Bastard ) and my second one was banned because I gained 34,575 gamer score within 5 months. There was no official reson my second account got banned but it had two frigging years of Xbox live on it I Was MAD. I still going achievement hunting now but I Recently felt Something from me wanting to get achievements. I though it was because I played the games already maybe its because I like recording youtube videos ( Not Call of Duty ) I Still Cannot find the Answer So Long story short I Need Someone to remind me How fun achievements are when I get them or are going for them Add me on Xbox live if you want Gt: RSGT SeaNanners
  19. I changed my gamertag on xbox live but it still says my old gamertag on this website. How do I change this?
  20. I am making this to keep track of a list of all the 5 star items that people come across, and i would really appreciate it if you could post the items that u have come across that are 5 star. and if you can the chapter and difficulty you obtained them on. I will add anything new onto a list, with the chapter+Difficulty. - Ancient Armor, Death's Hard Mode Chest - Winged Boots, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Death's Robe, Death's Hard Mode Chest - Dracula's Tunic, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Valmanway, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Claimb Solais, Chapter 6 Hard Mode - Simon's Plate - Dracula's Hard Mode Chest.
  21. Hello gamers from all world, this is Ares
  22. Hey Im looking for a saints row 2 co-op partner i have all dlc and im on eastern time i need someone to play all missions and activites for the achievements if you are interested message me on xbox box my gamertag is: CrazyCanadian77
  23. Congratulations, proud owner of WFC. If you are reading this then you probably play this game. Are you stuck on an achievement? Need to unlock prime mode? Never fear friends, because on the 28th, Transformers War for Cybertron is released to the masses on Games on Demand on Xbox 360. Say hello to more multiplayer buddies.
  24. I am sure this has been asked a million times.. I wasn't sure how to find my answer on the forums. Maybe one of you can help me. I changed my Gamertag today, and want to know if it transfers to this site, and if so, how? Thank you, and sorry if this a FAQ.
  25. maubo

    HDD transfer

    Hey I´m thinking about changing my xbox for the gears or star wars special edition but I want to keep all my info, arcade games, saved games etc. and don´t want to copy every single file, so is there a way to move everything from my xbox slim s to the new one or do I have to do it step by step THanks
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