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  1. So, there was a glitch I had while playing the game. My friend did the glitch that launches him into the tree near the mansion, and I went through the mansion. When the final ghost dropped, I hadn't TECHNICALLY entered the maze yet, and I didn't get a perk from her. What could be the issue?
  2. Just today I FINALLY got the 100% for Dead Rising. I never thought I'd see the day! I actually got 100% on DR2 first before this one. Ugh, 7-Day Survivor and Transmissionary though... I wanted to tear my hair out at times but I freaking did it. Sorry if this seems kind of random but I honestly didn't expect to do this.
  3. in my game of zombies the battery for the robot isnt showing up in any of the three loctions and i always have infinite soul power so i was wondering if anybody is having this problem and can somebody tell me how to fix it please and i delete it and reinstalled it again that didnt work so please can somebody help me thank you
  4. I just wanted to start a post with people sharing the exceptional weapons they have located and their names and if possible what the weapon references (in my experience they all are homage to something). 1) A one handed hammer named "Ban" - Ban Hammer- Internet jargon for A metaphorical weapon used by moderators to ban a user. 2) A two handed giant wrench named "Italian Plumber" - Super Mario Bros.- If you don't get the reference here I can't help you, you shouldn't even be playing video games 3) A two handed sword named "Zeds Demise"- Pulp Fiction- In the movie "Pulp Fiction" a man by the name of Zed is slashed and stabbed with a two handed sword leading to his demise. I honestly laughed, out loud, at these three weapons names. Any and all others that are found would be appreciated and probably also laughed at.
  5. Im just wondering , when i unlock pro mode can i keep my stuff from my medium playthrough or do i start clean? also are there any special things i can get from the merchant?. i havent played this game in ages so i have forgotten. thanks :3
  6. EDIT: Found the Moon secret song on YouTube and made a mediafire link for download. "Coming Home" by Elena Siegman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m6UZuS0nCw http://www.mediafire.com/?v6bb7jr99d39xat
  7. I am not complaining, but with all the room to run along with all the confirmed wonder weapons... I say it is looking that way. *Slight Spoiler alert about the new Wonder Weapon* Add the fact that you can press left on the d-pad and seperate the wave gun into the pewter x2 zap gun dual wield with the left trigger being ray gun blasts and the right trigger being a wunderwaffe type lighting shot. Seriously, check it http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/715577/call-of-duty-black-ops-rezurrection-map-pack-video-zombies-on-the-moon-gameplay-analysis/
  8. Theories that I have heard..... Quarantine. or Quarantaine. Is a possible map, and somebody brought my attention to it. It was liberated on April 7th, 1968. Which is the day that Martin Luther King Jr. died...... He may be a member of the map, along with (who knows? maybe other civil rights leaders?? I mean, who wouldn't want to see Rosa Parks tear up zombies???) Another map is possibly Echelon. I have heard it may be based off of the Rusalka....... In the mission Revelations, at one point if you pause it, it says Echelon with numbers after it.... I Don't think this one is that strong..... The Theories that I have had, along with others for this game are that 1: The next map may be in the Jungle, based off of the Elephants after you save the old characters in Call Of The Dead. Now I have a few theories all of my own..... 1: There may be two zombie maps in one DLC, one of them with Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, JFK, McNamara, Nixon, and Castro. 2: The next one may feature Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, Trejo, Gellar, Englund, and Rooker. 2 1/2: Maybe even one with different Civil Rights leaders and the four playable characters from Call Of The Dead..... This is just what I am thinking MAY happen, my theory. Discuss.
  9. So I was at Gamestop today and they told me not to preorder the Zombrex pen edition. The sales clerk said they got an email saying it would be delayed a week. Has anyone else heard this and sorry for the peolpe who will have to wait a week while everyone else levels up.
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdZuAy3x5AQ]Now with more Zombies![/ame] I know the video is aimed at the PS3 (all videos for the Scott Pilgrim game make no mention of the fact that it's out on the 360 on the 25th of this month?), but no reason it shouldn't work on the Xbox 360 version (if of course, it isn't some sort of cruel joke?); at the title screen press: Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right.
  11. Hey, I've been working for a while now on getting "what are you trying to prove." I get to the finale and either my team quits or we just for some reason can't beat it. But if anyone wanted to help out getting this achievement it would be greatly appreciated and fun! Let me know and send me your gamer score. Mine is TT Obliveon TT. Thanks guys! This could go for either left 4 dead or left 4 dead 2 but preferably the first one.
  12. I can't believe there's not a thread for this already. Unless I'm missing something obvious, in which case I apologise. It's pretty faithful to the comic books (which is no bad thing) with a few minor changes, which is to be expected for a TV show. Anyone else been watching it?
  13. A Detailed Guide To Getting The Following Zombies Achievements; Tutorial To Get To The Magic Box & Tips: - - Sacrifical Lamb (15G): - (Shoot Or Be Shot By An Ally With A Pack-A-Punch Crossbow And Kill Six Zombies With The Explosion) - See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me (15G): - (Fire A Pack-A-Punch Ballistic Knife At A Downed Ally To Revive Them From A Distance) - Hands Off The Merchandise (20G): - (Kill The Pentagon Thief Before It Can Steal Your Load-Out) - The Collector (20G): - (Buy Every Weapon Off The Walls In A Single Zombies Game) Hope This Guide Helps You All. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvH8LcyzyEA]YouTube - Black Ops | Zombies Achievements Guide | All Zombies Achievements With Strategies[/ame] Remember To Subscribe To My Channel Here For More Awesome Black Ops Content http://www.youtube.com/user/ImmenseZ
  14. So, I know a handful of you sunuva bitches have the game already....damn you, i'm just jealous.....anyways... Does every map of zombies have local splitscreen co-op? The new ones, Dead-ops, and [email protected] maps? I am assumeing they ALL do, but I want to make 100% sure. Me and my wife love local splitscreen zombies. And Dead-Ops sounds like it will be fun co-op. Won't stop me from picking up my preordered Harden edition, but may be a buzzkill. But I have yet to see videos of Dead-ops, anyone have a video of it that hasnt been takein down? I've seen all other mode videos leaked, but the one dead ops video i ran across was already taken down. Can someone hook me up? Thanks guys!
  15. I was at the end of the Death Toll Finale and got incapped by the boat but Francis helped me up and I went to the boat(second one in after Francis) and Louis followed in. Zoey died but I didn't. In the credits it said I died but I made it on the boat and now it's not counting towards my What are you trying to prove achievement. Can someone help me? http://card.mygamercard.net/lastgame/sm1+smackdown.png
  16. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to play Undead Overrun in RDR. Just send me a message if you wanna play. I don't have any room for friends, so you will have to settle for sending me a message. Hit me up anytime. (Mic is required) Thanks- IW Revenge
  17. I was playing 4 players and we did the secret easter egg. A couple rounds later we got bored and killed George with Hyena and Anarchy. HE DROPPED A WONDERWAFF DG2 just like the easter egg. We died before we could kill him again, but I think he drops a DG2 every time you kill him AFTER you complete the easter egg. The DG2 had full ammo, but you couldn't upgrade it, you couldn't switch guns, and you couldn't get a max ammo for it.
  18. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q_kGf0kT9k]YouTube - Black Ops - Ensamble Cast Achievement[/ame]
  19. I've been playing Black Ops since release; completed the single player and regularly play multiplayer. I never played the original Zombie game in World at War and have briefly played Zombies in Black Ops. I recently started playing Zombies to try and get 100% GS for Black Ops but I am utter garbage at it. I just find it far more difficult than both the single player and multiplayer. The pace, everything that needs to be achieved and the lack of communication with online players (which seems to be essential). Any advice on getting better at this game mode? Are there any maps in particular that are more suited to a new player?
  20. last night myself and a friend was playing acension to get myself the space race achievment, after round 6 i had got it and we carried on playing to see how far we got, after 2 horus we reached level 33 with just the two of us, i was just wondering how far everyone had got, i thought 33 was pretty reasonable. im new to this so dont be too harsh
  21. Hey, As I've completed all achievements for BOs, love zombies and started achievement hunting on other games (particularly CoD) I'be decided to make zombies fun again by helping. I want to help out the community as much as it's helped me - I'm not gonna grief you if you aren't particularly good or zombies isn't your thing, don't worry - you won't be shunned or shouted at Obviously if zombies isn't you there are some achievements where you'll have to carry yourself through but I can offer you the best of my knowledge to help and advise. Check out YouTubers like YoteSlaya and TheRelaxingEnd for good game plays and pay attention to their strategies to pick up styles for dealing with hordes! My GT is: Jimmy020889 please PM me first, either here or Xbox, so I know it's zombies
  22. What kind of achievements do you think will be on black ops II
  23. Since there is no thread for it, I thought i'd make a thread about it here so you should just post here this has nothing to do with Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3 so you would be stupid to post there.
  24. My personal favourite is Plaza, but i also love Express and Hijacked. What's everyone elses?
  25. CHARACTER/CLASS VARIANTS WORK IN PROGRESS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE. IF PLANT/ZOMBIE NAMES OR DESCRIPTIONS ARE WRONG PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'm making this list so we have a compilation of all of the different variants of the plant and zombie classes. _____________________________PLANTS____________________________ Pea Shooters Pea Shooter - Shoots peas that cause splash damage if not shot directly at a zombie. 10 round magazine. Upgrades: 1) Hyper Plant Food - Grown from only the finest plant food, the Peashooter's reload time has now decreased. 2) Extra Peas - A distant cousin sent more peas. What a nice cousin! Ammo capacity has increased. (to 12) 3) Super Pea Ammo - These super peas are so super, they increase pea damage. Toxic Peashooter - Poisons target and creates a toxic aura. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Commando Peashooter - Fully automatic peashooter. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Ice Peashooter - Shots can freeze target for a few seconds. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Agent Peashooter - Silenced peas, higher critical damage. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Fire Peashooter - Sets target on fire with lingering damage over time. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Chompers Chomper - Simple, he chomps. Upgrades: 1) Super Chomper Speed Boost - Chomper gains a speed boost due to getting in shape. 2) Improved Intestinal Chamber - Sudden Mutation enhances Chomper digestion rate, making it faster to digest Zombies. 3) Hardened Skin - Increased health as a result of the hardening of skin. Chompula - Heals after killing. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Fire Chomper - Fire spray atack, fire damage over time. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Power Chomper - Electric spray that does more damage than fire but no lasting effects. Upgrades: 1) Lightning Speed - Moves slightly slower than lightning speeds, but that's still faster than normal. 2) Electrified Innards - Digests Zombies faster by shocking them with electrified innards. 3) Charged Health Upgrade - Health increase due to charged skin particles. Hot Rod Chomper - After killing, get a speed boost for a short time. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Toxic Chomper - Toxic spray attack and creates a toxic aura. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Sunflowers Sunflower - Shoots sun pulses. Automatic 50 round magazine with high rate of fire. Upgrades: 1) Photosynthesis Upgrade - Converts sunlight into extra energy that helps her reload faster. 2) Extra Sunlight! - Extended sun tanning session results in increased sunlight ammo capacity. 3) Super Nova Sunlight - Converts the power of the sun into a more damaging sun pulse. Fire Flower - Sets target on fire with lingering damage over time. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Metal Flower - Slower flower but has a lot more health. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Shadow Flower - Much faster rate of fire than normal sunflower. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Power Flower - Fast projectiles with more impact damage per shot. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Mystic Sunflower - Can charge shots for more power and AoE damage. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Cactii Cactus - Shoots needles. 12 round magazine. Upgrades: 1)Fast Load Cactus Training - Prickle Academy provided free reload training, enhancing reload speed. 2) Extra Spike Growth - Extra needle growth offers an increased ammo capacity. The ammo increases from 12 to 15. 3) Pointier Spikes - Pointier cactus needles provides a more damaging impact. Fire Cactus - Shoots fire needles that continually burn enemies. Upgrades: 1) Super Rapid Reload - Super-rapid reload enhances reload speed. 2) 3) Superheated Flaming Spikes - Damage increased with superheated flaming spikes. Ice Cactus - Shoots ice needles. Zombies will freeze after being shot multiple times. 15 round magazine. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Future Cactus - Shoots future needles. Can charge shots and release for increased damage. These shots also do splash damage. 10 round magazine. Upgrades: 1) 2) Far Future Ammo - Far-future technology allows for an ammo capacity increase. 3) Power Cactus - Super fast shot so you don't have to lead your targets near as much as the regular cactus. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) Power Cactus - Longer range, less ammo in a clip, longer reload. Upgrades: 1) 2) 3) ZOMBIES ARE LISTED 3 POSTS BELOW. I FORGOT TO RESERVE A POST RIGHT AFTER THIS ONE
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