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Achievement Trading Thread


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Looking to boost with great honor, rush hour and 5 of your best, mix it up and on the bubble


I'm afraid you can't boost for "Rush Hour" or "5 of Your Best" as those have to be unlocked during the Pro races, and you can't choose who you race against. And I doubt sweet talking the other competitors into letting you win will have any effect. But have some patience and race a lot and you should earn them eventually.


You don't really need to boost "Mix it Up" and "On the Bubble" as you don't just need to race in all kinds of online events, and keep in mind that Gatecrasher events are only found under the Jam Sessions. For OTB just pick the very first Career Rallyx race you come across and put the difficulty on the easiest setting, you should have no trouble unlocking it.

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Looking to boost Rush Hour & Five of Your Best achievements. I'm pretty sure theres a way of boosting these achievements but only with 4 of us is that right?, jam up in jam session and choose pro tour is that not possible?


I'm afraid you can't boost the Pro Tour ones, unless you're lucky enough to be in a lobby with just your friends, but that will take a while since a lot of people are still playing the game. In any case, just keep racing, you should get them eventually.

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looking to get the cautious crash rating achievement, not overly sure how to set it up but hey ho, if anyone wants to boost it real quick tonight i'll be on for a few more hours tonight and free all day tommoro, just send me a message letting me know you are interested.


EDIT: Got it now, thanks 360A :)

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