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Fallout 3 PC debug achievement unlocking

Ryot Control

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bit of advice to everyone. ONLY BUY NEW SEALED COPIES. Any used copy might be used for a reason. Microsoft will disable CD-keys if they're used too many times and thats usually why people sell them cheap online.


PC games drop in price VERY fast and i've already seen Fallout 3 on sale at a few places for $30. You could go pick a copy up at a circuit city for 30% off but make sure that it's fully sealed before you buy.


Was that 30% off for this week only?

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I know this might be crossing the line a bit but if I downloaded a torrent of the game would I still be able to do the achievement thing? I don't want any "just buy the game", just give me an answer,


No it will not work. even though they might have live in them the keys that you'll find in the torrents are banned from microsoft and they won't let you activate the game, so no achievements.


And Microsoft has, in the past with halo, banned people for using certain cd keys if they were flagged as pirated keys.

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does anyone know if the cheats for the achievements are still working or have they patched it and can i just buy it off the computer and downlaod it to direct drive and still get achievements


Well, I can confirm that even with the recent patch this 'cheat' still does work. Don't know about your direct to drive question though. I would imagine if you are purchasing it from a legit etailer you should receive the full game and a legit unique activation key.

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