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Fallout 3 PC debug achievement unlocking

Ryot Control

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I can confirm this still works. Used a kane and Lynch GWL to use on fallout 3 from steam.


Had to download my profile and update games for windows live, but got all the achievements.


How exactly did you get this to work? I attempted putting in an Age of Empires 3 cd key and it just said that the key was invalid. Any suggestions?

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Age of Empires 3 isnt a Games for Windows Live game, if memory serves, it is a Games for Windows game (eg not enabled with achievements) which is why the code didnt work.


Age of Empires Online was GFWL but was free to play so no code.


You are right! I just saw the logo and didn't read further. Thanks for the clarification.


Now I just need to track down something that was games for windows live which I'm not positive that I even have....

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