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Heres some graphic work i've done for myself and others.

Im currently not taking requests.



GIMP Sigs:











































Other stuff:







Banner for a GFX team


Avatar for iKiddo




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If you would like to be added to the SIGNATURE REQUEST THREAD, just follow the rules in that thread and send either me or Thunderstorm101 a message and you'll be added.


yeah i sent a message to Thunderstorm101 yesteday but he hasn't been online since so im just waiting for now ;)

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You sure do like the 28 Days Later font. :D


I think you should try experimenting with other fonts, Look at the GFX Resources Thread HERE for great sites with free downloadable fonts.


Yeah haha, i made most of the sigs around the same time and i wasn't bothered to download any fonts :D

Im laaaaazy ;)

But I will start using other fonts soon ;)


Newest sigs, what do you guys think?





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I like the Hitman and Marcus ones and good luck in the SOTF comp.


Thanks, by the way it isn't marcus :) it's the main character from Unreal Tournament, yes they do look the same haha ;)


and about my SOTF entry, i've updated it, here's the new one:




comments anybody?

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This is some very nice work. Im no expert but you have great talent in this, especially just starting out...much better than myself :p

I really like the style you used with the bull character, I have yet to see one quite like that. Pretty unique.





But I would have to say this is the best in my opinion. I like the effect/style you used to kind of blend him in with the background (may I ask how you did that?) And it just so happens that the hurricane font is my favorite hah

Good luck in SOTF ;)

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Thanks xBootstrapp, it's people like you that makes all this worthwhile ;)


For the NFL sig, i used "InsaneFractalSet" brushes and just put different ones going with the flow of the render. I then just made another layer on top of the render and put one brush over a part of his body, i then lowered the opacity so you can still see the figure behind the brushes ;)


Heres my newest, and i think the best i've done so far:



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Why thank youu.

Im still getting used to the different kinds of settings and tweaks available in the program, gotta get out of that "one track" state of mind and think out of the box.


As for the new sig;

I think its put together quite smoothly. Simple yet still very stylish. And its good to see someone finally using different colored borders hah

Keep up the good work ;)

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The UTIII sig is really good. The only problem is the scan lines. They just sort of stop at the render so even though the render is blending into the background, it looks like you just have it sitting on top. I'd say remove the scan lines or make them cover the render as well.


Keep up the good work.

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