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Quick Boosting Quide


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After going through this for many nights, I thought I would share what TomoyoN and I found to be the fastest path to 200 games.


  1. Each person creates a deck with creatures of only one color (creates chains) that can upgrade land immediately and spell cards that generate gold/magic directly(Gift, Feast, Squeeze, Refuge).
  2. Settings: 1000 points, lands should be tansforming, sudden death on, min card# set to 30
  3. Play on a higher level map (We played on Alter of Darkness). This gets you more cards and has a smaller walking path around the Castle.
  4. We walked only in the small square around the Castle. You do not need to hit all towers to complete the match. Once you have 1000 just pass the Castle again.

Using this method, each round took 2-3 minutes. During this time we each got the achievements for all the card collections except E cards (you must complete the game to get all of these).


To make it go a little faster, you can create two decks...one for winning and one for losing. The winning deck is as I posted above, the losing deck should have no creatures or items and should concentrate on spells that generate gold/magic that I listed above. Losing deck should also have some spells that make the person roll 8. You play this once they have their 1000 so they don't waste time rolling low numbers.


My Deck that I use for winning and losing: 4 Gift, 4 Squeeze, 4 Refuge, 2 Mana, 2 Feast, 2 Elevation, 2 Fame, 1 Find, 4 Fay, 4 Barbarian, 4 Boggart.

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Here's my alternative win/lose deck builds (used in combination with your guide):

Win Deck



4 Powder eater

4 Sylph

7 Any Combination of Blitz Raven, Cloud Gizmo or Fortress


2 Drain Magic

2 Feast (use if you have 2 or more lands)

1 Gift

1 Refuge

4 Permission

4 Squeeze

1 Word of Recall



Fairy Light

More of any spell listed above that’s less than 4

Triumph (requires permission to be cast 1st)

Any deck search cards (foresight, Reincarnation)


Lose Deck



4 Gift

4 Squeeze (never squeeze Permission)

3 Foresight

4 Fairy Light

4 Elevation

2 Manna (for drain magic)

2 Refuge (for drain magic)

4 Feast (use if opponent has 2 or more lands)

3 Reincarnation




Wind of Hope

More of any spell listed above that’s less than 4



I find air the best choice since it has really low cost creatures.


The only rare card is Word of Recall, so the cards for the above decks should be easily obtained as you progress through story mode or grinding.


The map of choice is Alter of Darkness. The N fort loop is small and the die roll is high (10). The key card is Permission used after passing the N fort. That should net you (with the fort) 300.


In combination with the lose deck, the match will take only 2 minutes (once around the N fort loop, unless you have a really bad starting hand & roll).

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Getting a tie counts as a win for both players...so set the game to 10 rounds and pick stairway to heaven and no body go towards a tower and you should both tie. ie both win.


Did achievements unlock when you did this?


How long is the average round (time)?


EDIT: If this is plausible, then this could be done with more then 2 players.

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Yeah me and 2 other guys have done this, all the achievements have unlocked as they should.


I can confirm this as working because i was one of the other 2 guys and the 2v2 alliance one unlocked for me, still need to get the others though


cept we had one guy accidentally hit one of the towers, so all of us had to try to hit one before the final round, as long as it's a tie, everyone wins.

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I have found that including the idol that allows you to draw two cards each turn (the Brass Idol, I think) works great in both the win and lose decks.


We've also put some of the holy words (0, 1, 2, and 8) in the lose deck and holy word 8 in the win deck. They protect against obscenely high rolls in the first round. The upper loop of Alter of Darkness is only 16 spots long with a maximum possible die roll of 10, so a big roll early can hurt your chances of finishing in just one lap. We find it helpful to tag the winner with holy word 1 if he rolls an 8 or more on his first turn. The holy word 8 helps get the winner to the finish line faster once he hits the 1000g threshold.



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