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Things that annoyed me about Last Remnant

ILL BallistX

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After 2 playthroughs & now that I have my 1000/1000 I wanna give my opinions on this game.


There's a lot of things I like about this game, I would put in my top 3 RPG`s for 360 but I think the cons outweigh the pros.


Are you ready for my top 10 cons...




#10. Weapon Arts are pretty much needed & take all day to get, they are the only usefull attack when you want to fight the fallen & the Absolute conqueror. Now that i have them & i`m in battle, why wont weapon arts show up... i have enough ap.


#9. EXP has been replaced by Battle Rank & there`s no way to know how far you are from the next level, & stats are what`s actually important you can have a party with BR100 & thay`re weak compared to someone else with a BR of 70 & high stats.


#8. CURSE & getting ko`d then botched.


#7. It should use `yes/no` commands for stuff NOT `why not/no way dude`


#6. needs more customization with the units weapons & armor, why not give the option to equip different boots/helms etc. & more than rush`s stuff. Money is only good for herbs, changing rushs weapon seemed useless.


#5. laggy battle & laggy textures


#4. Rush!


#3. Why am I healed after every battle


#2. Travel is too simple, the world map takes away from exploration, I perfer a world map where you run around & get boats/planes to reach further areas.


& #1 IS...


#1. The battle system comands should not be random! i know it would take a while to go through 15 unit comands, but how about giving the same list of choices with an option to change them too. It seems like half the time the units want to do the wrong things. & sometimes the commands would change when they are about to attack (I CASTED REJUVENATE NOT RESTORE!!!) WTF, what kind of RPG picks the commands for you.




Missable stuff forced me to do a 2nd playthrough, there wont be a 3rd. This game had too many things that annoyed me...


If you're even slightly prone to anger i`d avoid this game cuz I found myself throwing my controller, screaming obscenities, & smashing everything in the room!

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I agree with some of things you've said here like the exp system (or lack of) and being botched, and also the customisation (or again, lack off), but I disagree with a few too

Weapon Arts are NOT needed, they just make battles faster

Why should the game have boring "yes/no" commands?

I only ever had lag in battles when an enemy used Hammerspin, and the slow loading textures made me laugh if anything

Nothing wrong with Rush, at least they didn't make him as gay as they were planning xD

You're healed after every battle because that's the system they went with, it's used it lots of RPGs, you're telling me that you'd rather go into a boss battle with low health when health is hard enough to come by in this game as is?

I'll admit the travel is simple, although the length of the game itself makes up for that

and finally, yeah the battle system is extremely weird and just wrong on so many levels, it's strange how awesomely addictive this game is even though you're not really doing anything that you want xD

This game was like Ninja Gaiden for me, the things that would normally annoy you in a game of the same type just didn't bother me all that much, that or I got over it quickly

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Nothing wrong with Rush


WTF, u liked him? He seemed ok at first, but after a bit i noticed he diddn't say "lets kick some ass" he says "lets kick some a". that's just one thing. Why am i watching the main character of a RPG crying like a little girl cuz Rush is just a horrible main character. I swear that he is mentally deficient in some way.

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Yeah I liked him, he was cool

What annoyed me was listening to him every time I wanted to harvest something, but I can't complain about more voiced games, I've always said there should be more vocals

What's wrong with a man showing his emotions?

You're probably right about him being mentally deficient, I mean look at the other human Remnant, he's nuts xD

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It seemed like everything rush said was a question, like he has no idea what's going on, he's weird. I wouldn't call him cool, david is cooler, but The Conqueror is the coolest, how perfect would it be if he was the main character instead. They should of switched the character models around, make rush the final boss. i wanna play as The Conqueror he reminds me of the main character in the witcher.

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Nah David isn't cool, he's gaaaay xD

I agree about the Conqueror though, he's just plain awesome, he looks cool and has one of the best English voice actors around (he did Piccolo and Vegeta in DBZ, one of the only good dubbed anime)

I think it'd be awesome if they released a spin off game (with all our problems with the game fixed) where you play as him

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Yeah, there really are alot of things in this game that hurt it's overall value. While there's so much to love, there's equally if not more things to hate. Yet even with that said, it's one of the best RPGs this generation I think. Botch and curse shouldn't even be in the game. When I got cursed, I would cringe everytime Rush's turn came up hoping he wouldn't KO.


Another thing to add. I dunno if others experienced it alot, but the calling for reinforcements can sometimes get ridiculous. I was fighting those ghost like monsters on the 1st floor on the Ancient Ruins, and what started as a 3 enemy battle ended 35 minutes later with over 50 enemies dead. Everytime I would get the last union on their side low they would do the Cavalry Call III which would spawn 3 more unions. So needless to say, I know exactly what u mean when u talk about moments of controller throwing and cursing.


But despite all its flaws and shortcomings, it's still an awesome game!!

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CC was a bit of a joke sometimes, especially (as you said) level III where they'd get 3 lots of backup

One thing that was nice to see, was a game where you can actually curse then enemy

Normally that's a move that can only be used by enemies

I would say the pros are definitely outweighed by the cons, but strangely it is still one of the best RPGs in a VERY long time, and it was long like an RPG should be


Oh and I know EXACTLY what you're saying about cringing on leader turns when cursed, definitely got the blood pumping

Oh yeah I just remembered the thing that annoys me the most with this game, there's no stat screen

I'd like to see how many hours I've put into it, how many monsters I've beaten (and taken apart, for the achievement) and so on

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I disagree with most of what you say. In fact the only one I agree with is the laggy one.


And the main one where I know I am in a minority is curse. It no longer bothers me. Most of the time my unions resist anyway. I always attack with Blocters union when I know it is coming and the enemies that curse me do not know how to attack afterwards and therefore I can almost use it to my advantage.


Even if I do get botched that union is still deadlocking an enemy union and my other unions can always revive anyway (out of 18 people in my party only 1 can not heal/revive and that is Torgal).

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the curse thing really does suck its one of my biggest complaints about the game. I also had a few Cavalry Call nightmares where i had like 50 and 60 of them in a battle. I think my biggest complaint is the lack of the stats screen. I mean come on with the amount of stuff in this game they really should have included one.

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