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This game is so great!!!

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Yea i would have to say i a suprised with this game, thought becasue it was 50 Cent is was going to be shit like the last one but it was really fun, Hust need to beat it on hard, and get the chheves for beating it as a G-Unit member.. and the badges..


The only reason why i picked this game up is because EBgames had it priced wrong and i got it for 15$ lol, hurray for deals

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At first i thought this game would be garbage, like Bulletproof. But i picked it up the other day and found it to be quite enjoyable. However theres not much replay value so im glad i rented it. Still a fun game to kill an afternoon tho.

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Definitely a rental. I don't really get hyped up over achievements but this game offers an 'easy' 1,000. I bought this game knowing that I'd refund it (I know, cheap of me) but I knocked off near 600 points in a few days from its Normal mode. It's a good game, it offers mindless killing as you traverse through the locales, plus it has decent enough graphics to polish up the game. 50's second outing is definitely better than his first, though it still isn't good enough (to me anyway) to call it a great game.

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Add me to the list of those surprised at the relatively high quality of this game. Solid 7/10 that would have been an 8 if not for the weak final mission. It probably helps that I like hip-hop music, even though I'm not a fan of 50 Cent's inane lyrics.


I haven't played The Club, which I hear the game compared to a lot, but I was mentally comparing it to Stuntman: Ignition. While the game can just be muddled through, you have to replay missions over and over again, memorizing where everything is, if you want all gold medals on hard difficulty. Once you succeed, it's very satisfying.


Any game is pretty sweet, too, where the moment you finish it, in one drop, you get 320 achievement points.

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its like the club meets gears of war fucking awesome


Yeah but you are forgetting Army of Two as well, i thought it was a good no brainer, easy achievement's, easy to play on hard and enjoyed the soundtrack, just hated how my sidekick would stand in my way every now and then, resulting in shooting him in the back of the head, gangsta style, so they got that right, hahahaha.

But all in all, not a bad game considering

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