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Easy Yatta! Method

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I was horrible at Mean-Bean when it came out and I still am today.


Here is the no-skill-required method of getting this bloody achievement:


Use the codes as normal to get to round 13 and start the game

Stack all of your beans to the right of the screen until they reach the top

Keep stacking them from right to left until you have 3 rows right to left

Once you reach that point stack left to right (chances are at this point in time it isn't going to work)




This method is basically pure luck and if you fail you must use a continue to reset the bean pool (do not use a save). Eventually the beans will stack in your favor and you will get some ridiculous combo without doing anything and win the game. It took me about 7 continues but I just finished the 3rd row and ended up getting a 6 or 7 chain combo which filled egg-man's screen.


Just keep trying if you loose it will work out eventually.

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this method is no guarantee ...... this is 110 % pure luck !


But thanks .... got this achievement right now !


yeah same here!!


I've mastered other games with Mario and Pokemon tetris, but this was different! I went through all of them without a challenge but I couldn't beat this guy at the 13th stage!! I could go on 10 minutes playing him and we'd both we still in the game, but after a while I got bored..I tried to beat him 3 times! I tried this method and wow I had a 5 combo (like I got it almost full on mine, then saw there's one I could take out and randomly 5 others fell and just killed him lol) I've never had such challenging achievement on the 360 till this one. I'm glad :) now I have 100% retail for this game!

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Took me about half an hour using this method, but I'd NEVER have gotten it any other way, so thank you... This game frustrated the hell out of me...



But at least I can enjoy the rest of the UGC knowing I've done the hardest already. Thank you! :)

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Ah man success, been playing for about 20 odd minutes and i won, i wasn't really paying attention just in a sort of trance lol :p.


My blocks were right at the top and one more blob would of ended my game and next minute before it comes down "You won" pops up.


Get in :).

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So, should I just be throwing these off to the sides with no judgment whatsoever or should i be trying to line up the colors to the best of my ability?


Edit: Nevermind, got it....YATTA! haha

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