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Video Achievement Guide - Posters,Targets,Gold on Hard!

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another awesome video guide well done swagger your fear2 guide has been helping me alot also so whats your next achievement guide gonna be for?


Glad I can help! Probaby RE5. I might be able to squeeze something in if I can get 50 done fast enough.

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Been getting a lot of questions on where I am on filming and this guide so here it is:


3_3 I was editing for time and somehow edited out a poster. So I edited it back in. New video is up.

5_2 had a bad source film so I need to re-film it

6_1 encoded bad, so it just needs to be re-encoded and uploaded

7_1, 7_2, 7_3 are uploading to YouTube right now

7_4, 8_1 are filmed, need audio and encoding

5_2, 8_2, 8_3, 9_1 need to be filmed.


Then I will re-edit ALL the missions to cut down to just targets and posters.


I want to be DONE completely Saturday morning.

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nice work on the video guide




100% retail completed

Skate,Cod2,Cod4,Cod5,Gears of War(1250),NFS Most Wanted,NFS Undercover,Lost,The Bourne Conspiracy,

Bully Scholarship ED,Madden 06,Madden 09,Viva Pinata,TMNT

100% arcade completed

Galaga,Uno,Soulcalibur,Dash of Destruction

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Well decided to take it one step further and I've started cutting the video guides to just show targets and posters. 1, 3, & 4 are done. No audio on these just quick cuts to all the objectives. The others should get done tonight and then I'll be done yet again!

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this maybe a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway.

I'm thinking of playing the game tonight with a buddy. We got 2 separate consoles. If i play as the G-Unit guy will I earn two achievements?

For example will I get: I’m Supposed to Die Tonight - 20gs and the We’re Supposed To Die Tonight - 10gs?

please let me know.


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In mission 8 Chapter 3. When swag gets the 3rd target he likes shoots the wall? Im having trouble trying to find the 3rd one.


The helicopter shoots it. You need to make sure that the helicopter does a full pass from left to right firing rockets at you to get that target.

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If there was anybody wondering about Flying High, this is what i did:


Go on the same level (Level 4 chapter 2) as the level used for sharpshooter.


Play through until you get to the end of the street, building up your "gangsta bullets" gauge, take out all the guys on the mounted machine guns.

Then you should eventually get to a scenario where there are 2 men in a 2/3 story broken building facing straight towards you.


Take out the bottom guy normally, then pull out the explosive pistol (the one that sticks bullets to them and explodes on them) and shoot the top guy.


As soon as he is off the ground just turn on "gangsta bullets" and let him fall all the way down to the floor.


You should get it. I'm only writing this because there isn't a video up for it yet. Other than that this is an excellent guide thanks a lot. I only started rented this yesterday and started playing this last night and i've got 815G for it after 1 playthrough :) All thanks to this guide so far :)

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swaggers you are the man those vids were awesome to watch but one thing that is missing is how much you need to get gold on each level i mean ii saw you get gold all the time but i guess i never knew the exact amount of each chapter.

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