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Resident Evil 5 Money Glitch

Crank That Crank

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Well, depends how hard you want to work. You could do this with Gold Egg, or Rotten Egg. Gold Egg gives you 1,000. Rotten gives you 2,000. If you need 2,000,000, you're gonna need about 1,000 Rotten Eggs. Or 2,000 Golden Eggs.



Golden Eggs are available as early as chapter 3-1. As where Rotten Eggs are available starting from 4-1. I didn't *slightly* struggle at all until I get to chapter 4-2.

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I would like to add that you can use 2 controllers for this process if you do not have a friend to get eggs with


So how do you do it with 2 controllers then?


I wasnt able to do it.



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Big props to Sirus and others for the exploit, If anyone's on tomorrow around noon EST I would appreciate x1 Rotten egg...ill send out some messages for help but i dont want to annoy those who have already hit 1k... If someone trades me one I will spend friday evening Dedicated to doing Nothing but passing out eggs to relieve those who have already completed. Mark my word, invite me on Live...


/ Invite Deathr0t / (# 0)

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I got a gold egg before chapter 3. I just used that.


Also, Im sure its been mentioned before. But you can also use this method to create unlimited amounts of ammo.



I got sick of running out all the time.

It has kind of ruined the fun of the game. But having no ammo was realling annoying me.


Can you explain me better how this method works in order to get money or ammo ?

Sorry if I ask but I didn't understand it well

thank you

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Im not good at explaning things but if you watch the video

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvp-ZMsypxk]YouTube - Rotten Egg Money Glitch - Resident Evil 5[/ame]


All you need is 1 egg, two controllers and two signed in profiles. You can make 1 egg turn into 45 in less than 10 minutes. You can find a golden egg on chapter 3-1 in the middle of the island. Its worth 1,000 and not 2,000 like the rotten eggs.



I'ts fairly easy if you watch that video. If you want the unlimited ammo exchange the eggs for ammo boxes.


You really need to listen to what the guy in the video says.

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I'm still not 100% on how this works lol


If anyone fancies letting me into a game and running me through and providing me some eggs, I'd be grateful. Then I can run through it with my friends and spread the word.


If I ever manage to understand it I'll happily help anyone else out with it

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I have decided to create a 10 step by step guide for this as It took me a while to understand and it appears it has with others also.


Once you have reached step 8 for the first time, return to step 3 and skip step 1 & 2. Once you have a full inventory of eggs for Sheva read steps 9 & 10.


Guide for 2 controller method.


Step 1: Main controller signed in as your main profile (Chris)


Step 2: 2nd controller signed in on any random created profile. (Sheva)


Step 3: Click play game, continue from any chapter (Quicker if it is a chapter without a cut scene before any action)


Step 4: Organize, make sure you remove all items from your inventory of both Chris and Sheva. Make sure to keep an egg on Chris.


Step 5: Click ready and enter game. When the game has loaded hit start on controller 2. Press A 4 times. You will now be in the section to either: Organize,Buy,Ready. On both controllers hit ready and yes.


Step 6: When in game hit Y and give the egg to Sheva. Then hit start on controller 1 (Chris) and quit. On controller 1 hit either yes or no to save. It doesnt matter. MAKE SURE to save with Sheva (Controller 2)


Step 7: Play Game, Continue, A, Start Game, Ready, Yes. In game hit start with control 2 then hit A 4 times. Ready and yes both controllers.


Step 8: Control 2 (Sheva) give all eggs to Control 1 (Chris) then Control 1 hit start and quit. Control 1 (Chris) SAVE the data and Control 2 (Sheva) DO NOT SAVE.


Now head back to step 3. Rinse and repeat! Read steps 9 & 10 when Sheva has a full inventory of eggs.


Step 9: When you have full eggs for Sheva you are now at the stage where you give the eggs to Chris every time and save with him (Control 1) but DO NOT save with Control 2 (Sheva).


Step 10: Everytime you enter the organize, buy or ready area click organize and sell all of your eggs. Now enter the game and get Sheva to give you all the eggs again but again DO NOT save with Sheva (Control 2) but MAKE SURE to save with Control 1 (Chris).


Rinse and repeat over and over etc ;) Soon you will be rich :D

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xI DaR3DeViL Ix: Thanks a lot for the tutorial. :)


But, I was wondering if someone had a spare egg (or set of eggs) that I could have I would really appreciate it. I'm using hand grenades now but they aren't worth nearly as much :(


So, if someone wants to help... Gamertag = BallCity




[EDIT: I got the eggs from someone over at Gamespot. Thanks though :D Time to make some money...]

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