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Translation of non-secret achievements


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Ok, here's my quick translation of the achievements since some people were asking for them.


The Flame's Origin

-Watch the Prologue


With a friend, for the sake of tomorrow

-Clear all of The Red Night with a friend.


Beautiful New World

-Have everyone return safely from the mirror world.


11's "Eye"

-See things from every angle.


Visual Complete

-Watch all events.


Food Fighter

-Eat all kinds of things with Takahisa (Tajima).


11eyes 25%

-See through 1/4 of the 11eyes.


11eyes 50%

-See through half of the 11eyes.


11eyes 75%

-See through 3/4 of the 11eyes.


11eyes Complete

-See through all of the 11eyes.


11eyes basically also refers to seeing things through the eyes of the 11 different characters that consist of the game. So it's not necessarily 11 eyes, but another meaning of 11 (sets of) eyes.

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