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I apologize for the inconvenience as I have switched hosts and the Survival Assistant was down for a good whiles. I'm currently working on higher priority projects, so my site is on hold, but I have uploaded the Assistant to the original URL for now. When I complete hoddans.com, it may move and I will update this topic with the correct URL.


Again, sorry. I hope this didn't deter too many people.

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Why the hell is this not stickied, linked to the achievement guide, and/or linked to the everything you need to know about Dead Rising thread???? Come on xbox360 achievements.org, kinda dropped the ball on this one. If it is already it should be outlined a little better. Took me forever to find it and it is perfect.

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This is fantastic. I'm finally getting around to trying to knock out some straggler achievements for dead rising, and this tool is a god send. I was surprised to find it still online and available given its been a few years since its inception. Oh, and it works perfectly on iPad in case anyone is wondering.


I never thought I'd be able to do this mode, but with this tool and a megabuster I'm liking my odds. I'm holding up above the picnic area in leisure park on day 1 still, might be here for a while. I just hope the power doesn't go out, knock on wood!


Thanks hoddans!



Oh, and here is the current link for the tool: http://hoddans.com/tool/drsurvival/

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A very handy tool - sadly it came too late to help me with my Survivor run through, ha ha!


Not sure it really needs a sticky of its very own though BUT I have added a link to this into the achievement guide as I'm sure plenty of folks will find it useful.




Same here man because that achievement was a pain in the ass. A 14 hours real time marathon.


If you could save and continue I'm sure that it wouldn't be half as hard to obtain.

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