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i have a question. When you talk about perfect star path, do you mean hitting all the star power chords (or whatever they're called) or do you have to do that and whammy them?
What it means is basically activating star power at all of the right moments to maximize your score, so ideally you'll hit every SP phrase and whammy whenever possible.
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I can't download a song on ghtunes.

I've this message:

you have set your console to prohibit user created content. you will be unable to access ghtunes. any song that you have received through ghtunes will not be acessible.


The parental controil is desactivate.


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Definitely one of my hardest to work towards the 100% for. I think to this day I only have around 800-900+:gsicon:. The last few require equipment and skill that I don't have. I may have bought this game a while back, so it might be worth it to go for another achievement or two in it again if I did.


GH2: 1000:gsicon:

GH3: 1000:gsicon:

GHA: 1000:gsicon:

Band Hero: 1000:gsicon:

RB: 1000:gsicon:

RB2: 1000:gsicon:


Not sure that I have others to 100%, but I have played almost every one, if not every one, and have gotten 80+% in all of them, I think.

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