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Defeat Story Characters Clarification

Kevin Boleware

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I still need the Defeat X story characters part. Have a few questions I hope someone can answer:

1. - I assume that there are not 100 different characters. So can I beat one character multiple times to get this achievement?

2a - I have also heard/read that completing the story mode will reset this number. Can anyone confirm/refute this?

2b - How will I know that I am about to complete the game?

3 - Does beating a story character in vs mode count?


There appears to be a lot of conflicting information in the threads, so I wanted to have a definitive answer in one thread.

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1. Yes

2a. Keytta confirmed it HERE.

2b. When the next stage in story mode is "Stairway to the Gods", then you're one match away from finishing the game.

EDIT: 3. No, for the Aura Blade (100 wins) & the Battle Axe (50 wins) you must defeat cepters in story mode.


It's conflicting since it seems results vary from player to player. Impossible you say? I would have agreed before, but then I played Mercenaries 2.

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Has anyone been able to confirm if it counts as 2 defeated story mode opponents when you beat a level with 3 players on it? Similarly, when you play a 2v2 level, does it count as 2 defeated opponents or 1 when you win? I wonder how many of those 100 come naturally just from playing the campaign and how many more you need to play.



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Completing the game does NOT reset how many wins you have. Just make sure you don't start a new game. This may be what is causing people to think it resets the count.
this is true but starting a new game doesnt necessarily reset your count either but it depends on how you start a new game. if you start a brand new game from the title screen, yes it resets. if you load your scepter and start a new game from the cepter menu screen, (ie new game plus, allows you to choose non-human scepters, you keep your cards), it does not reset. i can confirm this because i got my battle axe after my 4th battle in my new game just this morning
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