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128 Bones error


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I'm not getting any other problems though I had to install cod to my hard drive when I downloaded the new maps otherwise it would just freeze at the start menu :(


did you try deleting the map pack and re-downloading? Maybe thats whats causing the corruption - could also try reinstalling the game from the cd on to the hard drive.

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You either were in a modded zombie game, have a virus, your xbox is dying, or the xbox just glitched. It's MS so you never know. If Apple made a system it wouldn't have any problems. Macs for the win! :nana :Bounce: :ass


Let's see what it translates to.

Character Japanese Imperial (inf?) Body 4 MG (mg42?) torso 1 (version 1?) has more than 128 bones.


Were playing as the Jap guy with the mg42 in nazi zombies? And in first place? lol


Let me post the pic so others can see it easier.


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I've had this error before just playing regular multi-player. I don't think it has anything to do with your console because I got it at the same time that my friend did who was in the room with me. We both were kicked and got the error.


So maybe they just had to shut down the servers for a bit or clean them or something.

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