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Help on Grey Wolf - R01

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I can't believe I'm stuck at the very first mission on novice.


The mission is no problem until the part where the tank arrives. I can pick up the AT4 and shoot once at it's front side, but this doesn't eliminate it.


There's no way I can get to the back side without getting me or all my teammates killed.


Any tips? :(

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Finally did it after countless tries.


The key to success at the tank part is to use smoke grenades!


That's exactly how I did it:

Once you arrive at MG #4 and get the order to defend it, toss a smoke grenade at the barrier. This will ensure that none of your two teammates get shot by the oncoming light vehicle (the SGT is invincible). Then hide behind the building to the right of the barrier and throw 3 grenades at it.

After it's destroyed, quite a few soldiers will rush towards your position. Again, hide behind that building to the right and let your team to all the work.

Now the most difficult part.

As soon as you get the order to pick up the AT4, throw a smoke grenade in front of the barrier. Then pick up the AT4 and shoot at the side of the tank.

Depending on your luck, the tank may take up to three AT4 shots.

For some reason I managed to destroy it with a single AT4 shot two times in a row but on my final attempt it took 3 shots.

If it survives, throw your last grenade between you and the tank and pick up another AT4 and finish it off.


Another very helpful tip:

Don't hide behind the building to the right when defending the final extraction zone (after destroying the tank).

The game froze on me 2 times at that position (and others experienced this as well).

It seems best to hide behind the wall on the left side.


Good luck

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