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S Rank Guide


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General Tips

- if you're about to die, press start and restart which will save time and an S rank for deaths (more info later in the guide) [thanks to BenderRobot]


- co-op partners help a great deal for speed runs/professional


- giving sheva junk ammo, filling her inventory with healing items etc. will reduce her tendancy to rummage around for ammo, healing items, gold etc.


- give sheva the longbow as it is a powerful weapon with infinite ammo, but any weapon with infinite ammo will be just fine (magnum, if affordable)


- always skip the cutscenes as these add to the overall time of your run which will deplete the possibility for an S rank for time


To achieve an S rank you have to have a total of less than 2 points against that chapter for the 4 areas that get ranked:


  • Accuracy
  • Enemies Routed
  • Deaths
  • Clear time

The points system is as follows

S- 0 points

A- 1 point

B- 2 points

C- 3 points

So to get an S rank you have to have less then or equal to 2 points so a B rank and 3 x S ranks will attain an overall S rank or 2 x A ranks with 2 x S ranks will also gain an overall S rank.


To gain an S rank you have to be above 70% accuracy (i think) and have no deaths. All other areas are different for each chapter which I will give times and enemies routed for each chapter


Difficulty doesnt matter when going for S ranks or speed runs. So, if you get an S rank for the first 2 chapters on Veteran, and then the rest of the chapters you get S an amateur, you still get the achievement.


And once you unlock the rocket it kills pretty much every mini boss and some bosses like the Uroboros bosses. In heavily populated areas its best occasionally not to use the rocket as it could miss which will leave you open to attacks whilst reloading. Make sure youre accurate too. (thanks to Starwarskd)


Chapter 1-1

Enemies routed - 20+

Clear time - <(less than) 12'00

Tips- The fixed timer during the public assembly with the executioner means that you only have to run through the chapter killing a few enemies before the timer starts (bit where there are a seemingly unlimited amount of enemies)

Chapter 1-2

Enemies routed - 15+

Clear time - < 13'00

Tips - using a rocket launcher to dispatch the uroboros boss is a one hit kill and will shave a lot of time and effort off your run through this chapter.

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Chapter 2-1

Enemies routed - 60+

Clear time - < 23'00

Tips - kill all enemies on the bridge and port maps so then in shanty town you can focus on the chainsaw majini and only kill a few of the pesky town majini that make a nuissance of themselves. 23'00 also isn't too difficult with enough ammo (preferrably infinite!) if you start the fight with the chainsaw dude ASAP.

Once on the bridge, shoot all the barrels and equip the Dragunov to dispatch the enemies.

Dont take the initial Assist jump as it will slow you down significantly. kill the molotov majini and the rest can be killed with the M3 quite easily.


Chapter 2-2

Enemies routed - 50+

Clear time - < 22'00

Tips - If you skip the main battle in the mines and the second wave of majini in the mining area you can still bag an A for enemies routed. Just make sure youre accurate as speed will have been helped by skipping the main fights.

Popokiramu (bat-like boss) should be taken down in the air. With good aiming with a magnum or rifle, aim for its weak red underbelly and it will fall to the ground. Then just simply blast it with your magnum or M3.


Chapter 2-3 (for speed, best done on amateur)

Enemies routed - 40+

Clear time - < 9'00 (easily done on amateur)

Tips - dont fire too heavily during the savannah chase. for time, when you stop at the road block make sure you quickly turn and aim for the truck/barrels which should kill most of the majini and then just dispatch the remaining majini.

Ndesu boss fight is simple enough on amateur. Aim for his head during the stomp attack and the button prompts during the telegraph pole attacks are fairly easy as well.


Chapter 3-1

Enemies routed - 30+

Clear time - < 18'00

Tips - make sure you dont stay in one particular area for time, and kill the giant majini in the village immediately. if you avoid majini in the marshlands then enemies routed may drop so make sure you have good accuracy and dont die.

Following the main objectives in order to find the keys without going back and forth to the door to place the keys is the best way for a fast time.


Chapter 3-2

Enemies routed - 50+

Clear time - < 19'00

Tips - Make Sheva turn the first wheel so you can shoot the majini straight away. Laying proximity bombs where majini can ambush you is good protection on professional.


Chapter 3-3

Enemies routed - 30+

Clear time - < 19'00

Tips - for speed, once you have activated both levers at the second dock, run straight back to the boat. have a shotgun ready to kill the Kipepo when they arrive while you wait for Sheva.

For the Irving boss battle, a rocket to his mutated human form when the creature opens its mouth will instantly end the battle. This is only possible when the creature grabs hold of the boat, after you have shot the tentacles that shoot out of the water etc.

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Chapter 4-1

Enemies routed - 50+

Clear time - < 23'00

Tips - You can only fight necessary targets and skip the Bui Kitchwa in the caves and still get a B for Enemies routed if speed is your perogative.

If you miss the door with the big rolling balls then its best to restart and try again.

When facing Popokiramu, run straight past it and up the stairs. Dont wait for Sheva.


Chapter 4-2

Enemies routed - 35+

Clear time - < 16'00

Tips - if you fry all the Bui kitchwa with a flash grenade then the clear time will be easy but enemies routed will likely earn a B so make sure youre accurate and dont die.

A human partner is best as Sheva is hopeless with the laser beams.

In the laser beam area, kill the Majini operating the beam before the assist jump, then run straight for the exit when Sheva collects the final emblem.


Chapter 5-1

Enemies routed - 7+

Clear time - < 12'00

Tips - for enemies, quickly kill a few of the caged animals before you meet the first two Lickers.

Two rockets to U-8 will secure an S rank and make this chapter much easier, but 20000 is alot to spend for a speed run so make sure you do the egg glitch is running low on money.


Chapter 5-2

Enemies routed - 40+

Clear time - < 22'00

Tips - Enemies routed will probably be an A if focusing on speed and simplicity. If time permits, as well as ammo, kill all the Lickers in the Experimental Facility Passage.

You dont have to kill the Reaper, so try and run past it without it grabbing you.

One rocket ends the boss battle immediately.


Chapter 5-3

Enemies routed - 30+

Clear time - < 38'00

Tips - Clear times and enemy requirements are quite generous for thhis chapter. But, battles with Lickers, Reapers and Wesker can be quite difficult so aim for an S rank in all but Deaths and you should keep an S rank. Remember, no more than 2 deaths.

Firing a rocket at Wesker to cut the 7 minute time slot short is the best way to speed things up. Only fire when he has his back turned, and he will catch the rocket which can easily be shot at to blow up in his hands.

Against Jill, shooting the device on her chest may be an option but the marksmanship skills required to shoot it may leave less skilled players shooting Jill and killing her.

Try not to stay too close or too far away from Jill so that she doesnt start shooting or attacking you.

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Chapter 6-1

Enemies routed - 40+

Clear time - < 26'00

Tips - Shoot the crane driver to avoid Sheva being trapped to save time but will leave you short for the S rank in Enemies routed.

By killing the upper 2 rocket launcher majini and then dropping down to kill the third will trigger Bui kitchwa, which can be swiftly taken out with a flash grenade, gaining the S rank for Enemies.


Chapter 6-2

Enemies routed - 35+

Clear time - < 23'00

Tips - Kill all the goo piles that Uroboros spits out to get an S rank for Enemies until you reach the required total.

One rocket to the biggest central weak spot on Uroboros Aheri will defeat it on all difficulty levels.


Chaper 6-3

Enemies routed - 25+

Clear time - < 22'00

Tips - The engine room is by far the hardest battle throughout the whole game due to the 2 Reapers and the 2 Chaingun majini. Infinite magnum will help for speed and make it easier. On a first playthrough, you will not get an S rank unless you have grinded for ammo.

In the final battle with Sheva and Chris fighting the Final Form Wesker, it is best to shoot the back weak spot to open up the front weak spot. Once the front weak spot has been shot sufficiently for Wesker to stumble back, Chris should run behind Wesker and press X to restrain him. Tap the required button fast enough to end this fairly easy for a final boss fight.

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You don't have to have accuracy more than 70% and no deaths to get an S rank. You can die up to 2 times as long as you get an S rank in all the other catagories.


Two deaths would be a B which would mean 2 points, you need two or less for an S, hes already addressed that. Nice guide though with the Kill counts etc. Mustve taken a while. It's stupid how you need an S rank in every chapter jus to get one action figure it should be an achievement in itself.

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as at the top post of the guide, i didnt say you have to get more than 70% accuracy i just said it to get an S rank

i also said that you can get a B in one category with S in everything else or 2 x A ranks

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i added the times required to get a S all up and it equals 4 hrs and 54 mins (and yes i used i a caculator) which is 6 mins to spare for infinite rockets


nice job with the guide Lewi


thanks mate

yeah the time is a little tight but obviously if your going to get an S for time on every chapter then its going to be less than the times given so it wont be as tight as it seems if you follow this guide


i wish more people would take notice of this guide so they dont start pointless threads

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Two deaths would be a B which would mean 2 points, you need two or less for an S, hes already addressed that. Nice guide though with the Kill counts etc. Mustve taken a while. It's stupid how you need an S rank in every chapter jus to get one action figure it should be an achievement in itself.


Well, technically, it is since it's required to unlock that very achievement. I understand what your saying, but, you still need to do it for the achievement. Overall good guide. I don't see how people can't get S rank, it's really not that difficult. Just keep playing the game, and you'll know where, and when enemies spawn. Just shoot with a degree of accuracy instead of peppering the walls to Swiss cheese! GL people.

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yea the times are quite easy with any powerful weapon with infinite ammo


i myself didnt run through the game quickly eg searching for emblems and treasures and im still able to do it well under 5 hours

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excellent guide.

cheers !


even though it's not that hard getting a S rank on most of the chapters, the tips are definitely worth reading. great job !


yeah i just hope that people will take notice of this guide and wont say 'help with S rank!!' or how do i get all the figurines..... hmmm i should add the ffigurines to this as well

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for 2-3 make sure its on amateur for speed and also when youre driving around, watch where sheva points her gun when no one is around to get a head start on where the next wave of enemies will spawn



other than that, the only advice is use a friend for the level

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to help out a little, the only chapter you have to concern yourself with getting enough kills is 6-2. in other words, in each chapter go for an "a" in accuracy, "a" in kills "s" in deaths, and "s" in time, whih will give you an "s" for the chapter. if you spend the time to unlock an infinite magnum, "s" runs are absolute cake(even on vet. for the most part)

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Idk if you mentioned this but an RPG is a 1 hit kill to any little bosses

(The guy who kills Alpha team, Chainsaw guys, i think the only exception might be wesker. Some bosses require more then one shot due to them needed to be hit so you can hit those fleshie parts =/ )


so that will help during speed runs =O just dont spray with it ... or your accuracy goes down... alot...:uzi::uzi:

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The bare minimum S rank time equals out to be 5 hours and 15 mins. Capcom wouldn't make that easy to get infinite rockets with bare minimum. I would like to know how those people on the leader boards beat the game under 2 hours. I beat it under 4 close to 3 hours.

Edited by Kioku
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