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Final Battle


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The best tip in my opinion is to perform counter-clockwise all the time and just keep holding on LT and tapping on A button repeatedly . It seems like 90% of the time he is using black magic and it will hurt his health by holding down LT and tapping A. ofcouse when your near him click on A to release the fire breath. But always avoid his fire breath bc it takes off at least 25% of your health.


I was using magic arrows and going clockwise and i would always get killed within the first 2 mins or have my health at 25% and his still at 50%. so best is to do what most people are saying here but in my opinion go counterclockwise and make sure you go all the way around the screen so big counterclockwise movements and just rely on his black magic to do damage on him and your flame thrower/breath to do most of the damamged when your close to him .


Yep, pretty much agree with this strategy 100%. Just finished hard on my first try, and normal on my 2nd (before I read this post). I didn't shoot at him once with my own bullets, and I didn't collect ANY doves. All I did was keep going counter-clockwise, and pressing A repeatedly. The movement is what dodges his fireballs/breath, and the tapping A throws his crap back at him (yes, it does damage him). Every now and then after he's come towards you breathing fire, I've gotten ready and breathed fire as he was coming back onto the screen. Not really necessary, but helped speed things up a bit- just make sure if you miss catchin him on fire, you're back to tapping A asap.


Cheers all and good luck!

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^^^Agreed^^^ Here is what i did:


Durza has three types of attacks: fireballs, flame breath, and dark magic. By continuously circling the screen you dodge the worst of the fireballs and breath attacks. The dark magic must be repelled by repel magic (LT + A).Unforturnately the dark magic is the same color as the clouds so its hard to see.The best way to deal with Durza is to circle counter clockwise and constantly attempt repel magic. After you see the end of a string hit him, unfortunately not damaging him through, fire a single magic arrow and resume the repelmagic. Keep this up until he makes his flame run attack. He'll be vulnernable as he come back in front of you so use a flame breath attack on him, trying to guess which direction he'll return from, this will do a lot of damage to him.You may spot the occasional dove, but it is dangerous to go after them as it will leave you open to the fireball. Only the secret egg is worth going afterif you happen to see it.I hope that helps you out m8. ;)



Old post i know but your a LEGEND.. tried 10 times all failed... read your post once and passed!!!!

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