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I like this achievement list. It's great, has a variety of different goals. But, there is no "Get all Jiggies" or "All Notes" achievements like there was in Banjo-Kazooie. Not so much the 100% notes but I would of liked to of seen "Get all Jiggies" as that is what I call an achievement rather than killing Klungo once (it's story based? how is that an achievement?).


Anyway I 'spose this makes getting 200G pretty easy.

Yeah. I was surprised not seeing any achievements for collecting all the notes or anything. The achievement guide threw me off as well, saying you can just play a portion of the game then input cheats to breeze through the rest of the achievements. In Banjo Kazooie I really went through and got everything! This should be an easy completion though so that's a positive, but I'll still run through each stage collecting everything regardless.

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