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Achievement Guide + Stop n Swop Intro


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So how do I use my Stop N Swop items from the first Banjo Kazooie Game again? I'm sort of confused.


EDIT: NVR Mind. Forgot you had to talk to Heggy to use your eggs.

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1 Egg=Gamerpic Pack of the eggs and ice key


2 Eggs=Banjo Tooie Stop N Swop Premium Theme


3 Eggs=Homing Egg cheat


4 Eggs=Breegull Bash Move(very amusing)


5 Eggs=Jinjo as a playable multiplayer character


All Eggs=A large pack of blueprints from the contest for Nuts and Bolts

(The blueprints are very impressive and are worth taking a look at, especially the carousel and the transforming robot)


After all this you get a nice advertisement telling you to get Logs Lost Challenges and if Kazooie says it you have to do it...

Is this for Stop n Swop or Stop n Swop II?

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