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Honeycomb Location Guide


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If you want to finish the entire game without using any of the cheat codes this may help.

You can purchase extra health with your empty honeycombs at the plateau section of Isle o Hags from Honey B.


Isle O'Hags Plateau

1. Behind the back-right leg of the giant Beehive


Mayahem Temple

1. As Stony, go into the small hole behind the entrance stairs at the start.

2. Use the flight pad near the start to soar above Bovinia.

3. In the Treasure Chamber, youll find one on top of a pile of treasure.


Glitter Gulch Mine

1. After learning the Bill Drill, use it on the boulder atop the platfoms.

2. Inside the crate sitting in the Train Station.

3. Bill Drill a boulder sitting in the Train Station.



1. Inside Mumbo's Skull in The Inferno.

2. In the Crazy Castle area just behind the grate.

3. On top of the Space Zone lift.


Jolly Roger's Lagoon

1. On the waste pipe, Spring-shock then Grip Grab from Jolly's Inn.

2. In a transparent fish in a random underwater section.

You can grab it with Talon Torpedo.

3. In a hole next to the Temple of Fish in Atlantis.



1. In an alcove opposite the waterfall with a vine.

2. Behind the waterfall with a vine.

3. In Styracosaurus Cave, just Bill Drill the boulder and spring to ledge above.


Grunty Industries

1. On a beam in the room where you get off the Train.

2. In the big crate room on top of the pile of boxes.

3. Fly to the top of a chimney outside.


Hailfire Peaks

1. Fly or Grip Grab to the hole atop the hot water pools.

2. Grip Grab in the lower train station.

3. After the icicle bridge, use the top right path to get inside the volcano.


Cloud Cuckooland

1. Beneath the earth patch near the beginning. Just Bill Drill to get it.

2. Fly to the top of the dustbin.

3. Around the back of the Pot O'Gold Structure.

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Guest Deleted2014-12-02

Aww, ya beat meh. :(


Cheers anyway, a guide is a guide. Wish there were more detailed strategies though.

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