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Hero of midway

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Veteran of Midway ------------------------------Hero of Midway

Complete all SinglePlayer missions----------Played Battlestations Midway.



http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/sA/Ct/0ICLiGJhbC9GFQUcXFBRGEQ5L2FjaC8wLzIAAAAA5+fn-4IAqw==.jpg = http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/0-/I4/0ICLiGJhbC83CRoDG1tTVkU5L2FjaC8wLzNDAAAAAOfn5-8X8s8=.jpg


That's what I think

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I have played Midway, but, do NOT have a save on my HDD.

Yet, I got the achievement. So, it may not be save game related.


Odd, I didn't get the achievement until I did have a Miday save in the My Documents\Battlestations-Midway Dir!

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I'm Not sure but i rented this game a while back and i own Midway so i had already played it but not beaten it. i didn't get the Hero of Midway Acheivment but i can't remember if i signed on to live or not.. so if i find something that works i'll post back letting u know. i got a feeling u have to beat the first game tho

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Why would you even play Battlestations: Pacific if you hadn't played Midway? It's a very niche market game IMHO. It's not particularly fast paced and that style of play isn't for everyone. But to those that are patient it can be pretty awesome. The achievement doesn't bother me at all; doesn't everyone remember those games on PS2 that would let you unlock stuff if you had a save file from another game? Like Onimusha did if you played that awful fighting game...

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I hate this one i can't get it for some reason. help me



Hero of Midway 10GS


Played Battlestations Midway.


You need to have a save file from Battlestations: Midway on the memory device you select after pressing at the title screen. If you have not played Battlestations: Midway, you will need to obtain a copy of the game and create a save file (note that you can do this without playing the game or obtaining any achievements in it if you wish to later remove it from your gamercard as a zero point game). The achievement unlocks as soon as the memory device is selected.


This is taken from Creech's guide which is also here




a great guide it is too.


just a heads up dude mostly all games have got achievement guides with great explanations on how to aquire such acheivements your best bet is to look there first. ;)

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