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Favorite Banjo-Tooie Level?

x lil psycho x

Favorite Banjo-Tooie Level?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Banjo-Tooie Level?

    • Mayahem Temple
    • Glitter Gulch Mine
    • Witchyworld
    • Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    • Terrydactyland
    • Grunty Industries
    • Hailfire Peaks
    • Cloud Cuckooland

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Playing banjo kazooie when it first came out on n64 was fun. playing tooie when i never owned it more fun so playing it the first time on xbla im gonna go with witchy world keeps dynamics of old BK but makes it more fun. now only if they made a xbox original of conker live and reloaded....

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Jolly Rodger's Lagoon. Seamen's Surprise and Atlantis!?! Good enough for me. Plus Boggy and his flying machine. Mumbo oxygegizing an entire lake by magnifying the power of the sun (I guess this shouldn't surprise me but it does). Tiptup's there which is cool cause he's my guy in Diddy Kong's Racing. Kraken. Its just a good level. Good times and memories. They don't make them like they used to.

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i like them all really. just not fond of swimming for hours. i like the enviorment feel in dinosaur one,witchy world,twin peaks and the jolly's. but if i had to say one. it would be hailfire because im a sucker for snow and egyptians. to bad there wasnt no pyramids again.

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