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Tooie or Kazooie?


Banjo Tooie or Kazooie  

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  1. 1. Banjo Tooie or Kazooie

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In the N64 days I had rented Banjo-Kazooie when I was really young, so I didn't get far. Then my dad bought me Banjo-Tooie for my birthday, and not realizing it was the sequel I played it and got to around Grunty Industries, then skipped Hailfire Peaks and went straight to Cloud Cuckooland.


I absolutely loved it.


Fast forward to when ever Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie came out on the XBLA, I've beaten them both, and 100%'d BK, and all I can say is Banjo-Kazooie is much more approachable and enjoyable on the short-term.




If you put in the time and frustration, Banjo-Tooie can be a much more rewarding (and longer) experience.

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I felt Tooie had too much backtracking. You were forced to go into a new level to learn a new move just to get jiggies in the world you came from. Banjo Kazooie didn't do that very often. I was able to get all ten on most worlds without backtracking (Snow race with the polar bear as Banjo requires learning the fast shoes, comes to mind). I often got confused with Tooie, so I had to resort to using a guide for a lot of jiggies. I still love them both, but Kazooie is more friendly and playable. You don't really need to use a guide as everything comes naturally.

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