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The Piercing Light


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"Master the power laser"



This is the last achievement I need in this game. Can someone please explain exactly how this is obtained? I've seen others who have it as one of their first achievements. I've also had the double laser power-up numerous times. Please help.




I've just done it. To obtain this achievement, you must destroy 16 blocks with one power laser (2 power-ups) shot

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Damn I suck at this game. I played the game earlier for about 70 minutes and didn't get a single achievement. I had to use a continue by level 8. I didn't even complete episode 1 because you only get like so many continues and I used them all up. I even have the game set to 7 lives, easy and no enemies. Not to mention I didn't even make it to level 20. So, I used all the continues and wasn't even 2/3 thru the episode.


Then I come here and see people already have all 200 gamerscore. :(

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Do you remember what stage you got it in?


he was nice enough to send me a message on where he got it. he told me he did it on round 1 of episode 1. i gave it a few tries on that level but there is no room for error on that level as there are only 8 blocks high on each row. i did it on round 6 of episode 2, and that is where i would recommend it. there are so many blocks to start with so it should allow you to get the double laser with a few tries. plus i believe the leftmost row stacks about 14 high or so. if you dont get the double laser, i would suggest losing that round so you can replay it. good luck, this achievement is a bit of a pain in the ass.

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Yep, got it as well. Nice tip, Episdoe 2 Level 6 is definately where to go for it. I think I had to replay the level about 5 times before I got the double laser power early enough to be able to shoot 16 blocks. I put the barriers on as well just in case I screwed up and lost my first laser power by missing the ball.

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