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Help beating Canary Mary


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I don't know why Rare did this race they way they did, it's done really poorly.


At first, Canary Mary's speed is proportionate to how fast you are tapping the button; if you hit it as fast as you can, she will blow you away. Try to match her speed/ stay neck-and-neck with her (take it easy on the button pressing), and she won't leave you in the dust. When you get to the home stretch (ability to see Wumba's wigwam or go over the mountain), that is the time to hit the button as fast as you can; she won't match you anymore, and you'll beat her to the finish.



This worked wonders.....I thank you very much. I thought my fingers were going to fall off.



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My strategy for beating Canary Mary the 2nd time was to rub a horizontal pencil over the button, quickly rolling it back and forth with the palm of my hand. Also, I made sure not to pass Canary Mary, staying right behind her the whole race and overtaking her at the end. Passing her causes her to kick it into overdrive.

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