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Certificate achievement tips


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These are pretty tricky achievements, so I'll post some things that helped me a lot going through the episodes:


-First, turn off the background. You need to be able to see everything on the screen, no matter how small.


-Second, go through on barrier mode. 5 barriers, no enemies, easy difficulty. I found this much more managable than using lives, since you keep powerups throughout the entire stage rather than reseting. The downside to this is your ball's speed can only be slowed down with the red S powerups (which are fairly common), but the ability to keep powerups is a much better perk.


-Avoid the R (Reduce) and D (Disruption) powerups. You need every pixel of your Vaus to survive some of the levels. Not only that, but R takes away any important powerups you may have already collected. The D powerup can be collected in early levels, but avoid it in levels with tons of invincible blocks. All of the balls will hit the blocks and gain massive speed, and that's bad.


-The C (Catch) powerup is your best friend in levels 10 and beyond. Some of the levels require absolute precision to get balls into enclosed areas, and this powerup helps a LOT. This capsule is fairly common to find.


-The B (Barrier) powerup is pretty useless, and doesn't appear very often. Plus, it cancels out anything collected, so just avoid it unless it appears on level 30 and you have nothing. :p


-Sometimes avoiding or collecting a powerup is more important than the ball hitting the barrier. An example of this would be if you were playing episode 2 level 26 and a catch powerup dropped. You would want to do everything in your power to collect it if you have more than 1 barrier remaining.


-It is important to learn the layout of every level. Find out required angles of shots, the placement of blocks for quick powerup access, and trick shots you can pull off. Chances are you won't get the achievement your first time through an episode.


These achievements are basically 50% skill, 50% luck. Unless you are an expert player, the catch powerup can make or break your victory. Learn the levels and it should be yours in no time. Good luck! If anyone wishes to add anything feel free. :)

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Nice tip, I might try this on 2p now. These achievements I'm finding a lot harder than what I first thought they would be. I personally think these are the hardest achievements in the game, not that destroy 20 blocks with the super laser. Easy when you know the best level to do it on.


I'm getting really pissed off with spending 45-50mins playing episode 1 only to screw up on one of the levels at 25 and upwards. I must have tried this 6 or 7 times now. I will do it though...

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