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Extreme Mode Boss guide


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It sounds like a lot of people are having trouble beating the bosses on Extreme, so I figured I'd post how I beat each one.

I got my Extreme Soldier achievement in less than a day using these strategies.


If you need help, send a private chat to xMMRx Bluntman


Mission 01: The first thing you'll notice here is you don't get a VS like you did on the other difficulty settings. You're gonna have to fight the boss and 5 of the bugs that roll. Stock up on shotgun ammo and hand grenades. As soon as you enter the room, turn right and throw 3-4 grenades at the two small bugs. At least one should die, run up to them and finish them off with the shotgun and collect their T-Eng. After that, dodge the boss as much as you can and kill the remaining 3 small bugs. If you hit them with the shotgun it will stun them and give you a chance to run around and hit them in their weak spot at the tail. Make sure you collect all the T-Eng they drop, you'll need it.


After you've killed all the small bugs, it's time to focus on the boss. You need to keep as much distance from him as possible, and watch his attack pattern. He does a couple close-range attacks that you should be far enough away to dodge. What you need to worry about is the rolling attacks. He has 2 different attacks, one is a straight charge towards you, that will stun him for a moment when he finishes. The other attack will kill you instantly, because he rolls around the room 3 or 4 times, and if he hits you once, you'll be stunned long enough for him to hit you again.


The key to killing this boss is knowing when he's going to start a rolling attack. Before he starts rolling, he'll pause for about 5 seconds, and then he'll make a shrieking noise. You want to throw a hand grenade as soon as he pauses. The grenade will send him flying across the room in the direction he was facing. You want to try to avoid getting hit, and run over to his tail and start hitting him with the shotgun as many times as you can. Stay right on top of his tail so you collect the T-Eng he drops. When he turns around to face you, run away and wait for him to start another rolling attack. Rinse and repeat until he's dead.


If you run out of shotgun ammo, pick up one of the gattling guns. If you have to pick up a gattling gun, don't get close to him when you interrupt his rolling attack, just start unloading on him as fast as you can.


Mission 02: This boss is a little easier than the first one, and again you won't have a VS. When you enter the boss's area, there will be 2 red mechs with gattling guns and a bunch of snow pirates scattered around the area. DO NOT KILL THE MECHS. As soon as you kill one of them, the boss appears. So before you kill the mechs, clear out the snow pirates, and blow up the fuel tanks scattered around the edges of the area and collect the T-Eng. Once the area is clear, start weakening the mechs with a gattling gun. Get both of them down to the point before they blow up, then destroy one of them. The boss will enter the area in a few seconds, so you need to destroy the second mech as quick as you can.


When the boss enters the area, run to cover as quick as you can. When you first entered the area, if you look to the right there's a small brick building partially buried in the snow. This is the best place to fight the boss, and there's 2 gattling guns and a mech rocket launcher near it. This boss has a gattling gun, and a missile launcher. He'll only fire 2 missiles at a time, but they will drain your T-Eng fast if they connect, so dodge them as much as possible. This boss is one of the jumping mechs, and he'll jump all over the area. Pay close attention to his movement. If he stops for a second and hops in the air a few feet, he's about to leap on top of one of the buildings on the edge of the area. Get ready to unload on him when he lands. If you're by the brick building, he'll jump back over there and try to run up to you. Use the building as cover and hit him with rockets when he turns the corner.


The best weapons to use on this boss are the standard rocket launcher and the VS rockets. If you use the VS rockets, make sure you're safely in cover before you reload, or you'll leave yourself open to his missiles.


Mission 03: This boss is easy, mostly because unlike the first two bosses, you will be able to use a VS. All you need to do is hit him with rockets, while avoiding his rockets. Also, be sure to destroy the fuel tanks to get the T-Eng from them while you're fighting. If your VS is destroyed, there's another one you can use inside. Be sure to equip yourself with 2 rocket launchers, because the gattling gun is pretty worthless against this boss.


The only thing you need to worry about here is the laser beam the boss will occasionally fire. It sweeps in a 180 degree arc, and it will take half your mech's life away. You'll know when he's about to fire the laser because he'll pause for a moment and his left arm will open up. If you can't dodge the laser, there's a good way to avoid getting damaged by it. Once the laser is about to fire, hit B to exit your mech before it hits you. You won't take any damage while you're exiting the mech, and the laser should be finished firing by the time you get out. Immediately get back in your mech, and continue.





Scroll down for the next boss.

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Mission 04: This is a rough fight. If you come unprepared, you're setting yourself up for failure. First off, don't waste time any time on your way to the boss. If you don't have enough T-Eng to get a VS up to the boss, you're screwed. Make sure you dig up the VS with the missile launcher on the cliff right below the boss's area, and attach a rocket launcher to the other weapon slot. If you have no T-Eng when you get up there, don't sweat it, as long as you're in a VS when you jump up there and the boss appears, you'll start in the VS when you die. Don't even attempt to do the boss without a VS, I don't think it's even possible. I spent 2 hours trying to kill him the first time without a VS, and I only got him below 50% twice. If you don't have a VS before you jump up there, just kill yourself and try again. There's a checkpoint halfway through the level after the room with the snow pirates, so you don't have to start over from the beginning.


The first thing you want to do as soon as the boss appears, is run towards the rock in the middle of the area and jump on it. The boss will circle around the area once and he'll stop for a few seconds. Hit him with a rocket and fire a couple missiles. As soon as you shoot at him, pick up more ammo for the rocket launcher. It will automatically reload your rockets. He'll fly right in front of you, and if you timed it right, you should be ready to hit him again. After you hit him, jump off the rocks and destroy the 3 fuel tanks in the area with missiles. This will give you enough T-Eng to live through the fight. As soon as you get the T-Eng, run back to the rock. It's absolutely vital that you stay by the rock. It's your only cover in the area, and if you get caught out in the open, your VS will be destroyed in seconds. There are no other VS's in the area, so if you lose the one you start in, you're screwed.


This boss has a couple attacks you need to watch out for. When he first appears, he'll only do two attacks. He'll either shoot volleys of explosive rocks at you, or he'll spit out a group of Akrid that will fly toward you and blow up if they hit you. The rocks aren't a big deal and are easily dodged. The akrid however will damage your VS badly and will stun you if more than one or two hit you. The only way to dodge the akrid is to make sure the rock is between you and the boss, but they will occasionally go around the rock if you're sticking out to the side too far. If the boss flies over your head and shoots out the akrid, immediately start running forward towards him. If you're lucky, the akrid will go over your head and you won't get hit. If you watch him, you'll know when he's about to shoot the akrid when he pauses in midair and raises his tail. If you're quick enough, you can hit him with a rocket before he spits them out, and his attack will be interrupted.


This fight doesn't really get hard until you get the boss to 50%. When he hits 50%, he goes berserk and flies around twice as fast, and he learns a bunch of new attacks. He starts shooting the rocks out faster and there's more of them at a time, and he'll spit out twice as many akrid as before. He also does a few new things. The first thing he does when he hits 50% is fly out over the cliff. He'll pause there for a moment, and then he'll charge at you. When he flies out there, you need to make sure you're behind the rock by the time he charges you. If he hits you your VS will lose half it's health, but if he hits the rock, he'll be stunned for a few seconds. This is your oppurtunity to unload on him. You should be able to hit him with a rocket and 2 or 3 missiles before he recovers.


After his initial charge, the fight gets chaotic. On top of the increased movement speed and the more intense attacks, he has two more attacks you need to watch for. He'll start kicking up snow that will stun you when he flies overhead, which is more of a nuisance than a threat. What you need to watch for is when he pauses and shoots what looks like a blue flare. If he's anywhere near you when he shoots it, you need to run in the opposite direction fast. The flare will explode in the air and drop about a dozen bombs in a circle below it. If the bombs hit you, it'll take about 50%-75% of your health away depending on how many bombs hit you.


The key to this fight is timing, and knowing when to take a shot and when to duck and hide. During his first phase before he goes berserk, wait until he pauses to fire at him. The best time to hit him is when he spits out the akrid. Just wait for him to raise his tail, and then fire at where his tail will be when he lowers it again. If you time it right, you'll nail him and have time to return to cover before the akrid reach you. If you want to try hitting him when he shoots the rocks, use your missiles, don't waste your rockets.


During the second phase, conserve your ammo and watch the boss carefully. You're only going to get a good shot lined up on him when he charges you, or when he drops the bombs. When he flies out to prepare the charge, just reload and get behind the rock. As long as you make sure he hits the rock, you'll be able to take away about 15% of his health when he's stunned. Hitting him when he drops the bombs is a little trickier, but you should be able to do it after you see the attack a couple times. Just wait until you see the blue flare and immediately fire a rocket and a few missiles at him while you run away. If you time it right, you'll hit him before he flies away.


If your VS is destroyed at any point, your best bet is to kill yourself and try again. The only way you'll kill him on foot is if he has less than 20% of his health left. If you've almost got him, just collect the T-Eng from your broken VS, and grab the rocket launcher on the side of the rock. Don't pick up a VS rocket launcher, because you'll get killed when you stop to reload. The standard rocket launcher should be able to finish him off if you manage to hit him fast enough.


This fight is really hard, but it's doable. Once you learn his attack patterns and get the timing down right on your rockets, he'll go down quickly. Just stick with it and you'll get him eventually.



Mission 05: This is the easiest fight so far. You should have at least 2000 T-Eng stored up by the time you enter the boss's room, and a VS in near-perfect condition with a shotgun and a gattling gun. I downed this guy on my second attempt...he had a sliver of life left when I died the first time.


All you need to do is focus your fire on the weak points on his arms. Just unload on him as fast as you can. When you break off an arm, it will stun him and his head will drop to the ground for a few seconds. Run right up to his head and start pumping shotgun shells into him. When his arms regenerate, just destroy them again. You should have him to about 50% before you run out of shotgun ammo. When you run out, go pick up a rocket launcher and continue focusing on his arms. Your VS will probably be destroyed before he dies, but there's 2 more VS's lying on the floor. Just go grab a new one and put a rocket launcher on it.


He has a few attacks, but most of them are pretty harmless. The most common thing you'll see is him smashing his arm on the ground or stabbing you. If he connects it'll damage you a little, but he usually misses. When he pounds on the ground it will stun you for a second, but it's more of a nuisance than a threat. He'll start to swing his arms in a 180 degree arc when he gets lower on health, which will hurt you a little more than the other claw attacks, but it's nothing to worry about. He also smashes his claw into the ceiling which will drop boulders around you. The boulders will hurt you a little more if you get caught in a stunlock, but again, it's nothing to worry about.


The only thing this guy does that you need to watch for is his ice breath. When his head starts to glow blue, jump and run to either side of his body as quickly as you can. The ice will do a load of damage to your VS, and you'll be stunlocked for a few seconds, which will give him the chance to hit you again. It's hard to dodge, but it can be done. Even if it hits you, there's 2 more VS's in the room, so you don't need to worry much about losing your's. The best way to keep him from using his ice breath is to take his arms out before he gets a chance. The arms are pretty weak, so you can destroy them in a few seconds whenever they regenerate. Just stay on the offensive and maneuver around him as much as possible and you'll drop this boss without a problem.

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Mission 06: Green-Eye's pretty much the same as before, only this time one mistake will get you killed. If you've beaten him before, you can beat him on Extreme. It's just gonna take some time and patience.


You're probably already aware what Green-Eye brings to the fight. He shoots shards of ice from his back that home in on you, and the more damage you do to him, the more shards he'll shoot. You have to dodge the shards while remaining on the offensive. Just use your VS's dash move whenever he shoots the ice. Before you shoot off his armor, there's two ways to tell when he's about to start shooting. When he starts shaking back and forth, start dashing or use your jets to dodge. When you see him stand up and start roaring or whatever it is Akrid do, jump and stay airborne until he hits the ground. If you're on the ground when he lands, you'll be stunned for about 5 or 6 seconds, and by the time you recover, you'll probably already be getting hit by the ice.


It's important to never get too close to him, or stand directly in front or behind him. If you're behind him, he'll charge backwards, which doesn't damage you too badly, but every bit of health is important in this fight. If you're in front of him, he'll charge you, and that'll take away about a third of your health. Or even worse, he might use his ice breath, and that's basically the end of the fight if he hits you with it. Until you break the armor on his sides, you want to stay behind him at a safe distance, slightly to the side.


When you start the fight, use your gattling gun to break his side armor while dodging the ice. DO NOT USE ANY ROCKETS. It's important you save your rockets for when he goes berserk. When he runs into the tunnel, chase him and continue to work on breaking his armor. Don't forget to pick up the T-Eng that drops every time you break a section of his armor. Chase him all the way through, and you should be able to break off his whole left side before he exits the tunnel. On the opposite end of the tunnel from where you followed him in, there's a rocket launcher. Pick it up on whichever side your rocket launcher's currently on to stock up on ammo. You'll need it later.


After you grab the rocket launcher, run out the tunnel. On your right side on the ledge are two fuel tanks. Shoot a rocket at them and pick up the T-Eng quickly. Green-Eye should be turning around in the middle of the area at this point. Fly over to the ledge in the center, and get ready to work on his right side. You should be able to destroy his right side in the tunnel the same way you did the left. Remember, save your rockets.


Once you've taken down both of his flanks, start shooting the weak points on his head. Be careful, because once his sides are taken down he'll start crawling on the walls to attack you, and he'll start shooting a lot more ice at you. At this point, you can't afford to make any mistakes, because you'll need as much health as you can get for his next stage. Take down the four weak points with your gattling gun, then fire a rocket at the exposed part of his head. As soon as you fire the rocket, start flying and try to maneuver out of his path, because he'll charge you. Wait for him to start running into the tunnel, and then run over to the center ledge near the other 2 fuel tanks. Replace your Gattling gun with the rocket launcher, and then drop off the ledge and grab ammo for your new rocket launcher.


At this point you should have about 20 rockets, which should be enough. Wait for Green-Eye to come back out, and start flying when you see him turn the corner. He's going to start charging at you constantly, and you need to avoid getting hit as much as you can. He'll also start shooting ice almost non-stop, so never stop moving when he's in the area. When he starts moving towards you, fire both your rockets at the exposed part of his head, while flying away from the path of his charge. Once you've fired at him, get as far away from him as possible until he goes back in the tunnel. Move up to the center ledge and wait for him to come back out. Rinse and repeat.


It'll probably take you a few tries to learn his movement patterns when he goes berserk, so just be patient. It took me about an hour to bring him down, and my last rocket killed him.

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Mission 07: This boss makes every other boss you've fought so far look like a cakewalk. It's not so much that he's difficult as he just fights dirty. No matter how well you play, you will die. A lot. It took me just under 3 hours to down this guy, which is close to what it took me to kill every other boss up to this point combined. I wouldn't recommend even trying to kill him if you're prone to controller abuse.


He has several attacks, and all of them will kick your ass. The most common one he uses is an electrical shot. There's really no way to dodge it since it appears to be random where it hits. The only way to get away is if you jump behind one of the blocks so you're no longer in his line of sight. His other primary attack is an explosive volley that blows up in a straight line. This one's pretty easy to dodge, just jump to the side away from its path. Once in awhile he'll fire a grenade launcher at you. This one's hard to get away from, but it doesn't hurt as bad as his other attacks, so don't worry about it too much. He'll change from the Spider VS to the Tank frequently too. When he turns into the Tank, you have a few seconds to get away before he charges you. Listen closely during the entire course of the fight. When you hear him start to change, use your grappling hook to jump up on top of one of the blocks. If you're too far away to get up there in time, try to run behind something.


The last thing you need to worry about from him is when he jumps. Almost every time I died, it's because he jumped on me. When he goes airborne, get the hell away from him as fast as you can. If he lands on you, it instantly brings your health to the minimum. That isn't so bad on it's own, but when you stand back up if he's still on top of you, you'll die instantly. He also likes to jump up and down on top of you, and when he lands you'll have just gotten up again, so he'll kill you instantly. Props to whoever programmed that BS. :mad:


The key to winning this fight isn't to drop the boss as fast as possible. To win, you need to focus on the 4 flying robots that surround him. There's two reasons to focus on them. First, they're annoying as hell. They'll shoot you with pinpoint accuracy over and over if you don't take care of them quickly. Second, there's no way to live through this fight if you don't collect the T-Eng they drop. Every time you kill one, it'll drop about 200 T-Eng. Since the boss will be kicking your ass, the only way to win is by keeping as much distance between him and you as possible, and killing the robots as soon as they enter the area. They respawn about 30 seconds after you kill them, so that'll give you time to hit the boss with a couple rockets before they come back.


First off, destroy the 3 fuel tanks next to the elevator where you spawn. Head over to the elevator, and as soon as you get up top, run over and climb up on the block closest to you. Pick up the rocket launcher, and quickly use your grappling hook to get over to the next block and pick up more rocket ammo. The boss will apear in the far left corner. Hit him with a rocket and switch over to your machine gun to take out the flying robots. Run over and collect the T-Eng while avoiding the boss as much as possible. Once you've collected the T-Eng, run back over by the blocks and use them as cover against the boss. Keep the block between you and him, and pop out to hit him with a rocket whenever you get a chance. The best time to hit him is when he's using his electrical shot, or when he's switching back to the Spider VS after charging with the tank. Keep an eye out above you for the flying robots, and when they come back, switch back to your machine gun ASAP and clear them out again. When you get a chance, grab the rocket launcher ammo laying on both sides of the area next to the wall.


The fight will get a lot harder when you drop the bosses health down to about 40%. The flying robots will start shooting rockets instead of lasers, and they'll drop bombs on one side of the arena. When you see them form a line on one side of the arena above the wall, run towards the center as quickly as possible and start shooting them. At this point, you need to start doing damage to the boss fast. All it takes is one of those rockets to connect, and it's game over.


It seems near impossible, but if you keep at it you'll eventually kill him. Once you finally get him, the rest of the game will get a lot easier.



Mission 08: After that last boss, this guy seems too easy. Before you enter his area, make sure you've got the VS with the chainsaw on its arm. There's one in the room right before the boss's room. Stock up on rocket launcher ammo, and bust all the fuel tanks on the way to the boss. You should have plenty of T-Eng at this point. I had about 9000 when I did this. As soon as you enter the boss's room, grab the shotgun in the corner below you. Ignore the boss for now, but watch him to make sure you don't get run over. If you see the drills start to spin, just start flying, you jump high enough that he'll pass under you. Get right on top of the three Spider VS's, and destroy them with the shotgun. They'll die in 3-4 solid hits.


This boss is a pansy. He'll switch back and forth between the spider and the tank. The spider will shoot rockets and some lasers that do almost no damage. Avoid the rockets, don't sweat the lasers too much. When he's in tank mode, you need to be a little more careful. If he runs over you, your VS will be destroyed fast. Just make sure you time your jumps right, and he'll never touch you. He'll also shoot a cannon in tank mode, but if you're moving around enough, he won't hit you. Over the course of the fight, he'll break some of the floor and open up pits of lava. Avoid that area all together. If you fight him over by the entrance to the room where you came in at, you don't need to worry about it.


It's best to save your ammo until he changes into the Spider. You can damage him in tank mode by firing directly on top of the tank into the cockpit, but it's easier to hit him when he's in Spider mode. His weak spot when he's in Spider mode is the front of the cockpit, the same as the last boss.


If your VS gets destroyed, use your grappling hook to get up on the ledge with all the fuel tanks on the right side of the room. Just fire rockets down on him, and avoid the cannon shots. If you look carefully, you can see the cannon shots coming. Jump to the side and fire your rockets in between his shots.

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Mission 09: This is another relatively easy boss. The hardest part is actually getting to him with enough T-Eng and a VS. Make sure you have a VS before you enter the boss's room! I went in the first time without one, and I had to start the level over again. Don't try to do this with the Spider VS either, that's a waste of time. Grab the VS at the end of the tunnel where you have to drill through the walls.


This boss is a joke compared to the previous ones. He only has a few attacks, and they're all weak. The most common one is when he tries to stomp on you, but that's easily countered if you grab the right weapons. He'll spit out the explosive 4-legged akrid throughout the fight. Watch out for these, they'll ruin your VS quickly. After you've blown his legs out and he's regenerating them, take those few seconds to clear out the akrid with your gattling gun. If you let them pile up, you might run into trouble when he throws down his web. When he puts the web up, you can't get out of the area below him, so it's vital that you clear out those akrid when you can.


You have your choice from a few weapons. There's rocket launchers, shotguns, laser rifles, and gattling guns spread out across the room. A shotgun/gattling gun combo works best. Just pick one of his legs, and start unloading. Make sure you stay close to the leg so your shotgun takes it out fast. Drop two legs, and he'll go down. As soon as he goes down, fly over to the huge glowing part on the top of his body. Just keep jumping and unloading on him with your shotgun. If you do it right, you should be able to kill him the third time you bring him down.

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Mission 10 - Akrid Boss: This guy's kind of a mini-boss, and you shouldn't have any trouble with him. Just try to have over 2000 T-Eng before you fight him, and bring the Spider VS. As soon as you get inside, park your mech against the wall where you came in. Get out and grab either the gattling gun or the VS shotgun. Kill one of the antennae sticking out of the ground, and while it's going through its death animation, go grab the standard rocket launcher and run down the hole. Blast the weak spot on the boss, and run back up when his shield goes back up. Rinse and repeat.


When the antennae are gone, jump back in your VS and stay by the back wall. His fire bombs shouldn't hit you if you stay against the wall. When the boss opens up his mouth and his tongue or whatever the hell akrid have is exposed, blast him with the cannon. Keep doing this for about 30 seconds and he'll drop.


The only thing to watch for here is the blue floating jellyfish things. They'll stun you if you hit them, so try to just avoid them. If for some reason your VS gets destroyed, just go grab the VS rocket launcher in the corner and start blasting the boss.


Mission 10 - NEVEK Boss: This boss looks a lot tougher than he is. Just make sure you grab the VS with the saw on its arm from the top level of the room with all the NEVEK VS's lined up.


The only thing you need to do here is make sure you keep as much distance from him as possible. If he catches you in melee, he'll do an electric attack that will stun you and deal a bit of damage. The other thing to watch for is when he starts charging around the room with his arms glowing. If he hits you with that charge, you're dead. You can't even get out of your VS. Just use your dash to sidestep him, and you should be fine.


Aside from those two attacks, he's pretty much the same as any other VS boss. He'll fire rockets at you that you want to dodge, and when he gets low on health he'll start rearranging the pillars in the room. I don't know if the pillars hurt your VS, but when I was on foot they didn't do anything. He's also resistant to standard bullets, so don't bother with the gattling gun.


As soon as the fight starts, shoot a rocket straight down the hall at him. Then dash to the left between the pillars and replace your gattling gun with the shotgun. Continue going straight and pick up the rocket ammo in the back left corner. If you're quick enough, you can maintain a safe distance while circle strafing to use the shotgun and fire rockets at him without getting hit by his melee attacks.


If your VS gets destroyed, head to the back left corner and grab the standard rocket launcher. If he's got less than 25% of his health left, you can easily kill him on foot. If he's got more than that, you can probably still kill him, but it's better to just save time and suicide.

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Mission 11: This is it, the final boss. You've fought him before, so you know what you're up against. Not too much has changed, his skills are just a little stronger now. He'll shoot more rockets, fire more lasers, summon those cannons earlier, and he has a bit more health. Aside from that, he's pretty much the same.


There's a trick to getting him down to 50% without getting yourself hurt. When the fight starts, rush him and use the left trigger to slash him. He'll do one of two things...either he'll stand there and get hit, or he'll put up his barrier and change into that jet and fly away. Stay close to him at all times, and slash him with the left trigger at every oppurtunity. Don't use the right trigger. It does a little more damage, but it takes longer to swing, and you have a higher chance of missing. Pay close attention. When he raises his arm over his chest and summons the first cannon, immediately swing at him when his barrier goes down. Hold the right trigger and charge him. Release the trigger as soon as you get in range. When he summons the cannon in his first phase, he will try to use it until he gets a shot off. If you time it right, you can interrupt it every time until he gets to 50%, and you shouldn't lose any health in the process. Listen closely when his health gets close to 50%. When he puts up the barrier and you hear a sound similar to the one when you enter or exit a VS, retreat immediately and prepare for his second phase.


This is where it gets tricky. He's going to start throwing everything he's got at you, and it's a lot more intense than when you fought him on Normal or Easy. The key to beating him is knowing when to move in for a melee attack, when to fire your discs, and when to run like hell. The main thing you need to worry about is the floating cannons, particularly the one that fires the beam horizontally. Keep your eyes on the cannons at all times and make sure you're not in their line of fire. If you get hit once, the fight's pretty much over. The best way to dodge every attack he's got is to alternate your flight between ascending and descending, and fly in a circle around the boss. You will never get hit if you keep moving like that and adjust your flight depending on where the cannons are aiming at.


There are 3 safe ways to pull off a good attack on him during his second phase:


1. When he fires the small pink lasers (not the floating cannons), he'll strafe in one direction while he's attacking. Strafe in the same direction, and if you were close enough, you'll be in range for a melee attack when his attack finishes. Don't try to hit him if he's too far away, and make sure the floating cannons aren't active and there aren't any missiles or homing lasers chasing you. This is the quickest and most efficient way to dish out damage. Fly away as soon as the attack finishes before he can counter.


2. When he does his melee attack, where his arms and legs grow like 50 feet, hold in the right trigger and start shooting your big discs at him. Keep doing this until he finishes his attack. You should be able to hit him at least twice.


3. When he fires the orange homing lasers from his shoulders, if there's no missiles chasing you and the cannons are inactive, start descending quickly and fly towards him. Ascend at the last minute until you're just above his head and do a melee attack with the right trigger. This is a little dangerous, because one or two of the homing lasers will hit you, and if your timing's off they may all hit you. But when you get the timing down, this is one of the few oppurtunities you'll get to do some serious damage to him.


Unless one of those situations occurs, your best bet is to keep dodging him, and throw a disc at him in between his attacks. It's slow, but the only effective way to kill the boss on this difficulty is with weak long range attacks. Chances are, it's going to take you a few tries to beat him. Just stay patient, and remember the majority of this fight is luck. Sometimes he barely uses the cannons or fires off his missiles, other times it's damn near all he does. Eventually he'll use just the right set of attacks for you to take him down.

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Just another small tip for last boss. When his arms/legs grow 50 metres , hold down left trigger and just as he is doing the spin you need rush towards him and let go the trigger. You will hit him and take off quite a lot of power.. then back away as far as you can and rinse and repeat till he dies.

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yeah i am working on this right now ! the first boss was one big neck pain but after that its been ok .. but there was one thing i wanted to add the mech that you fight in the pirate fortress in level 2 its better to use the VS shotgun on him after you get rid of the other two .. you can get two shots on him before he leaps away and it does the most damage up close. oh and i did all my target marks along the way as well .. which makes it that much more fun since it only gives you just enough T-Eng to do all the things you need to do .. thank god for waypoints .. LOL

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How do you unlock extreme dificulty do you have to complete the game or something?


Yep ! .. i wanted play it through on extreme first but it was not available so i completed it on easy first and after i was done and went back to start a new game, extreme was available .. so i guess it does not matter what difficulty you beat the game on it unlocks extreme afterwards if i beat it on easy and unlocked extreme i would guess it does unlock for any of the difficultys .. and i got to tell you after playing on easy then going to extreme it is a big difference ..no data posts for that precious T-Eng and only enough T-Eng to complete the level .. tough but not impossible. and 150 points for completion on extreme such an enticing amount of points .. LOL

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One note on the 4th boss...


If you lose your VS you can actually drop back down dig out another one. There's also another T-Eng Container down there. Then you can jump back up and get back to work.


Just be very careful using this tactic. If the boss is down to 1/2 .. you'll waste more energy/VS life getting the bloody thing.


I think I tried spawning at the boss in the VS, then parking it and jumping down, collecting energy, grabbing the spare VS, then jumping back up. I don't know if I killed him with that tactic (I was frustrated after a few hours of attempts) but it worked a lot better than trying it in the middle of the fight.

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Addition to GAB in Mission 7, I stole the VS in the third area, Then I went on, get killed by the boss, so the VS's HP comes back to full, and then looted Dual VS shotguns. He was turned into swiss cheese in just one try. It was much easier than the stratergy you just said.



How do you steal a VS from a NEVEC soldier? Im so stuck on that dam Mission 7 boss I may have to replay the board and try what youre suggesting. I get him down to about a 5th of his life and then I get cheese killed by his rocket toting crew and his need to do aerobics on top of my head everytime.

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On Mission 7, in the area right in front of the elevator that leads to the boss, there's a VS and 2 rocket turrets. Grab a plasma rifle, and take out the two guys in the turrets. Once they're taken care of, snipe the guy in the VS in the head. If you aim well enough, you'll pop him out of the VS and you can then grab the VS and take it to fight the boss.


I've never tried it personally, but I heard it makes fighting the boss really easy. I did it the hard way, and it wasn't fun. :mad:

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