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Achievement Guide and RoadMap

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assualt on Dark Athena Guide and Roadmap



-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10

-Offline: 32 (600GS)

-Online: 18 (400GS)

-Glitched achievements: No

-Minimum playthroughs (offline): 2

-Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

-Estimated time to completion: 40+ hours


This game requires you to have you Patience meter turned up to max. The campaigns themselves are difficult, as this is not a normal run-and-gun FPS. Even the sections that do give you weaponary punish you for going hell for leather! Shadows, darkness and caution are your best friends. If you get hit, back off and hide. If you have a health block that isnt completely depleted, standing still for a bit will regenerate that block to max. Missing blocks can only be replenished using NanoMed stations

Use aforementioned stations as save points, whenever you heal a checkpoint will be saved. This can be useful on long sections where you think you should have had a save but didnt!


Using the resources in this guide should net you all the collectables and all the secret achievements, as well as all the story ones. If you miss a pack of smokes or a bounty card, replay the checkpoint on Easy so you can quickly run through it. Collecting a pack of smokes/bounty card only needs to be done once on any difficulty. Starting the Campaigns on hard also cuts down on the amount of playthoughs, as you can reload the last checkpoint on Normal to get that achievement too. The difficulties themselves only manage how much damage you take, not the level of AI. Enemies will still hunt for you and use their flashlights intelligently even on Easy, it just hurts less when the shoot you.


If you want a "full movie" experience, follow these steps


Step 1:Escape from Butcher Bay


Play Butcher Bay first as this happens before Athena and helps you set up with the story and the controls. Play on Hard as mentioned above, collecting all the packs of smokes along the way. Then reload the last checkpoint on Normal to get that done.


Step 2:Assualt on Dark Athena


Play Athena second as this follows on directly from Butcher Bay and by then you should be used to the control system. Collect the Bounty Hunter cards and play on Hard. Some would say Athena is easier than BB, I would say their about the same but your playing on Hard anyway so its negligble. Again play your last checkpoint on Normal once completed on Hard.


Step 3:Clean up


Go back through BB and Athena getting any smokes or bounty hunter cards you missed. This can be done on Easy.


Step 4:Online


All multiplayer achievements can be boosted in Private Player Matches, so check the Trading thread for partners. This will be the longest for those going for the full 1000, as you could be spending upto 40hours+ getting the kills done.



This is my first guide/roadmap and I hope you like it. Comments/suggestions etc welcome.


Full credit goes to Ecstatic for starting a Guide but not quite finishing it, to Shadowmask for providing video links, to 69bigplayer69 and Midnight Malice for fleshing out the multiplayer parts.

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Assualt on Dark Athena



Ulaks 10G

Find and equip yourself with a pair of Ulaks


Story related, cannot be missed.


The first achievement you get on Athena is this one, there will be a cut-scene where you see a guard carrying these. Approach the elevator shaft and press Y above the vent. Enjoy!




Stealth Master 20G

Get through the Cargo Bay without being noticed.


This ones quite hard. Doing it on Easy makes no difference, as the difficulty only affects how much damage you take and not the AI. Theres a video here which shows you the best route to take




Melee Master 25G

Find and beat Iron Lord

Story related, cannot be missed.


This guy is hard to be toe-to-toe, even with the Ulaks. Approach up the side sneakily and try and goad him towards you. He is quite dumb so if you hide he wont see you. Wait for him to turn around and then hit him constantly in the back with your Ulaks.

Note - cannot be sneak killed.




Open the Vents 10G

Get a Dark Athena vent tool


Story related, cannot be missed.


This is a long one, but it involes you going half way through the ship to get a screwdriver and some parts to return to the cell block to get the tool made for you.




Margo's Locker 10G

Find and open Margo's Locker.


Can be missed!


Another long one, after you have "acquired" Margos tooth, check in his bunk for a bit of paper. This has the code for his locker. Later in the level, when you are at the fan room/comm station, then is a locker by the fan. Open it with this code and the achievement is yours.




Rebel 20G

Start a Riot on the Athena.


Story related, cannot be missed.



Master of Drones 20G

Complete the Main Decks using only two drones.


You can control upto 3 drones for this bit, but you need to get by it with just 2. One drone you have to kill by walking it into the fan. For your next drone, edge forward until the guard appear then let em have it! Your Drone does reload so take cover when he does. Dont move to far and let the guards come to you. Once the last guard is dead the achievement will pop, you dont have to get through the entire Deck with the Drone. This is easier on Easy as you take less damage.




Control a Mech 20G

Find and control a Mech on the Dark Athena


Story related, cannot be missed.




Honest Fighting 25G

Find and kill Jaylor in a fair fist fight.


Once you make it back to the cells after controlling the Mech, Jaylor will challenge you to a fight. Equip your bare fists (no Ulaks) and have at him. He is very hard to counter, so you just need to take pop-shots at him. Although he cannot be stealth-killed you can use stealth against him. Crouch into the crawlspaces around the edge of the area and he will stop looking for you. When he lowers his fists and walks around, sneak up behind him and whack him a few times. If he turns around and puts his fists up, back off and hide again. Wait for him to start walking around and repeat. He should go down after 3/4 beatings.




Miles Letter 10G

Help Miles and transmit his message


While playing the game, you must have met Miles, a test subject who is being turned into a drone. If you had decided to help him, he will tell you about a letter he wrote to his family which he stashed away in one of the cells. Now, when you get to the cellblock with your mech suit, get out and search the cellblocks for his message (can't remember which cell). Once you get the message enter the vent infront of the mech suit. If you enter the vent without the letter, you have lost your chance for the achievement. For the last part, find your way into the room with the computer thingy which you used to comunicate with Dacher and use it to send Mile's message.... Achievement Unlocked !




Escape the Athena 30G

Find a way out of the Athena.


Story related, cannot be missed.




SCAR gun 10G

Find and equip yourself with a SCAR gun


Story related, cannot be missed.




Kill an Alpha Drone 25G

Find and kill an Alpha Drone


Story related, cannot be missed.


Alpha Drones have to be killed in a specific way. With the SCAR gun, fire 5 shots at the Drone and make sure they stick. Once all 5 are attached, detonate them. You have a few seconds to go up to it and press Y for a cut-scene kill. On Hard, use cover, shadows, sneak, go in circles, hide behind the kitchen sink and pretend to a be

a tree if you need to, cause these guys can kill you in 2 rocket shots!




Gabril 10G

Find and help Gabril.


In Aguerra, you will get to communicate to Gabril through a computer. If you agree to help him, he will ask you to take 5 signal jammers out. This one involves some back-tracking to the various islands, see this video for assistance.




Sniper Rifle 10G

Find and equip yourself with a sniper rifle.


You only get to have the sniper rifle, if you helped Gabril. How it works is basically, once you cleared out all the jammers, go back and communicate with Gabril. He will tell you to meet him outside elevator room in Refinery. As soon as you get into the Refinery, look to your right and there will be an open door with a body on the floor. The Sniper rifle is on the desk.




Kill Spinner 25G

Find and kill Spinner.


Story related, cannot be missed.


This guy can be hurt with the SCAR or with a dead Alpha Drones grenades. The grenades do more damage and only take 2 hits to kill, however you are more likely to die quickly especially on Hard. Using the SCAR takes longer, but you can hide and take pot shots with less damage being taken.




Bounty Hunter 30G

Collect all bounty cards.


You'll find these throughout the game, much like the packs of smokes from Butcher Bay.

Video Guide Here




Control an Alpha Drone 10G

Find and control an Alpha Drone.


Story related, cannot be missed.


You get this towards the end of the game, once you control it the achievement pops up.



Master of Athena 30G

Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on normal difficulty.


You will get this when you finish the game on Normal difficulty. ALL checkpoints must be complete on Normal for this to unlock, if you change your difficulty then you will not get this achievement when you finish the game until you replay all checkpoints on Normal!


See "Champion of Athena"




Champion of Athena 50G

Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on hard difficulty.


You will get this when you finish the game on Hard difficulty. ALL checkpoints must be complete on Hard for this to unlock, if you change your difficulty then you will not get this achievement when you finish the game until you replay all checkpoints on Hard!

You can complete the game on Hard and reload the last checkpoint on Normal. Once the cut-scenes have played out the achievement will pop.

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Escape from Butcher Bay



Kill Rust 10G

Find Rust and kill him


Story related, cannot be missed.


Rust is the local hard-nut of the first maximum security wing you get put in. He is harder than the regular prisoners, the best way to beat him is equip a shiv then impliment a "back-and-forth" strategy when hitting him. So wait for him to attack (and miss), stab him in the eye, then back and wait for him to attack again. Eventually he'll go down




Main Frame Hack 10G

Find the Butcher Bay main frame and input your DNA


Story related, cannot be missed.


Eventually you will find yourself in the computer room. Kill the technician there and input your dna into the computer so you can use guns.



Eye Shine 10G

Find Pope Joe and let him perform the eye shine surgery


Story related, cannot be missed.


After making it through the Dwellers tunnels and recovering Pope Joes radio, you will be gifted with a cut-scene where you will receive the eye-shine ability and this achievement.




Ring Fight Champion 10G

Beat all competition in the Tower 17 ring


Can be missed if you choose to avoid the ring fights and go the drug route to get into the Work Pass area. Speak to Centurion to get things going. Fights cost 5UDs to enter and you get 20UDs if you win. You also need to go and talk to your opponent, then return to Centurion to start the fight. There are 4 fights to go through -







To make things easier, get a Shiv from Cricket for 30UDs. Most of these guys can be countered, forced out the ring or out-right killed, but Bam is a lot tougher. Use the same tactics as you did with Rust, but be mindful of where you step, cause if you step out the ring its game-over.


You can force Bam out of the ring by using your shiv and pressing forward and attack. This is a stab which forces your opponent back a bit, Keep up with this and Bam will either die or get ring'd out.




Kill Abbott 10g

Get the opportunity to kill Abbott.


Story related, cannot be missed.


Depending on how you played the previous section, you'll either be armed or not. Abbott cannot be countered (at least I couldnt counter him) and he has a club. Which hurts. Run around the room taking pot shots at him, either stabbing him once and running off, or waiting for him to swing then punching him back. Regardless, the achievement should pop up once the fight starts.





Bell Boy 20G

Complete all side missions in Butcher Bay


Can be missed if you go too far into Tower 17.


This involves a lot of fetch and carry missions and returning to the various populas of the Rec Area while completing the main storyline. You need to partake in the ring fights AND the drug making in order to get all these done.


A very excellent and detalied FAQ on what to do and who to talk to on Gamespots site starting from here




Control a Riot Guard 10g

Find and control a Riot Guard


Story related, cannot be missed.


Since this version of Butcher Bay is the PC version, it has that added extra section that Xbox owners didnt have the first time around. Eventually after escaping Tower 17, you will get to a section with a lone technician in a room surrounded by a drop-down ledge. Kill they guy then head into this ditch. Walk all the way around and you'll see a ladder. Up the ladder is a small room which contains the Guard, hop in and the achievement is yours!




Kill a Heavy Guard 10G

Find and kill a Heavy Guard


Story related, cannot be missed.


When you enter the Fuel Transport area, the guard will be right there in from of you. Move quick and hide behind the pillars that are there. Look above the guard and you should see barrels on some rails moving above. When a barrel moves above the guard, shoot it. The barrel should then drop on the guard killing it. You may need to shoot 3/4 barrels onto it, damage seems to be in relation to where the barrel lands. If the barrel hits its head, it should go down straight away.




Chain Smoker 20G

Collect all cigarette packages.


If you follow this video guide here you will get all the packs in the game. Once you complete the game, if you are still missing packs replay a checkpoint on Easy. Packs carry across difficulties and once a pack is collected the game saves, so there is no need to re-collect a pack.




Control a Heavy Guard 10G

Find and control a Heavy Guard


Story related, cannot be missed.


After you have escaped the cryo prison and gone through the service tunnels, you will see a lonely Guard just sitting there with its door open. Enter the robot and the achievement pops!




High Security Jail Break 50G

Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on hard difficulty.


Story related, cannot be missed.


You will get this when you finish the game on Hard difficulty. ALL checkpoints must be complete on Hard for this to unlock, if you change your difficulty then you will not get this achievement when you finish the game until you replay all checkpoints on Hard!




Medium Security Jail Break 30G

Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on normal difficulty.


You will get this when you finish the game on Normal difficulty. ALL checkpoints must be complete on Normal for this to unlock, if you change your difficulty then you will not get this achievement when you finish the game until you replay all checkpoints on Normal!


You can either complete the game all the way through on Normal, or complete the game on Hard and reload the last checkpoint on Normal. Once the cut-scenes have played out the achievement will pop.

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Multiplayer Achievements


Note: all these can be boosted in Private Player Matches.



Winner level 1 15G

Win 10 matches.


See Winner level 3




Winner level 2 30G

Win 100 matches.


See Winner level 3




Winner level 3 50G

Win 1000 matches


Can be Player or Ranked matches, these will come naturally if you play regularly online. If you're boosting the other kill cheevs then these add to your total too. See Basic Weapon Handling level 3 for a boosting method to get the 1000 wins.




Basic Weapon Handling level 1 10G

Kill 10 people.


see Basic Weapon Handling level 3




Basic Weapon Handling level 2 20G

Kill 1000 people.


see Basic Weapon Handling level 3




Basic Weapon Handling level 3 30G

Kill 10,000 people.


thanks to Der Fuhrer for this method


When I was boosting this game I found they best way to get a lot of kills was to host a player match with all private slots, CTF gametype on the smaller of the two maps (2-8 players, has a 3 digit number on the end) this is easiest to do 1 v 1. Have one person stay by the opposing teams shotgun spawn (right in front of the flag) while the other player runs up to him to be killed, since the map is so small you will always spawn within 15 feet of your own shotgun spawn. You can get up to 100 kills every 10 minutes doing this so you can set the time limit as high as you want and just get a ton of kills.


For 1,000 wins the same map and still CTF but set it to 3 captures to win. You can get a win every two minutes ten seconds (including warm up and post game.)

You only need two peolpe for both of these. I estimate it will take 35 hours for both people to get 10,000 kills and and 75 hours for both to get 1,000 wins.




Advanced Weapon Handling 15G

Prove that you can use your weapon under difficult circumstances.


get 5 of each kills under the following criteria:

Kills crouched; crouch then shoot

Kills leaning; go behind a wall and hold LB and move to left and right and just kill them, you can crouch AND shoot to save time

Knock down kills; shoot someone so they fall off a ledge to their doom. Fate's Hive and The Factory both have areas where players can fall off the map

Kills while in air/Killed enemy in air; the easiest way to do these two is boosting with the SCAR gun. Attach an orb to your unarmoured friend, both of you jump at the same time, as you are jumping detonate the ball




Killer 10G

Get a 4 kill long kill streak. Get a double kill. Get the first kill in a match.


As it says. A "kill streak" is when you kill x amount of foes without being killed yourself, no time limit between kills. A double/triple/quad kill is when you kill x amount of foes in succession, window for kill is about a second. The announcer will say if said double/triple/quad has been achieved. If you're boosting you can easily figure out who gets the first/last kills. These only need to be done once.




Murderer 20G

Get a 8 kill long kill streak. Get a triple kill. Get the last kill in a match.


See Killer




Dominator 40G

Get a 12 kill long kill streak. Get a quadruple kill. Get the first and last kill in a match.


See Killer




Hero 20G

Capture a flag. Capture a powercell. Win a round alone against at least 3 enemies


If you're boosting, you can play CTF and just have your friends stand there while you win. Capturing a powercell occurs on Butcher Bay Riot game mode.




Juggernaut 20G

Keep on going no matter what.


Survived direct SCAR gun hit; a SCAR shot does 70HP, so you should be able to take one on the chin if you are at full health. Grab some armour if you are unsure.

Survived 500 dmg; get hit by your boosting pal, then heal up using the red health vitals that are dotted around the map

Survived an entire match; win a match without dying. This is a whole match, not just a round.




Underdog 20G

Never give up.


Riddick killed in melee combat; Pitch Black mode, kill Riddick with a melee weapon or a gun butt (click the RS)

Leading player killed; kill the player whose in the lead

Payback kill; get killed, then kill the person who killed you. Has to be done quiet quickly, the announcer will say "comeback" when successful

Comeback win; set a game to 20 kills to win, get your boosting pal to kill you 19 times, then you kill him 20 times




Sniper Master 20G

They'll never see it coming.


Sniper rifle headshot kill; shoot someone with the sniper rifle in the head. Make sure they die ;)

Long range kill; get a really long range kill, anything from 59m+ seems to work

Hip shot; kill somone with the sniper rifle without using the scope




Explosive Master 20G



Direct grenade launcher kill; kill someone with with the grenade launcher, must be a direct hit and not splash damage

Direct SCAR gun kill; same as the grenade kill, hit someone with a SCAR shot and detonate it

Blind fire explosion kill; kill via splash damage, fire a grenade next to your boosting pal to score the hit

Explosion double kill; easiest with the SCAR gun and 2 friends, attach a blob to each then detonate for the double

Over 600 explosive damage done in 1 round/life; you can do this to yourself or to your opponent just dont die yourself or you'll have to start again




Trigger Happy! 20G

Don't stop firing until you are sure you are out of ammo.


Minigun non-stop fire burst killing streak; get around 1000 rounds of machine gun ammo and hold the trigger down. Have your boosters run into your steam of bullets until the announcer says you are on a streak

Minigun double kill; get two boosters to stand next to each other and kill them

Over 500 minigun shot fired in one round/life; get over 500 rounds then just hold the trigger down. Must finish the match for it to count.




Melee Expert 20G

Close and personal.


Melee kill form behind; kill someone from behind with a melee weapon

Melee double kill; get two boosters down to minimum health, then swipe across them to get the double kill

Melee killing streak; keep killing with a melee weapon until the announcer says you are on a streak




Funwrecker 20G

Ruin someones day.


Flag carrier killed; kill the person carrying the flag (CTF gametype)

Powercell carrier killed; kill the person carrying a powercell (ButcherBay Riot gametype)

Killed enemy capturing powercell; as soon as someone has captured a powercell, kill them (ButcherBay Riot gametype)

Damage boosted enemy killed; get a booster to pick up the damage bonus so they are glimmering purple, then kill them

Enemy on kill streak kill; get a booster to kill you until they are on a streak, then kill them.

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Awesome guide dood and I am enjoying this game very much. Just not the MP so much...


If anyone wants to boost all the MP achvs send me a msg/fr. I dont have any yet so we can just take turns on each and go for all of them using the methods in this guide

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I played the game on Hard but finished the last checkpoit on easy; after that I played the last checkpoint on hard and normal, but no achievement unlocked.

What did I do wrong?


Once you change the difficulty the achievements are blocked for that playthrough. Changing it back is irrelevant. Sorry but you will have to start over.:eek:

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but it is confirmed that 1st playthrough on hard and reloding last checkpoint on normal work for the achievements? strange programming :)


Confirmed, cause Ive done it. Just dont ever change your difficulty otherwise you will screw yourself for the rest of the game, no matter how much this game frustrates you or you want to smash your control into your dogs face!

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