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snowflake is probably the the tiger and kinda off subject but in the zombie fortune city trailer at the end there is a series of fast clips at the end and I swere there was a guy with a chef hat yelling like steven in DR1, maybe a psyco....but if the tiger is actually named skittles......:uzi:

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Not fond of those Co-op and Terror is Reality achievements. Half the achievements I've never obtained are almost always down to online/Co-op achievements. Only upside is if the game is split-screen (which I highly doubt) as that way I won't need someone else to own the game.

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most of the achievements look standard and prolly just time consuming and some rehashes of the old ones.


im sure ive heard somewhere of it being stated there is no split screen in the game, only online play, i can be mistaken however might have been a old post.


tir achievements look interested and the rounds look fun and prolly quick to finish, hopefully. :p

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I bloddy hope their not all 20 G's again oh god..


Sure they are. I'm fine with that. 2-3 months full of zombies on my screen, oh yeah.


But what me really worries, is the effffn Hero of Fortune City [20G] Achievement.

--> Save 50 survivors.


Ah hell naaahw, not again. :(

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Let's hope so. ;) OR there are maybe some smarter zombies in our way. Yeah, way smarter than the survivors, haha. 10 more days...







After playing Case Zero I would have to say they are a lot smarter. You can just run from one side of the map to the other and they will follow you without getting caught on stupid things like grass or air.


I hope this stays into DR2 as it would be stupid to have step backwards but with it being so much larger than Case 0 who knows how it will change the dynamics.

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0.o that be scary smarter zombies... zombies that talk while they munch you up?


:confused: You didn't get the point, don't you!? Why do they have to talk??? I meant SMARTER in the way, the do not run straight up to you or some shit like that. Like they have some predator instinct or what else...BUT surely no talking shit, hahaha. Oh come on...

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