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Achievement Trading Thread


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Post here if you're looking for friendly coop matches with community members. If you want boost achievements, head on over to the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.


Anyone who wants to add me, preferably from the UK with a microphone. Feel free :D


GT : GamesB2


EDIT: The game is now out. Add me or start your own sign ups in a post below :) I will be on 5pm+ on GMT

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I'm in! I already got the game for 4 days (they sell them really early in some countries), but there are so few people to play co-op and ranked,faction matches with :( Send me a Friend Request if you wanna play co-op!

GT : SpartaX 93

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looking for people to do some co-op when i get the game tomorrow morning.


don't worry i'm defiantly not rubbish at the game, been playing the demo for a while and have completed the first lost planet on extreme mode, so i should no my stuff (i hope)


anyway add me



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