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Achievement Trading Thread


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I'll be playing all day Saturday and need some help on level 3-3 (that level is going to cost me a controller :uzi: )


GT: TG Rico72


Also if anyone knows how to change the xbox tag linked to my account could you PM me? That is not me...

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DESPERATLY need people for Extream mode. I'm starting from EP1 and moving on like a linear campaign, and I'd rather do this NOW while people care about the campaign. Or should I wait for later when more people beat it on hard? o3o



GT: Hammer Man69

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I really need some help from someone/multiple people who are good at this game, I keep getting kicked from random games and cannot finish 3-3 which is hindering me in finishing this piece of garbages story and sending it back to GF. For whatever reason the rocket turrets keep knocking me through the fucking train on the first part and I am seriously about to break the disc and slit my wrists with the shattered pieces, I will be on around 3 am EST tonight, tomarrow and most day/night Thursday-Saturday. GT Mr Drunknspider

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