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Achievement Trading Thread


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im looking for players to just play the game because even though there are 24 people in a frekin game noone but me seems to have a mic ????? anyway send

LINKINMAN- a FR if you cant figure out what a FR is dont bother you to dam stupied anyway



... p.s. -people complaining about people who want to boost some people have trouble doing some of these others want a quick 200, no matter what this website is dedicated to "achievement boosting" sorry about your luck but thats how it is YES you dont NEED to boost these but some people like quick points for instance when your gamerscore is 9999 and you just want to frekin push over achievement are more like braggin right badges but cause a 1000 in call of duty 4 carrys more weight then a 1000 in cars so i would love to have 200 in this game as much as anyone, so if i can get help...even if its not needed its still help


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I'm looking for a good amount of people to play this game with maybe around 18-20 in case some players aren't on. So if you wanna boost just add your name to this list and send me a friend request with a message please. I hate messageless friend requests and will delete it if you don't tell me what you need help in.


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I need help with Best Squad, Milkrun, and Motorman. Message me.



Milkrun is easy.

Just go into "Air Superiority".


For Motorman.

Drive the jeep. When around other people on the other team press A and switch too gun. Kill one of them.

Just drive the tank, and shoot some noobs.

For the plain in Air Superiority you will probably end up hitting someone else in the plain so that's all.


But I'm also up for boosting Best Squad.

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